Aire Libre - Felice Clemente & Javier Perez Forte

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3 years, 5 months ago
Aire Libre, the latest release from critically acclaimed Italian saxophonist Felice Clemente and noted Argentine classical guitarist, composer and arranger Javier Perez Forte will be available digitally March 13th on Crocevia di Suoni Records. Utilizing elements of Jazz, Afro, South American and Classical music, this 10-song release is a stunning, instrumental collaboration between two celebrated artists.

Aire Libre is the result of Clemente and Perez Forte's open and free conception of music that overcomes limits, stereotypes and barriers. Inspired by a cultural diversity, the album's variety of rhythms, and diverse instrumentation take the listener on a remarkable, global sonic journey. Throughout the Aire Libre, Clemente's superb mastery of the soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone and clarinet establish intricate dialogues with the Perez Forte's inspired classic guitar that communicate powerful emotion without words.

On the track "A Don Agustin Bardi" -- Clemente and Perez Forte's musical prowess creates a subtle, jazz-tinged "conversation" between sultry guitar chords and bright, spirited tenor sax that brings to mind a wise elder speaking with a young, spirited soul. The fluttering, gentle strains of tenor sax on "Chuku" soar like a butterfly lifting up the listener with their lilting progression. While the complex exchange between guitar and saxophone on "Lila," is punctuated by the steady pulse of a metronome.

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