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[url=]sons of anarchy dvd season 4[/url] Plot: The ATF and the Russians prove obstacles as the club looks to heal old wounds.  Sam Crow heads north to help Happy with a pharmaceutical favor; Gemma tries to put old family matters to rest. [url=]game of thrones season 2 dvd[/url] Plot: Tywin and Jaime prepare for battle; Ned confronts Cersei; Jon takes his Night's Watch vows; Drogo vows to lead the Dothraki. The first season ends with tragic news reaching all corners of the Seven Kingdoms, which coincides with a shared vision by Bran and Rickon Stark. Meanwhile, Catelyn presses Jaime about her son's fall; Tyrion heads south following his father's surprising decision; Arya tries to escape from King's Landing; Jon faces a difficult choice at the Night's Watch; and Daenerys suffers a terrible setback. [url=]the vampire diaries season 3 dvd[/url] Plot: Caroline leaves the hospital and attends the Mystic Falls Carnival, where Matt attempts to tell her how he feels about her. Meanwhile, Damon tries to learn Mason's secret, and Bonnie gets angry with Damon. [url=]mad men season 5 dvd[/url] Plot: Don teaches Pete a lesson when he oversteps his authority in dealing with a valuable client. At home, Pete is pressured from his newlywed bride to buy their own apartment unit. [url=]True Blood Season 4 DVD[/url] Plot: Sookie believes Bill has something to do with the people that tried to kill her. Tara has some family issues to deal with. Hoyt sticks up for Jessica and their unusual relationship; Lafayette and Lettie Mae try to figure out a way to end Maryann's influence on Tara; Nan Flanagan reacts to the events in Dallas, but the local vampires are surprised by Godric's decision.


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