Coldair's Far South: Dreamy freshness out of Poland

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by Artlaurent88
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3 years, 9 months ago
Coldair is a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Tobiasz Bilinski, also known as vocalist and drummer in Kyst (with whom he played at Primavera, SXSW, Eurosonic, Fusion, Incubate, OFF Festival, Open'er Festival and many more).

Besides releasing two critically acclaimed albums with Kyst, Coldair self-released his debut LP "Persephone" in September 2010 and toured extensively, playing in 36 cities all over Europe. He also performed on the radio (Amsterdam FM for instance) and appeared on Polish national television. Now Coldair makes his first official debut release with his full-length album "Far South" (available on CD and vinyl, also digital on

Coldair's intimate writing style, which reminds one of artists like Sufjan Stevens, shines through in a variety of moving compositions providing "Far South" with a palette of colourful emotions, with songs like "Together/Alone" or "I Won't Stay Up" shouting instant hit-potential.

Coldair's European promo-tour for his new album "Far South" is scheduled for January and February 2012.

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