Britney Spears Accused of Sexually Harassing Former Bodyguard / Exposing Genitals

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nutty allegations if true....


a bodyguard ...

Flores alleges, on one occasion—in a scene right out of “Legally Blonde”—“She was wearing a white lace, see-through dress. She walked over close by [Flores], intentionally dropped her cigarette lighter on the floor, bent over to retrieve it and thereby exposed her uncovered genitals to [Flores].” The lawsuit goes on, “The incident caused [Flores] shock and disgust.”

New York Times:

The lawsuit claims that Spears, among other things, exposed herself to Flores and summoned him to her bedroom while she was naked.

The bodyguard’s employment with Spears appeared to be brief – his court filings state he started working for her in February and had ’‘exhausted his administrative remedies’’ with a state agency by July.


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