Fans To Host, Promote 2012 No Agenda Tour with Josh Hisle, Ryan Kralik

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by Artlaurent88
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3 years, 8 months ago

Ryan Kralik and Josh Hisle announce that they will be touring the US beginning in February 2012. Kralik, in support of his album No Agenda which released on 12/10/11, says that the tour dates are being decided, hosted, promoted and in some cases booked by fans around the country. "We have shows set up in Cleveland, Cincinatti, Milwaukee, St Louis all started by fans and we are getting new requests daily. Dallas, Tempe, Colorado Springs, all over. This was a good idea", Kralik said of the unique touring approach. The idea to let fans decide to bring the tour to their hometown came by way of the Occupy Movement when several chapters of Occupy asked Kralik and Hisle to visit their demonstrations. Kralik dedicated his new album to the Protesters and his single "The Egypt Riot" has become an anthem for the movement.

Anyone wishing to host and promote a concert in their city needs simply to contact the artists management and provide some basic information and the tour booking staff handles the rest. "We have a pretty good bunch handling the bookings and touring is just second nature to us anyway. If a fan will tell us when, where and why, we'll take care of the how", Hisle commented.

Fans, groups and Occupiers are invited to send requests for tour stops by emailing

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