The ninth season of Scrubs features several new cast members.

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"A complete script was written for each episode of Scrubs; however, actors are given opportunities to improvise their lines during the shooting process. The series has repeatedly featured repeated guest appearances by film actors not generally seen on episodic television, such as Heather Graham, Brendan Fraser, and Colin Farrell. Scrubs premiered on October 2, 2001 on NBC. During the seventh season, NBC announced that it would not renew the show. Shortly after the seventh season finale, ABC announced that it had picked up the series for a new season and on January 6, 2009, the eighth season of Scrubs premiered on ABC. The ninth season, which premiered on December 1, 2009 on ABC, features several new cast members and is set at a new facility. On May 14, 2010, it was announced that Scrubs was officially canceled by ABC. For the first eight seasons, the series featured seven main cast members, with numerous other characters recurring throughout the course of The series. Starting with the ninth season, much of the original cast left as regular characters, while four new additions were made to the cast."


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