XLR8R and Fader Join Forces

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4 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago

 First Fader + Pitchfork. Now XLR8R.



XLR8R Joins Forces with FADER Media Network to Garnish Enhanced Opportunities For Advertisers

San Francisco, CA: XLR8R has just announced that it will be joining the FADER Media Network; a strategic move designed to extend the reach and enhance both brands. As part of its participation, XLR8R will be representing its own unique portfolio of relationships within the FADER Media Network, further multiplying the reach.

The deal will include integrated advertising and sponsorship opportunities across all properties and platforms, focusing on sales across XLR8R's entire network including its print magazine, website, INCITE CD, and XLR8R TV Show. For specific relationships, XLR8R will represent current FADER Media properties, including The FADER, thefader.com, FADER films, FADER label, rcrdlbl.com, thetripwire.com, and 1200squad.com.

"We're putting our strongest foot forward and joining a quality network that aligns perfectly with all of our properties," said Andrew Smith, Publisher of XLR8R. "We're incredibly excited to be joining a group that will allow us to speak to all of our demographics with one voice, and simultaneously allow us to leverage our existing client relationships."

"We're all aware it's been a tough year for the publishing industry, and it takes innovation and creativity to keep up with the recent shifts while still expanding our brands and titles," said Andy Cohn, VP and Group Publisher of FADER Media. "In expanding our network we look to bring in credible properties that align with our aesthetic, but also have their own distinction. XLR8R is a respected brand that will provide our advertisers access to another like-minded, yet unique audience."

About XLR8R

XLR8R is a magazine, website and broadband TV show that covers music, culture, style, and technology. It was founded as a newsprint 'zine in 1993 by publisher Andrew Smith in Seattle; the magazine currently has offices in San Francisco and New York. While XLR8R's initial focus was on electronic music, it has over the years widened its scope to include indie rock, hip-hop, and reggae/dancehall music as well as related trends in style, art, fashion, and technology.

About FADER Media

The FADER Media Network consists of credible music and lifestyle-focused properties that speak to a combined audience of 3,365,000 million influential young adults. These properties include: The FADER magazine, thefader.com, FADER films, FADER label, rcrdlbl.com, thetripwire.com, 1200squad.com, suite903.com, and shockhound.com.



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6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago

this is like magneto and professor x joining together

its like spiderman getting absorbed by the venom symbiote

its like the time the green ranger gave the red ranger his gold power vest



...hmmmmm...just pretend i never said any of that, kthxbai.

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