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3 years, 2 months ago
3 years, 2 months ago

Monday, June 4,2012: Curren$y was condemned a "mainstream" artists based off some of the featured songs on his new, very first ever studio album The Stoned Immaculate. Curren$y? J.E.T.S. Life? Mainstream? -_- StaleFaced! man Hell Nah. Look Curren$y will never be a mainstream artist. For one he's been makin music for a while now, but it's all been underground, you know home made. The rapping, producing, features, and beats have all been dne by himself for the longest! The only difference now is that this time he worked with actual producers and all the "big guys" (ie. Pharell) to make the music. This is just the first time that his music is more available to everyone, rather than just his loyal fans who've been up on his shit since day one. He's not mainstream though, more availability to new/ different people and radio play is what he got outta this one. But the album itself still isn't mainstream sounding; and that's never been the sound that he's gone for. Even on this so called "mainstream hip-hop album" he still consistent with killin' most of these other lame, commercial rappers with the LYRICAL Tip. So to all my Curren$y fans, take a gander onto The Stoned Immaculate "road" and JUST ENJOY THIS SH** Money mouth. And to all the Curren$y nay sayers you can hit me up @Bitchyourfullofshityouknowyoulistentocurren$y/

-killaCam..Im Out.

Curren$y ain't Mainstream && NEVER will be...

Point, Blank, PERIOD..

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