VBS interviews Young Jeezy (Video)

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 This interview is so awkward, but that made it pretty interesting. Bwahahah.



 There is very very little I can say about Young Jeezy. I mean that more in general than in either a "that you don't already know" or "to add to the discussion" sense. I know that he is a rapper, he's evidently a popular rapper, and he was also the popular rapper behind all those angry snowman shirts black kids were always wearing a couple years ago that meant that they were coke dealers or made out of coke or something. Otherwise, aside from having a new album out and guesting on an increasingly insane number of other people's tracks, he remains as dark and inscrutable as the lyrics to his songs that i've tried to make myself listen to. I don't know, maybe I wasn't the right person for this interview.


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