42 M Spotify plays - Nomy Releases "Verity, Denial And Remorse" LP

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by Artlaurent88
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3 years, 2 months ago
Verity, denial and Remorse is the latest Nomy album to leave his home studio and be thrust into the ears of hungry fans. Available exclusively on Spotify from 13th June, the message on this album is personal and aggressive and with a stamp of “Parental advisory” on it. The title is based on true events and real relationships. It’s about people’s selfishness and how easy they betray the ones closest to them.

In this album Nomy continues to explore the darker sides of human nature drawing on a wide range of musical influences yet still maintaining the trademark Nomy sound.

“My new album will probably reduce friends but gain fans”
- Nomy

Email: press@nomy.nu
Website: http://www.nomy.nu
Music: http://www.nomy.nu/Nomy - Finally without you.mp

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