Autumn Insects win MusicDish prize

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by Artlaurent88
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3 years, 9 months ago
The Autumn Insects ((?????))' "Gothic Dream" (???) is a performance worth paying for. Both the video and track are refreshingly good and captivating. With a hard pounding band and a sexy lead singer, one look at the video, which shows the band performing, tells you that this is one band who takes their music seriously. The video shows all band members dressed in black, appearing out of nowhere one at a time in what appears to be a corridor wrapped in plastic with smoke – very nice special effects. The black and white setting gives the video an even more interesting look. The music is hard rock gothic with calm breaks, and the female vocalist sings first in Chinese and then in English, adding a touch a sophistication to the presentation. "Gothic Dream" is a seriously great song from beginning to end. This Beijing based group is excellent, and one view of the video will leave you wanting to Google this band for more.

"I really like the bands. I also enjoyed the music of the dark cosmos, the video was just too straight forward. I look forward to working with these bands in the future via our collaboration." Jewell Sparks, Indie Vixens

"It has a unique shooting style, also the sound of the singer is special. It gave me a deep impression after I watched it." Fay Peng, MusicDish*China


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