‘I Hate You Dad’ - Adam Sandler Playing Andy Sandberg's Dad

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Makes sense...

You can say one thing about Adam Sandler—he looks out after his own kind. Professional relationships between performers who once appeared on “Saturday Night Live” have always bordered on incestuous, but Sandler has pretty much turned it into the basis for his super successful Happy Madison banner, dedicated to giving the non-stars of “SNL” their own shot at fame, whether they deserve it (Dana Carvey) or not (David Spade).

This generosity, combined with the failure of the current “SNL” cast to generate any major box office stars, has led to “I Hate You Dad.” Sandler is recruiting Sandler-esque manchild Andy Samberg to play his son (despite the two of them separated by just over a decade in age) in a comedy where the two find themselves living under one roof right before the son’s impending nuptials, with the father butting 



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