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by merrychen
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4 years, 7 months ago
I have always gravitated toward books, movies, and TV shows about the occult so it was a given that I would watch True Blood. True Blood DVD I am disappointed in parts that I feel stray too far from the books (I know the actors at Comic Con disagreed but the books are so incredibly good that I don't think they can be improved on.) Entourage DVD especially in season one when they let Bill save Sookie by killing Long Shadow when in fact Eric saved her and Eric killed Long Shadow. I could not understand how it made the story better by making that change. Criminal Minds DVD As to the comment that the actor playing Eric is not as handsome as the book Eric I firmly disagree. He is even more handsome than I pictured, Lost DVD mainly because he is so beautifully tall and the way he plays his part I almost feel if there were such a thing as vampries he would be one. Cold Case DVD My only hope is as the series progresses they do play up the Eric character more as he is a much more prominent character in the books than Bill and 100 time more interesting.

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