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doctor who season 6 DVD  Plot:The real Amy was closed for a long time to give birth to a child, Dr. Amy was a member. Dr. gathered an army, soldiers not to blade blood saved Amy, but Amy's daughter Miroti was killed, all of this is due to the universe and some of the doctor's fear -- a able to assemble an invincible army. River Song appears, and tells them a shocking secret, he is Miroti.]doctor who seasons 1-6 DVD] Plot:" Doctor who " is " typical British American .2012 years in Utah, and Dr. Ross Taylor came to the future underground museum, will see his nemesis -- dalek. Dallek believed that don't know it's Ross is a brave man, can be used as female parent and recovery, Ross Taylor accidentally to himself with a time of radiation ( harmless to the human body, and Dallek as a fuel ) wakes up in a Dalek, a field in a Dallek and the war between humans is about to start.

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