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3 years, 3 months ago

Sound of Amsa is a difficult album to categorise – it starts out with a dancier track, moves through retro, before settling on being a downbeat hip hop album. But at the end of the day, it’s definitely an interesting album and that’s probably all that matters.

It starts out sounding a little like Module’s latest release, Imagineering, but a little harder edged, before moving into an 80’s sounding poppy track, then onto DJ Shadow influenced hip hop, with some nice samples and a cool downbeat feel. Once it hits that groove the album stays on pretty the same track for the remainder  – making the earlier tracks seem almost out of place, yet somehow it all fits.

It sounds as though it shouldn’t work, and I did have my doubts at first, but the album flows really well, the quality is great and the songs get inside your head in a stealthy kind of way.

The more I listen to Sound of Amsa the more I enjoy it and the more I want to hear it again… and again… and again


Sound of Amsa can be purchased online from itunes, bandcamp, amazon and the rest.... 

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