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by merrychen
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4 years, 7 months ago
I've always loved cop dramas and forensic mystery shows, and for the past four years ""Cold Case"" has been on my list of favorites. However, this year (2006-2007 season) my top pick ""CSI"" jumped the shark, and ""Without A Trace"" seems to be circling that same shark, so ""Cold Case"" has steadily climbed up that list, and here's why: I've always loved how ""Cold Case"" does the ""period"" parts of the show-- Cold Case DVD
like when they flash back to a really old case, and everyone is dressed and speaks like its 1960. I have no firsthand knowledge to know if its accurate, but it looks that way to me. Lost DVD They integrate perfect music choices (with the exception of Season 4's ""The Red and the Blue"" which went overboard using a Tim McGraw soundtrack)-- both new charttoppers and oldies but goodies-- for any scene, any mood, and any theme. I also love the color saturation on the show. Its shot like a typical millenium cop drama: Criminal Minds DVD lots of jump shots and close ups and whatever, but the way they play with color is really fun. Everything in the precinct is this cold, harsh blue, not unlike real fluorescent lighting, but flashbacks of the victims are always vibrant: red and green, and sometimes different layers of both in one frame (most recent example of this is ""Knuckle Up"" which aired on January 7 2007). And I don't even watch it on an HDTV, so I don't even get the BEST picture. Entourage DVD In four years, they haven't strayed from their formula, and it still hasn't gotten stale. They don't feel the need to push their detectives together romantically, True Blood DVD and even though they show a tiny bit of their personal lives, it never feels like a forced storyline. It's a true dramatic serial, which is rare now. "

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