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    Prefix Magazine: All of your albums are weeded, especially To tha X-Treme. Can you touch on your love of the sticky green?

    Devin the Dude: Well, I didn’t want that to be a major part of what I was doing, but when we started rappin’ it was a hobby and we just talked about what we did: smoking and chilling, getting away from it all. When I think of rap, I think of a conversation, and that kind of stuck with me right there. A lot of people start coming up to me like, “I like the way you talk about weed,” or “I like the way you relate to it differently than other people relate to it.”

    PM: The South is running shit in hip-hop right now. Where do you fit in, especially with an album like To tha X-Treme?

    Devin the Dude: It’s hard to put myself in a position or try to puzzle myself to where I fit in. I’m just happy to be a part of it, just to be mentioned. As far as the album, it’s a little more laidback than other albums. I figure I’m getting a little older, make it sound more mature, a little laidback. If I were to do these songs later in life, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to scream them out, so I’m gonna have to calm down and chill out so that they will sound pretty cool five to ten years from now.

    PM: Can you touch on your lyrical content? You present the good, the bad and the ugly on women, weed, poverty, crime, bad luck.

    Devin the Dude: I think it’s important to come up with some type of style; each artist should have their specific style that people can relate to. I try to be well-rounded with it; dealing with music is like dealing with life.

    PM: What are bumping in your sound system right now?

    Devin the Dude: It’s kind of crazy; I got so many songs: mostly ’70s to late-’80s, light rock, classic rock, some Paul Simon, James Taylor and Ohio Players all the way to the Whispers, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac. A little bit of everything.

    PM: You have any upcoming projects?

    Devin the Dude: I did a song with a guy named Rock; he’s working with John Rifkind, the brother of Steve Rifkind of Loud Records. He is real cool. I got my own independent label I am working with called Coffee Brothers Music, dealing with a lot of in-house procedures that I have worked with over the years. And Oddsquad.

    PM: So there will be another Oddsquad album before the next solo venture?

    Devin the Dude: That might be possible; there may be another Oddsquad album before the next solo album.

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