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[September 19, 2006] Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Our writers highlight a handful of notable records scheduled to hit the shelves this Tuesday. Plus, check the full list of this week's releases:



Joseph Arthur

Nuclear Daydream


Consistency, thy name is Joseph Arthur. There's absolutely no reason to expect that Arthur, who Peter Gabriel "discovered" about a decade ago, won't deliver another collection of trophies that are as aesthetically restless as they are emotionally direct. If Arthur peaked with 2000's Come to Where I'm From, there has been no remarkable descent. Also, he seems to have embraced the absence of major-label backing, which is just as well because EMI had no idea what to do with him. Arthur is a luminous artist and should not be allowed to go unnoticed. ~Michael Legat

Artist: http://www.josepharthur.com/

Label: http://www.megaforcerecords.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/josepharthur

Bonnie ''"Prince''" Billy
The Letting Go
Drag City

Wait, he'''s
not an actor, he'''s not a full-time-collaborator, he'''s not a retired musician?
Although it seems like he has always been around, popping up with Matt Sweeney
as one half of the amazing Superwolf,
hiking through the woods as Kurt in Kelly Reichardt'''s Old Joy, and releasing a live album (Summer in the Southeast) on Sea Note last year, Will Oldham once
again assumes his Bonnie ''"Prince''" Billy
moniker to release his namesake'''s fourth original full-length, The Letting Go. His albums under that
name are usually well-made experiments in folk-flavored sparse mellowness, and Oldham
traveled to Reykjavik to record and added eerie strings as well as the voice of
Faun Fables''' Dawn McCarthy to make The
Letting Go
a new yet strangely familiar listening experience. Imagine
Palace forming in Sigor Ros'''
Iceland with Natalie Merchant on backup vocals. I'''m not sure when Oldham had
time to imagine such a thing, but the outcome is a mixture only he could
produce. ~Ryan Weibush
Artist: http://www.bonnieprincebilly.com/
Label: http://www.dragcity.com/

''"Cursed Sleep''" video

The Black Crowes

Freak n' Roll Into the Fog


Many news outlets, none more respected than Us Weekly,
have focused on lead singer Chris Robinson's recent split with Kate
Hudson, but I'm sure he'd like to be remembered for more than losing
his wife to a man nicknamed the "Butterscotch Stallion." (I shit you
not -- that's really Owen Wilson's pseudonym.) After a short hiatus,
this generation's answer to the Davies brothers has buried the
fraternal hatchet long enough for another round of touring. Although
most are looking forward to next week for the long-awaited release of
the Black Crowes' shelved mid-90s work, this live disc (recorded at the
legendary Fillmore Auditorium) boasts the band's strongest material.
"Jealous Again," "Hard to Handle," and prom classic "She Talks to
Angels" all make an appearance, as does an ambitious cover of the
Band's "The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down." Perhaps "Across the Great
Divide" would be more apropos. ~Zach Hothorn

Band: http://www.blackcrowes.com//


DJ Shadow

The Outsider


Debates have been flying around the Internet about The Outsider, DJ Shadow's first album since 2002's The Private Press, an album that received some mixed reviews. This time around, though, Shadow (a.k.a. Josh Davis) is working with numerous guest emcees, making it more of a collaborative effort, a la Prefuse 73's Surrounded by Silence. Expect guest appearances from Lateef the Truth Speaker, Q-Tip, Phonte Coleman (of Little Brother), Christina Carter (Charalambides), and Turf Talk, among others. Those looking for �Endtroducing, Part 2 are unlikely to find what they're looking for, but for fuck's sake, people -- move on. This album isn't there to keep everyone happy; it's about moving things forward. Shadow has said it's the best he's ever made. Here's hoping he's right. ~Chris Gliddon
Artist (streaming audio/video): http://www.djshadow.com/

Label: http://new.umusic.com/
Audio: http://myspace.com/djshadow 

The Dutchess

Bridge," the scorching single off the debut solo album from the Black Eyed
Peas''' Stacy ''"Fergie''" Ferguson, has been tearing up the charts, so this album will
most likely satisfy your need to joggle your booty in the club. But word has it
that Fergie will also bear her soul on the album. The Dutchess may surprise those who dismiss Fergie as the token
white girl. ~Norman Mayers
Artist: http://fergie.blackeyedpeas.com/
Label: http://www.interscope.com/
Audio: http://www.myspace.com/fergie
''"London Bridge''" video: http://www.blackeyedpeas.com/home/videos/?id=367921


Live at the BBC


Anyone who occasionally listens to classic-rock radio can probably sing along to Free's mega-hit, "All Right Now," but even some of the most well-versed rock aficionados are unfamiliar with the band's more obscure work. This compilation includes cuts from Free's very first BBC session -- recorded only days after bassist Andy Fraser's sixteenth birthday -- as well as several tracks from a 1970 episode of "In Concert" with the recently deceased John Peel. Thanks to the scarcity of much of the band's catalog -- including its 1971 live album, Free Live -- this collection will flesh out the band's somewhat low profile. Paul Kossoff's masterful guitar work alone is worth the price of admission. ~Zach Hothorn

Artist: http://www.andyfraser.com/

Label: http://www.islandrecords.com/

Hidden Cameras
Arts & Crafts

You have
to figure the Hidden Cameras are suffering from an identity crisis. Three
albums in now and they still sound like someone else on paper. What are the
chances of two loosely knit collectives of leftfield pop-rockers breaking out
of Toronto at the same time? Of course, signing to Arts & Crafts didn'''t
really help the comparisons any. And with Broken Social Scene'''s
catalog including tracks like ''"I'''m Still Your Fag,''" the Hidden Cameras can'''t
even lay full claim to the gay angle. Still, it could be worse. The band'''s name
could have included the word ''"wolf.''" ~Justin Sheppard
Band: http://www.thehiddencameras.com/
Label: http://www.arts-crafts.ca/
Audio: http://www.myspace.com/thehiddencams




During the recording of Empire, Kasbian's sophomore release, the Brit-rockers parted ways with founding guitarist/keyboardist Chris Karloff over "creative and artistic differences." As we all know, rats will abandon a sinking ship. Seriously, need I say anything else? Caveat Emptor. ~Justin Sheppard

Band: http://www.kasabian.co.uk/home/

Label: http://www.rcarecords.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/kasabian


& Liquor

After the
two premature leaks of this album, the first of which happened in the spring,
we finally have the privilege of hearing the legitimate version of Chicago
emcee Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor. This will mark the first release
for Atlantic from the former member of da Pak. The album features
collaborations with the Neptunes and Kanye West
(among others), and the hot "Kick, Push" single. ~Chris Gliddon

Artist: http://www.lupefiasco.com/
Label: http://www.atlanticrecords.com/
Audio: http://myspace.com/lupefiasco

Pere Ubu

Why I Hate Women

Smog Veil

Why I Hate Women is the follow-up to 2002's St. Arkansas from Pere Ubu, led by David Thomas, who at fifty-three years old is bejeweled with a soul patch the size of Hitler's moustache. The most recent incarnation of the "avant garage" band -- which emerged from Cleveland in 1975 -- is delivering lyrics that wouldn't work for anyone but Thomas (or Jonathan Richman, I suppose, who could probably pull off the line "E pluribus Unum, honey" with less frightening delivery). The album includes songs called "My Boyfriend's Back," "Blue Velvet," and "Love Song," but don't expect them to be covers, and don't dismiss this one in favor of the band's upcoming remix album, Why I Remix Women, 'cause that, too, will sound like every other Pere Ubu record. ~China Bialos

Band: http://www.ubuprojex.net/index.html

Label: http://smogveil.com/ecom/ 

The Pogues

Rum Sodomy & the Lash

Rhino Records

Before Flogging Molly, the renewed interest in pirates, and highly affordable veneers, there were the Pogues. Fronted by angsty Irishman Shane MacGowan, the Pogues were influenced in equal parts by traditional Irish folk and the Clash, putting forth fantastic punk-tinged albums that most notably included 1988's If I Should Fall From Grace With God and this, 1985's Rum Sodomy & the Lash, produced by Elvis Costello. The original album ended on a simple cover of the Bushwackers' "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda," but this Rhino reissue of last year's Wea International reissue offers easy access to a few prime bonus tracks. ~China Bialos

Band: http://www.pogues.com/

Label: http://rhino.com/

"And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda" clip

Corrina Repp

The Absent and the Distant

Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde is Red House Painters/Sun Kil Moon star Mark Kozelek's vanity label. He created it to release his last album, the Modest Mouse covers collection Tiny Cities,
but something in Corrina Repp's sound made him change his mind about
not wanting to sign any other artists to the label. Kozelek knows a
thing or two about great songwriting, so Repp should prove to be quite
the talent. A Portland, Oregon folk-scene vet who previously recorded
for Hush Records and contributed to this year's Kill Rock Stars comp The Sound the Hare Heard,
Repp is a little bit Nico and a little bit more electro-experimental
than other artists in her genre, employing glitches and blips behind
the requisite keyboards and guitars. ~John Zeiss

Artist: http://www.hushrecords.com/repp.html

Label: http://www.caldoverderecords.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/corrinarepp

The Upper Crust

Cream of the Crust

Upper Crust Ltd.

These Bostonians are famous for their unabashed pageantry (think pantaloons and fake moles) and their even more impressive rock 'n' roll chops. This greatest-hits collection should showcase lead singer Lord Bendover's knack for pun-laced historical references and Bon Scott idolatry. Case in point: "Well, I'm highfalutin' ... I'm like Sir Isaac Newton." With stage names like Duc D'Istortion, Lord Rockingham and Count Bassie, it's obvious that these boys have their tongues placed firmly in their rouge-covered cheeks. ~Zach Hothorn

Band: http://www.theuppercrust.org//

Label: http://www.theuppercrust.org/music.html

Audio: http://www.theuppercrust.org/music.html 

Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers


How far back is this new folk revival going to reach? It already helped resurrect Vashti Bunyan and her 1970 album, Just Another Diamond Day. But I don't think the time machine is stopping there. It's still going back. It's going to get medieval on our asses. The Winter Flowers sound like they really could be a band of minstrel singers straight out of The Canterbury Tales. With songs like "Misty Morning Land," "Country Fair," and "Too Young to Marry," it doesn't appear this crew is joking around. Like so many others in the "New Weird America" movement, Winter Flowers are straight West Coast, having logged time in Seattle, San Francisco, and now Los Angeles. And, of course, they come with the full blessing of the scene's de facto leader, Devendra Banhart. He regularly sings the band's praises in the press and even invited them to accompany a live set he performed on KCRW. ~John Zeiss

Band: http://www.winterflowers.info/

Label: http://www.attacknine.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/winterflowers 

1090 Club: Shipwrecked on Shores (Sidecho)

Alias & Tarsier: Plane That Draws a White Line (Anticon)

Angelo Badalamenti: Wicker Man [Original Score] (Silva)

The Art of Noise: What Have You Done with My Body God? (ZTT UK)

The Avett Brothers: 6 Song CD (Ramseur Rec.)

Ben Kweller: Ben Kweller (Red Ink)

The Big Sleep: Son of the Tiger (French Kiss)

The Black Crowes: Freak 'N' Roll... Into the Fog (Eagle)

Billy Martin: Starlings (Tzadik)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Thug Stories (Koch)

Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Letting Go (Drag City)

Bound Stems: Appreciation Night (Flameshovel)

Buddy Holly: Gotta Roll: Early Recordings 1949-1955 (Rev-Ola)

Canada: This Cursed House   

The Cardigans: Super Extra Gravity (Nettwerk)

Celly Cel: Wild West (Real Talk Ent)

Cerys Matthews: Never Said Goodbye (Rough Trade)

Charlie Parker: To Go (Verve)

Chingy: Hoodstar (Capitol)

Clay Aiken: Thousand Different Ways (RCA)

Cut Copy: Fabriclive.29 (Fabric)

Dan the Automator: Presents 2K7: The Tracks (DeCon Inc)

Darkel: Darkel (Astralwerks)

Dave Douglas: Meaning and Mystery (Koch)

DJ Cam: Revisited By [Inflamable] (Inflamable)

DJ Shadow: Outsider (Umvd Labels)

DJ Ti�sto: Live at Innercity (Black Hole)

Elton John: Captain & the Kid (Interscope)

Elvis Presley: Complete Million Dollar Quartet   

Evan Parker: Time Lapse (Tzadik)

Eyehategod: Preaching the Endtime Routine (Season Mist America)

Fear Before the March of Flames: Always Open Mouth (Equal Vision)

Fergie: Dutchess (Interscope)

Forward Russia: Give Me a Wall (Mute U.S.)

Free: Live at the BBC (Universal International)

Genius: Words From the Genius (Traffic Ent.)

Guther: Sundet (Morr Music / M.M.)

Hall & Oates: Platinum Collection (WEA International)

Hate: Victims (Metal Mind)

Hugh Masekela: 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection (Hip-O)

Ice Cube: Death Certificate/AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted (EMI)

Indigo Girls: Despite Our Differences (Hollywood)

Jane's Addiction: Up from the Catacombs: The Best of Jane's Addi (Rhino)

Jedi Mind Tricks: Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell (Babygrande)

Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole Lotta Shakin': Best of Jerry Lee Lewis (Metro)

Jesse McCartney: Right Where You Want Me (Hollywood)

Joseph Arthur: Nuclear Daydream (Mega Force)

Kasabian: Empire (RCA)

Kenny Rogers: Country Collection (United States Dist)

Lennon: Damaged Goods (John Galt Ent.)

Lou Reed: Coney Island Baby [30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (RCA)

Luc Ferrari: Far-West New (Episodes 2 & 3) (Blue Chopsticks)

Lupe Fiasco: Food & Liquor (Atlantic / Wea)

Makaveli Presents Muszamil: Reparation Is Due (Cleopatra)

Marvin Gaye: Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing (United States Dist)

Master P: Ultimate Master P (Koch)

Missy Elliott: Respect M.E. (WEA International)

Natalie: Everything New (Umvd Labels)

New Found Glory: Coming Home (Geffen)

New York Dolls: Manhattan Mayhem: A History of the New York Dolls (Freud)

Nitzer Ebb: Body Rework (EMI)

North Mississippi Allstars: Early Years (Compendia)

Nump: Nump Yard (Sick Wid It)

Original Soundtrack: My Name Is Earl: The Album (Shout! Factory)

Outerspace: Blood Brothers (Babygrande)

Pere Ubu: Why I Hate Women (Smog Veil)

Pete Rock: Underground Classics (Rapster)

Phil Lesh & Friends: Instant Live: Tweeter Center- Mansfield, MA 7/6/06 (Instant Live Rec.)

Planes Mistaken for Stars: Mercy (Abacus)

Plastic Little: She's Mature     

Prophet Omega: Natural World (Astralwerks)

Ras Kass: Eat or Die      

Ray Charles: Mastercuts (Mastercuts / Artist)

Red Sparowes: Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun (Neurot)

Redd Foxx: You Gotta Wash Your Ass (Collectors' Choice Music)

Relay: Still Point of Turning (Bubble Core)

Ryan Star: Songs from the Eye of an Elephant (Koch)

Seb Fontaine: Type 02 (Thrive)

Shawn Lee: Soul Visa (BBE)

Stan Getz: To Go (Verve)

Too Short: Pimpin' Incorporated (Oarfin)

Triple Six Mafia: Smoked out Music's Greatest Hits (Hypnotize Minds)

Ween: Shinola, Vol. 1 (Music Video Distributors)

The Whigs: Give 'Em All a Big Fat Lip (ATO)

Whitest Boy Alive: Dreams   

Winter Flowers: Winter Flowers (Attack 9)

Wolverine Brass: Wicked Witch (Revelation)

Woven Hand: Mosaic (Sounds Familyre)

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