NY Mag: Brief History Of Chillwave

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“I am the undisputed creator of the genre name,” Carles, the enigmatic blogger behind Hipster Runoff, is telling Vulture via Gchat. “The term 'chillwave' did not exist until I created it.” He’s indisputably right: Chillwave — a catchall term for recent practitioners of fuzzed-out, dance-ready, nostalgia-inducing tunes — was born out of a Hipster Runoff blog post in the summer of 2009, then gained unlikely legitimacy via Wall Street Journal and New York Times coverage. Now, the micro-genre’s holy trinity — Washed Out, Toro y Moi, and Neon Indian — is spearheading a second wave of much-hyped album releases. In fact, just this week Washed Out’s Within and Without copped ...



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