Ray J/Danity Kane sex tape?

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by Daba
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4 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago

I remember Ray J's claim to fame was for being Brandy's little brother.


Then came the sex tape with Kim Kardashian.


Now there's rumor of a sex tape being shopped around that features Ray J in a threesome with members of Danity Kane. The source seems to be Media Takeout, which is about as credible as a tabloid. In 2008 I guess you can make a career out of making celebrity sex tapes.

 ...MediaTakeOut.com is hearing whispers that one of R&B singer Ray J's boys is trying to sell a tape that purportedly has Ray J engaging in a 3-way with 2 of the girls from Danity Kane.

Word on the street is that the grainy video was taken from a hidden camera placed in Ray J's room...



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