WSJ on the business of Shot Girls

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Among the other rules in the shot-girl bible: Never give up and always be the friendliest girl in the room. You're not selling cheap liquor, you're selling flirtation.

"For a lot of guys this could be the only time all night a girl comes up and talks to them," Ms. Coluccio said.





Auld D'Leo's waitresses sell their "Jell-O shots and watered-down tequila in a plastic test tube," which cost around 15 cents apiece, for $3 or $4 each. (Though, as we are reminded, they are actually "selling flirtation.") The women take home 25 cents per shot sold, plus their tips (the total is usually between $300-$600 a night); the remainder is split evenly between whichever bar they work and Auld D'Leo Inc.

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