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Wu-Week: The bottom feeders

The nine worst Wu-Tang affiliates

I love Wu-Tang, but let’s be honest: The Clan’s extended fam (which includes more than thirty individuals and a solid handful of groups) is largely unspectacular. In fact, it’s acceptable at best, embarrassing at worst. It's about time we call out the bottom feeders of the Wu-Tang food chain. It’s not even worth putting these in order. 



Claim to shame: Wait, how did he get on here? He's so bad, sometimes it’s easy to forget he's actually in the Clan.



Claim to shame: Yes, he may now be considered an official member, and there are affiliates worse than ol' Cap, but none of them (at least to our knowledge) had an FBI informant for a manager or lived as a homeless cab driver after appearing on Wu-Tang Forever and Ironman.


Bronze Nazareth

Claim to shame: Nothing against Bronze Nazareth except that he has a terrible name. So bad it’s worth pointing out.


Claim to shame: These dudes got a lot of unwarranted hype leading up to their first album, Bobby Digital Presents Northstar. Marketed as RZA's West Coast protégés, they managed to serve up two albums of hot doo-doo that nobody listened to.  


Blue Raspberry

Claim to Shame: This quote from Wikipedia should say it all: “Blue Raspberry is a singer affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan. Her stage name was given to her by Killah Priest, who said she reminded him of a blue raspberry.  Discovered by the Wu-Tang Clan when working in a casino, Blue Raspberry emerged as the group's in-house female vocalist during the first round of Wu-Tang solo projects. She added vocals to tracks on Method Man's Tical and Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, but seemed to have her position somewhat usurped by Tekitha on the Clan's second album, Wu-Tang Forever.


Killah Priest

Claim to shame: Renamed a casino singer Blue Raspberry. 


Shabazz the Disciple

Claim to shame: Anyone who releases an album entitled The Passion of the Hood Christ gets an automatic pass to the Worst Wu Affiliates list.


In addition to having a shaky grasp on the English language, this Moroccan-born, Netherlands-residing producer/rapper is a groupie who tirelessly stalked the Wu until they gave him affiliate status. It’s also rumored that Cilvaringz made several trips to New York, waiting for hours outside of the RZA’s office just to get his demo tape heard. And apparently the RZA didn’t want to sign him, citing his lack of lyrical skills. If that doesn't make him worthy for this list, I don't know what does.


P.R. Terrorist

Claim to shame: I didn't even know this dude existed until I found him on the Wu-Tang corporate website. He must really suck if Cilvaringz gets his entire life story told on his page and P.R. Terrorist has nothing but N/A across his. 

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Wu-Tang Clan

U-God is freakin sick, what y'all talking about! Ever heard the song Bells of War or Da Mystery of Chessboxin? Also Cappadonna proved his stripes in Winter Warz and Daytona 500. Killah Priest was in 4th freaking Chamber, that song is one of the best Wu-related songs ever!


Your a f__king idiot


Killah Priest? No way.


I'd have to disagree on Cappadonna. He's certainly not one of the best, but he's had some really good verses. I mean, he held it down on "Ice Cream," and every track he did on IRONMAN. Plus, THE PILLAGE was pretty alright.

And U-God, though we all agree can't seem to pull off a full song on his own, he does have a talent with the short verse.


I don't know if I'd actually call U-God an affiliate, he is an actual member.
I agree with Bradford where he can have some nice verses, but full songs of his are terrible.

Cappa now is Crappadonna, but his verse on Winter Warz is classic.


this wu week has been really disappointing. it seems like the writers are regurgitating the opinions of all indie kid wu fans. it doesn't seem like they've really listened to a lot of stuff very carefully and just kind of went with the majority opinion on them. u-god is clearly not worse than gp wu, poppa wu, pretty much all of killarmy, sunz of man (besides priest), and so on. and cappa and priest on this list is f--king retarded. heavy mental is a lyrically bananas album. there's a difference between falling off (like cap and priest) and never being on (like northstar).

clifford smith

True man, you need to stop talkin so much S__! ALl of the people you have mentioned each does their own thing well. As for Civalringz, the dude is hungry. Jesus, I would wait outside a studio fo ra couple days to put out a album with Rza producing. There are a lot worse things I would do for something like that. Plus, civalringz and Bronze nazareth have both put out outstanding albums lately. DOn't knock the Wu man. As for albums that don't sell, take a look at Supreme Clientle...that barely sold, yet on of the best rap albums of all time.


this list wasn't meant to be taken so seriously.

that is all.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/GM_Omnis/CURLS.jpg OMNIS

how was it meant to be taken? if this is satire..its a poor attempt. poorly researched and based on wikipedia and what a group's website says? do your homework or dont bother. this site lost some credibility with this one.



seriously though, cilvaringz is not good.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mk78/avocado.gif mk78

to say the site lost credibility for this list is a bit dramatic. I don't think I am wrong in saying that the purpose of this list was to poke fun at the endless number of Wu affiliates out there. This isn't supposed to be a serious thesis on " wu bottom feeders".

/site_media/uploads/images/users/breidy/Koko B. Ware.jpg breidy

i like some of these guys. however instead i will say this:

if you get one of the wu-distributed old SB kung fu DVDs, U-God does a sweet little dance for the menu.

Nat Weiner

all bullsh*t aside...this is just plain bad.


this list never should have been made.
you clearly have no idea what you're talking about, and that's why wu-week on prefix was the worst idea of all time.

you should all (nat weiner excluded) be ashamed.


Whoever wrote this nonsense is unwise and not even worth discussing with...Where's your degree.

The Sun

Cilvaringz is the truth....

Yusuf T.

first of all, pr terrorist is from killarmy, which is one of the best groups to come out of wu-tang.

second, cappadonna's fbi informant you are referring to is mike caruso. and he is the executive producer for ghostface's last 3 albums (fishscale, more fish and the big dough rehab)

Adrian Covert is an idiot

Adrian Cover is da fakity.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/yung_daba/yung-daba.jpg yung_daba

WOW...the things people assume. I was not a Casino Singer. I was walking across the casino floor singing to what was playing through the intercom. lol

Blue Raspberry

U got it dead on! All these kats are definitely not da answer. They should all go back to class!


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