you will feel confident and invigorated during zumba workout.

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by richardlittle
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4 years, 10 months ago
Get this Zumba workout! If you are not familiar with latin style dancing, some of the steps in Zumba can be a little challenging at first, but with a little practice you can get it. And even if you mess up, who cares it's still a blast! The instructors of Zumba (both male and female) are pleasant, fun and flirty and speak both Spanish and English. Of the four zumba DVD's in the set, the beginner video is mainly an instructional "how to" for all the Zumba dance steps. The abs, buns and thighs video doesn't have any dancing at all, just great toning and some yoga and pilates style excercizes. The "power" video is the typical Zumba latin dance based workout - a blast! And the "advanced" video is more Zumba, just harder! It's an awesome mix of cardio and core conditioning and fun. Even if you are overweight you will feel sexy and confident and invigorated during this Zumba workout. The pounds will melt away before you know it! Highly recommended!


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Zumba Fitness DVD
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