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[September 12, 2006] Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Our writers highlight a handful of notable records scheduled to hit the shelves this Tuesday. Plus, check the full list of this week's releases:



The Album Leaf

Into the Blue Again

Sub Pop

No, Jimmy LaValle isn't another name for James Lavelle of UNKLE fame. Although Jimmy has been a member of quite a number of groups. Mostly with Tristeza, but also with the Black Heart Procession, GoGoGo Airheart, and even Sigur Ros. And he's not completely averse to the ambient atmospherics of the more electro side of the street. In fact, in the Album Leaf, he's doing his darndest to bridge that world to indie rock. Into the Blue Again comes on the heels of 2004's very well-received In a Safe Place. LaValle wrote all of the songs holed up in his house in San Diego, then headed to a studio outside of Seattle to record the tracks, then finally booked it over to Iceland to mix the record. He once again names Brian Eno as the avatar of the Album Leaf's sound. Not a bad guy to look up to. ~John Zeiss

Band: http://www.albumleaf.com/

Label: http://www.subpop.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/thealbumleaf

"Always for You" MP3

Electronic press kit 

Catfish Haven

Tell Me

Secretly Canadian

It's still scorching hot out here in sunny L.A., and it never really will get that cold. But up in Chicago, evening temperatures are surely starting to dip. So just in time comes Chi-town locals Catfish Haven's Tell Me, an album of rocking party starters and bluesy mood pieces to keep anyone warm on a winter's night. Great story behind the band's name: It's the name of the trailer park lead singer George Hunter grew up in. So you know he's the real deal when his throaty, soul-man voice tells the rest of the band to crank things up "one more time" on opener "I Don't Worry." Tell Me adds horns and female backing vocals right out of the heyday of Motown to the already formidable sound Catfish Haven introduced earlier this year on their attention-grabbing EP Please Come Back. Accordingly, songs on this LP are so thick with the freakness that I can smell the fish frying and the grits simmering back from my Southern boyhood. ~John Zeiss

Band: http://www.catfishhaven.com/

Label: http://www.secretlycanadian.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/catfishhaven  

"Crazy for Leaving" MP3  

Dead Moon

Echoes of the Past

Sub Pop

If ever a band should make go-getters out of aspiring DIY groups, that band is Dead Moon. The Oregon-based garage-punk trio isn't especially known outside of the Pacific Northwest and Europe (go figure), but this forty-nine track double-disc best-of may help. Dead Moon, which you may have heard on the End's "Gabba Gabba Hey", is run partially by Fred Cole and his wife Toody, who met in the late '60s when Fred was dodging the draft and touring Oregon with the Weeds. Dead Moon has existed in its current incarnation for nineteen years, hardly changing its sound in that time. ~China Bialos

Label: http://http://www.subpop.com/

Band: http://www.deadmoonusa.com/deadmoon.htm

"Dead Moon Night" MP3  


7 From the Village

Black Lab

Fields' first live performance ever in early 2006 prompted a furious bidding war in the United Kingdom, and while we wait for the band's debut, the English/Icelandic quintet has offered us the seven-song EP 7 From the Village. The band's folksy indie/electronic sound is drawing comparisons to everything from My Bloody Valentine and Radiohead to the Magic Numbers and the Arcade Fire. ~Chris Sahl

Band: http://www.fieldsband.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/fieldsband 

Magnolia Electric Co.

Fading Trails

Secretly Canadian

Wait, wasn't I just writing about how prolific Jason Molina is? Oh yeah, I was. Because just a couple of weeks ago he released a solo album. Now here's more new material from his current full band, Magnolia Electric Co. So expect Molina's sad troubadour tales to be more fleshed-out here. Especially considering who he worked with and where to craft Fading Trails. For starters, how about engineering help from thorny legend Steve Albini? Nice. Second, more assistance from David Lowery of Cracker/Camper van Beethoven fame? Not bad either. Finally, let's really wrap things up with a bang by taking a trip to Sun Studios in Memphis. Damn, these tunes are well-traveled. Better be good. ~John Zeiss

Band: http://www.magnoliaelectricco.com/

Label: http://www.secretlycanadian.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/magnoliaelectricco

"Lonesome Valley" MP3


Blood Mountain


If message boards are any gauge, this is easily the most anticipated metal album of the year. Although only a select few had actually heard Blood Mountain prior to the band allowing fans to stream the album, each forums' members had taken it upon themselves to speculate and conjecture as if they were on CNN during a hostage crisis. Most pronounced this the end of Mastodon's reign following its best-of-list-topping Leviathan, citing the band's decision to sign to a major label. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we can all decide for ourselves. My pronouncement: They still slay. These dudes on the Internet don't know squat. ~Zach Hothorn

Band: http://www.mastodonrocks.com//

Label: http://www.repriserecords.com//

Stream Blood Mountain: http://www.myspace.com/mastodon 

The Mars Volta



The Mars Volta is one of the most divisive acts in contemporary rock, and Amputecture, the band's third studio full-length, will likely divide reviewers into two camps. Some find the band's high-concept albums a welcome throwback to the glory days of prog rock, when songs were less of a statement than a journey. Others see the band as nauseatingly self-indulgent and pretentious, little more than an endurance test using the barriers of a compact disc's length in only a handful of tracks. No one disputes that these boys can play; it's their ability for self-editing that is in question. ~Chris Sahl

Band: http://www.themarsvolta.com/

Label: http://new.umusic.com/flash.aspx

Stream: http://myspace.com/themarsvolta 

No Wait Wait

About You

Chairkickers' Union/Pushpin

First thing you need to know about Chairkickers' Union is that it's Low frontman Alan Sparhawk's label. If there's such a thing as amazing by association, every act on it should be bonkers-level good. The members of No Wait Wait don't exactly mimic the sound of their boss's band. No slow minimalism here. Instead, No Wait Wait's is a sound very much in vogue right now: bass heavy, some twinkling keyboards behind, overall very big and shiny. Kind of like Interpol or Bloc Party. This is the band's second album after a 2004 self-titled affair. No slackers, they've already completed work on yet another record that will see the light of day in early 2007. Lead singer Marc Gartman, originally from New York, now resides in Low's home base of Duluth, Minnesota and has helped Sparhawk and company in the studio and on the road. Thematically, About You treads that old familiar ground of the ups and downs of a relationship. And during those long Minnesota winters, downs can be really down. ~John Zeiss

Band: http://www.pushpinmusic.com/

Label: http://www.chairkickersmusic.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/nowaitwait

"Don't Give Up (On Your Man)" MP3

"All That There Was" MP3  

Nick Oliveri & His Mondo Generator

Dead Planet Sonic Slow Motion Trails

Mother Tongue

Although he'll probably best be remembered as the former bass player from Queens of the Stone Age, I believe Nick Oliveri's real legacy is the fact he was kicked out of the Dwarves for being too much of a fuck-up. Now that's saying something! This album, his third legitimate release with the revolving cast of characters he calls Mondo Generator -- named after the Kyuss song he penned -- is expected to showcase Oliveri's love of catchy riffs, speed-freak tempos and making veins pop out of his neck. Although Oliveri's relationship with Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme has turned into some sort of rock 'n' roll As the World Turns, you can always expect the man to keep things interesting. This is the guy whose entire band quit on him in the middle of a European tour -- fleeing in his van, after all. ~Zach Hothorn

Band: http://www.mondogenerator.com//

Label: http://www.mothertongue.tv//

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/mondogenerator   

Page France

Hello, Dear Wind

Suicide Squeeze

After being churned out on Fall Records less than a year ago, Hello, Dear Wind, Page France's sophomore effort, is being re-released on the better-known Seattle label Suicide Squeeze. (And really, when you're talking press, would you rather be labelmates with a band called the White Foliage or one called Hella?) The fourteen songs here by these Baltimore twee-poppers are sweet yet not sickening, and they're charming whether you're Leon the Lover or Sally the Stoic. Not bad for a band that's only two years old. ~China Bialos

Band: http://www.pagefrance.net/about/

Label: http://www.suicidesqueeze.net/pagefrance.html

"Junkyard" MP3:


And I Feel Fine...The Best of 1982-1987, The I.R.S. Years


Even though I'm a massive fan of early R.E.M., I wanted to strike up a snarky tone about the over-saturation of nostalgia and bands endlessly repackaging and repackaging their old material. Then I took a gander at the track list. Wowsville. This is R.E.M.-fan porn. And there are three different variations you can get your fix in. There's the single CD collection, chock full of gargantuan greats such as "Radio Free Europe," "Pretty Persuasion," "(Don't Go Back To) Rockville," "Driver 8," "Cuyahoga," and "Fall On Me." Or there's the two-CD set, in which the first has the same songs in the same order and the second is made up of rarities, alternate takes, and live performances. Are you can go in for the whole kit and caboodle and get the DVD companion, too. It has all of R.E.M.'s videos from those years, more live footage, and band interviews. Is it too early to ask rich relatives for a Christmas present? ~John Zeiss

Band: http://www.remhq.com/ 

Label: http://www.capitolrecords.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/rem 

Bob Seger

Face the Promise


In the case against artists licensing their songs to corporations for advertising purposes, I'd like present my star witness: Bob Seger, a man whose prolific output has been reduced to one otherwise underwhelming song. "Like a Rock!" Sad as it is to say, the man behind such classics as "Night Moves" and "Against the Wind" has been turned into a faceless pitchman thanks to the auto industry. Mr. Seger is back to reclaim some of his former glory with this curiously titled album. Recorded in Nashville, Face the Promise finds Seger producing and playing every instrument except drums. Let's just hope he doesn't let any of these tunes end up on a Super Bowl commercial. ~Zach Hothorn

Band: http://www.bobseger.com//

Label: http://www.capitolrecords.com//

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/bobseger   

Simon Dawes


Record Collection       

These kids today with their tricky band names. For a long time I thought Rilo Kiley was an actual person. (I thought it was Jenny Lewis. Doesn't she look like a Rilo Kiley?) Same with Simon Dawes. You would think that's the name of the lead singer. But no. That would be Taylor Goldsmith. Fellow band members are guitarist Blake Mills, bassist Wiley Gelber, and drummer Stuart Johnson. No one is actually named Simon Dawes. Errr. The boys (and they really are boys -- they're still very young) hail from Malibu. That's a hip locale, and their bio on their label's site goes into hipster name-dropping overload in an attempt to describe their sound: the Kinks, Black Flag, Big Star, Spoon, Pavement. But counter all of that with the knowledge that they've opened for Maroon 5. And, finally, dig the ram on the cover. Is that the same one that used to talk to Will Ferrell-as-Robert Goulet in those absurd fake infomercials on SNL? Anybody else remember those? ~John Zeiss

Band: http://www.simondawes.com/

Label: http://www.recordcollectionmusic.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/simondawes 

Slumber Party


Kill Rock Stars

As Nikka Costa would say, everybody got their something. That one little thing that should be too unimportant to irk you, but does. A picture hanging on the wall that's just a little bit slanted. Nose hairs that are slightly too long. For me, as a teacher, it's unnecessary misspellings. Come on Krispy Kreme, you're hurting America! And you too, Slumber Party! The young'uns already can't spell with a lick, what with their IM and MySpace style of writing these days. Don't set a bad example. At least Slumber Party make up for the bad spelling with robo-rock female empowerment anthems. The band is still led by Aliccia Berg on their fourth album. It comes via that bastion of grrrl power, Kill Rock Stars. Girls who get down to Bratmobile and Le Tigre will find plenty to like here. ~John Zeiss

Band: http://www.slumberpartydetroit.com/

Label: http://www.killrockstars.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/slumberpartyband

"10-9-8-7-6-5-4" MP3

Justin Timberlake



It's been four long years since JT surprised everyone with the polished set of soulful dance pop, Justified. With his sophomore release, JT and his partner in crime Timbaland are pulling influences from sexed out electro and minimal techno. If the first two singles - the coked out yet blissful "Sexy Back" and the techno flavored "My Love" featuring T.I. - are any indication, this one just might be a monster success. ~Norman Mayers

Artist (streaming audio): http://www.justintimberlake.com/

Label: http://www.zombalabelgroup.com/ 

TV on the Radio

Return to Cookie Mountain


Return to Cookie Mountain is TV on the Radio's third full-length, major-label debut, and first album since the Brooklyn-based band released the unanimously praised Desparate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes in 2004. Offering a sound that fuses, among other things, free jazz, doo-wop, indie rock, hip-hop and electronica, TV on the Radio is almost certain to provide surprises for those listeners in North America who were able to resist importing it when it was released all over the rest of the world in June or downloading a widely leaked unmastered version. "The sampling, multi-tracking and mashing identifies them as the spawn of a techno-industrial society," David Bowie told Rolling Stone. "I love the new record." Hell, if Bowie likes it, it's gotta be good. ~Chris Sahl

Band: http://www.tvontheradio.com/

Label: http://www.interscope.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/tvotr 

Yo La Tengo

I Am Not Afraid of you and I Will Beat Your Ass


First off: hands-down winner for album title of the year -- especially coming from these guys. It's the revenge of nerd rock. Now, on to what it sounds like: Early reports have it as long and droney, no little nuggets of the perfect power pop Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley, and James McNew can crank out when they feel like it. But that's okay -- the trio can do long and droney excellently as well. Remember "Night Falls on Hoboken"? Sublime. Tear-jerking. Gorgeous. And whatever -- the members of Yo La Tengo have earned the right at this point in their long, lovely career to do whatever the hell they want. Like give their albums absurd names. And explore patterns of noise (Kaplan explained that they were "his bag" way back in the liner notes of Painful). And just fucking rule. Every album from them, like a new Scorsese film or Roth novel, is an American treasure. ~John Zeiss

Band: http://www.yolatengo.com/

Label: http://www.matadorrecords.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/yolatengo

Sound off: http://www.iamnotafraidofyouandiwillbeatyourass.com/ 

"Beanbag Chair" MP3

"Pass the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind" MP3

"Tighten Up" video

The Album Leaf: Into the Blue Again (Sub Pop)

Angela Desveaux: Wandering Eyes (Thrill Jockey)

Asia: Definitive Collection (Geffen)

Bettie Serveert: Bare Stripped Naked [CD/DVD] (Minty Fresh)

Bill Frisell/Ron Carter/Paul Motian: Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Motian (Nonesuch)

The Black Keys: Magic Potion (Nonesuch)

Black Label Society: Shot to Hell (Roadrunner)

Blondie: Live in Toronto (Movie Play)

Blood Meridian: Kick Up The Dust (V2)

Blowfly: Blowfly's Punk Rock Party (Alternative Tentacles)

Bobby Hutcherson: Happenings [RVG Edition] (Blue Note)

Branches: Grown in You (Contraphonic)

Branford Marsalis: Braggtown (Marsalis Music)

Brazilian Girls: Talk to La Bomb (Verve Forecast)

Brian McKnight: 20th Century Masters (Universal International)

The Capitol Years: Dance Away the Terror (Park the Van)

Carbon Leaf: Love Loss Hope Repeat (Vanguard)

Cat Power: Greatest [Special] (Matador)

Catfish Haven :Tell Me (Secretly Canadian)

Citizen Cope: Every Waking Moment (Arista)

Coach Fingers: No Flies on Frank (Locust)

Dark Globe: Nostalgia for the Future (Global Underground)

Daz: So So Gangsta (Virgin)

dc Talk: Early Years (Forefront)

Dead Moon: Echoes of the Past (Sub Pop)

Destroy the Runner: Saints (Tooth & Nail)

The Dirty Projectors: New Attitude (Marriage)

The Divinyls: Greatest Hits (EMI)

Donald Byrd: Off to the Races [RVG Edition] (Blue Note)

Dr. Dog: Takers and Leavers [EP] (Park the Van)

Dr. John: Definitive Pop (Rhino)

The Draft: In a Million Pieces (Epitaph / Ada)

The Duhks: Migrations (Sugar Hill)

Electric Six: Switzerland (Metropolis)

Envy: Insomniac Doze (Temporary Residence)

Eric Matthews: Foundation Sounds (Empyrean)

Ethan Rose: Ceiling Songs (Locust)

Everclear: Welcome to the Drama Club (Eleven Seven Music)

The Everly Brothers: Definitive Pop (Rhino)

Favourite Sons: Down Beside Your Beauty (Vice)

Fields: 7 from The Village (Vice)

Get Lit Crew: Ignite (Raptivism)

Governor: Son of Pain (Atlantic / Wea)

Great Lakes: Diamond Times (Empyrean Records)

Heavens: Patent Pending (Epitaph / Ada)

Hella: Acoustics [EP] (5 Rue Christine)

Ike Turner: Risin' with the Blues (Zoho Music)

Ima Robot: Monument to the Masses (Virgin)

Indian Jewelry: Invasive Exotics (Monitor)

The Isles: Perfumed Lands (Melodic UK)

James Brown: Soul Legends (Universal International)

James Kochalka Superstar: Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly (Rykodisc)

Jihad Jerry & the Evildoers: Mine Is Not a Holy War (Cordless Recordings)

John Mayer: Continuum  (Sony)

Junior Boys: So This Is Goodbye (Domino)

Justin Timberlake: FutureSex/LoveSounds (Jive)

KMFDM: Don't Blow Your Top (Metropolis)

KMFDM: UAIOE (Metropolis)

KMFDM: What Do You Know Deutschland? (Metropolis)

Koenjihyakkei: Viva Koenji (Skin Graft)

Kooks: Inside In/Inside Out (Toshiba EMI)

Kottak: Therupy (New Media Studio)

Kudu: Death of the Party          

Kunek: Flying of the Flynns (Playtyme)

L.A. Guns: Loud & Dangerous (Shrapnel)

Laurent Garnier: Retrospective 1994-2006 (Mute U.S.)

Lionel Richie & the Commodores: Soul Legends (Universal International)

Lionel Richie: Coming Home (Island)

Lou Rawls: Merry Christmas, Baby (Capitol)

Lou Rawls: Lou Rawls Christmas (Time Life)

The Low Lows: Fire on the Bright Sky (Warm)

Madeleine Peyroux: Half the Perfect World (Rounder / Umgd)

Magnolia Electric Co: Fading Trails (Secretly Canadian)

The Mars Volta: Amputechture (Umvd Labels)

Marvin Gaye: Soul Legends (Universal International)

Mastodon: Blood Mountain (Reprise / Wea)

The Matches: Decomposer (Epitaph / Ada)

Miles Davis: Workin' (Prestige)

Miss Violetta Beauregarde: Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo (Temporary Residence)

Mitchy Slick: Urban Survival Syndrome (Angeles)

Mojoe: Classic. Ghetto. Soul     

Mono/World's End Girlfriend: Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain (Temporary Residence)

Mouse on Mars: Varcharz (Ipecac)

N.O.R.E.: N.O.R.E. y La Familia...Ya Tu Sabe (Roc-A-Fella)

Nicolay: Here (BBE)

Norm MacDonald: Ridiculous (Comedy Central Rec.)

Norma Jean: Redeemer (Tooth & Nail)

No Wait Wait: About You (Chairkickers Music)

Now It's Overhead: Dark Light Daybreak (Saddle Creek)

OOIOO: Taiga (Thrill Jockey)

Original Soundtrack: Science of Sleep (Astralwerks)

Original Soundtrack: Wassup Rockers (Record Collection)

Original Television Soundtrack: Grey's Anatomy, Vol. 2 (Hollywood)

Outerspace: Blood Brothers (Babygrande)

Page France: Hello, Dear Wind (Suicide Squeeze)

Papa Roach: Paramour Sessions (Geffen)

Peter Frampton: Fingerprints (New Door)

Pigeon John: Pigeon John...And the Summertime Pool Party (Quannum Projects)

Plain White T's: Every Second Counts (Hollywood)

The Poems: Young America (Minty Fresh)

The Purrs: Purrs (Sarathan)

The Rapture: Pieces of the People We Love (Umvd Labels)

R.E.M.: And I Feel Fine: Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 (Capitol)

Radio Citizen: Berlin Serengeti            (Ubiquity)

Richard Buckner: Meadow (Merge)

Roger Joseph Manning Jr.: Land of Pure Imagination (Cordless Recordings)

Sandstone: Looking for Myself (Progrock)

Scott Walker: In Five Easy Pieces (Universal International)

Shape: UK: Sound Advise (Ultra)

Shawn Colvin: These Four Walls (Nonesuch)

Simon Dawes: Carnivore (Record Collection)

Skullflower: Tribulation (Crucial Blast)

Slumber Party: Musik (Kill Rock Stars)

Soulwax: Nite Versions (Modular / Interscope)

Starflyer 59: My Island (Tooth & Nail)

Subhumans: New Dark Age Parade (Alternative Tentacles)

Sugarcult: Lights Out (V2)

Swollen Members: Black Magic (Battle Axe)

Tall Firs: Tall Firs (Ecstatic Peace)

Tara Jane O'Neil: In Circles (Quarterstick)

TV on the Radio: Return to Cookie Mountain [Bonus Tracks] (Interscope)

Two Ton Boa: Parasiticide (Kill Rock Stars)

UNKLE: Self Defence (Global Underground)

Various Artists: Science Faction: Bmore Gutter Music (Breakbeat Science)

Various Artists: Science Faction: Dubstep (Breakbeat Science)

Various Artists: GU, Vol. 10 (Global Underground)

Veruca Salt: IV (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

Viva Voce: Get Yr Blood Sucked Out (Barsuk)

The Warlocks: Destroy and Rebuild (Bomp)

Warmer Milks: Radish on Light (Troubleman Unlimited)

Wax on Radio: Exposition (Downtown)

Xiu Xiu: Air Force (5 Rue Christine)

Yo La Tengo: I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (Matador)

Young Widows: Settle Down City (Jade Tree) 

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