World5 single "You and I" makes an impression

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by Artlaurent88
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3 years, 8 months ago
With testimonials describing the band as "A Powerful Musical Force" shortly after having entered the recording studio with Grammy winning producer Randy Miller, the band World5 has released their first single off the new album titled "Global Experience", due out in spring of 2012 on Island Def Jam digital distribution. "I knew that it was the single as soon as I heard it," states Producer/ Engineer Randy Miller (Burt Bacharach, Johnny Nash, La Mafia) as he discusses the quality of the song before tracking it. "It was so catchy and the chorus stayed with you."

The 5-piece Pop AC band, who has been tracking and mixing with Miller since late September is now ready to put the finishing touches on their debut album.
"Randy is the perfect choice for the production of "You and I" there was no need for explanations," says drummer Raimund Breitfeld of the band World5. "Randy found out immediately the character of the song and lifted out the significant elements. The production turned out to be the exact match to what we had in mind."

"I've really enjoyed working with the guys and I look forward to getting together with them to celebrate the release the album" states Miller. "We've become good friends while working together on this project and it's been a great experience."

The band considers Miller to be the 6th member of the group. "The album production turns out to be even better than we ever expected" states Breitfeld. "Randy is musically absolutely on the same page and that can be heard in the sound and production of the songs of the album. "We got a top notch production in our suitcase and we are looking very much forward to presenting it in spring 2012 to the audience."

The single will be accompanied by a new video produced by Vista Films International due out early January 2012.


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