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[November 13, 2007] Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Each week, we preview a handful of notable albums scheduled to hit the shelves, plus offer a full list of the current new releases.



Keb Darge

Digs for P&P Records


Following close on the heels of Kenny Dope, deep-funk impresario Keb Darge takes a stab at exhuming gems from the archives of famed New York minor disco label P&P. Although Dope's two-CD Kenny Dope vs. P&P Records effectively collected the cream of the label's output, Darge promises to dig a shade further for unreleased gems, like Henry Brooks's sweaty workout "Mini-Skirt." In keeping with his reputation, Darge promises another collection of the cream of the undiscovered. ~Dan Nishimoto



Artist: http://www.myspace.com/kebdarge

Label: http://www.sussd.com 

Robyn Hitchcock

I Wanna Go Backwards [Boxed Set]

Yep Rock

For some years now, Yep Roc Records has been the outlet for new music from the ever-prolific Robyn Hitchcock. Now, the label has collected Hitchcock's early solo work after he dissolved the pioneering Soft Boys. Debut Black Snake Diamond Role (1981) found Hitchcock still rocking out. Then I Often Dream of Trains (1984), the album many consider Hitchcock's finest, found him turning into quieter, more introspective territory, a direction he continued on with Eye (1990). For this box, those three original albums are complemented by a two-CD set of bonus tracks entitled While Thatcher Mauled Britain. Also included are extra-musical tidbits from Hitchcock, including poetry, prose, photos, and cartoons. Not enough for you? Then take heart in the fact that this is just the first of two planned archival Hitchcock compilations. ~John Zeiss



Artist: http://www.robynhitchcock.com/

Label: http://www.yeproc.com/

Album stream: http://store.yeproc.com/album.php?id=12810 

The Hives

The Black and White Album


It's been three years since we last got an album from the Hives, a space of time that's an eternity in modern music, especially when you consider that the garage-revival sound the band helped pioneer alongside the White Stripes and the Strokes isn't so en vogue anymore. So The Black and White Album finds the band bringing in a bevy of big-name producers to augment the Hives's sound. Howlin' Pelle Almqvist and the rest of his sonic Swedes crafted the album around the world, working in Miami with Pharrell, London with Jacknife Lee, and Oxford, Mississippi, with Dennis Herring (who's done production work for Modest Mouse and Elvis Costello). These disparate sessions reportedly produced plenty of new tunes; one reason the album has taken a while to come to fruition is that the band had to work hard to pare it down to just fourteen songs. ~John Zeiss



Band: http://www.thehivesbroadcastingservice.com/ 

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/thehives  




Just in time for an apparent My Bloody Valentine comeback comes this tribute to that band's landmark 1991 shoegaze epic, Loveless. Japancakes, which has always been an instrumental act, continues to forego vocals here, substituting Loveless's vocal lines with Japancakes' signature cello and pedal steel. No word on what Kevin Shields thinks of the project, but early critical buzz has Japancakes' Loveless being a worthy, artistic tribute to its original. ~John Zeiss



Band: http://www.myspace.com/japancakesmusic

Label: http://www.darla.com/

Alicia Keys

As I Am


Part of me won't let Alicia Keys live down the "Biggie-meets-Beethoven" tag she came wrapped in with her pert The Diary of Alicia Keys debut. However, a mere three albums in and she is actually poised to take on the mantle of maturity. The Machine is touting As I Am as a hard-fought follow-up to caring for her ailing grandmother over the last year and a subsequent stretch from her normal R&B flavor by adding John Mayer and Linda Perry to the mix. However, Keys returns most notably with a strangely ragged voice and an apparent willingness to show it off on her lead single, "No One." Much respect in the Pro Tools nip/tuck age -- let's see if this will blow up, as well. ~Dan Nishimoto



Artist: http://www.aliciakeys.com/

Label: http://www.jrecords.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/aliciakeys 

The Killers



Brandon Flowers and his Killers just keep pressing on, no matter what the snooty haters who think the band is too arena rock might say. Sawdust is an odds-and-ends collection with some interesting tidbits. Rock legend Lou Reed joins the band on the song "Tranquilize," and the band covers Joy Division's "Shadowplay" and Mel Tillis's "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town." Other tracks come from singles, B-sides, and recent soundtrack contributions. ~John Zeiss



Band: http://www.thekillersmusic.com/

Label: http://www6.islandrecords.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/thekillers

Led Zeppelin



If you build it for the kids, the parents will follow. And, better still, those Johnny/Jane-come-latelys bring their Diner's Clubs. Such a ripple effect may explain why Led Zeppelin's remaining members have clung so tightly to their likeness for so long: The group members have "always set very high standards" for themselves and were simply waiting for the right moment. So, this fall we see not just the long-awaited digitization of the band's catalog (the entire band's catalog is available on iTunes as of today), the availability of said songs as ringtones, but a massive reissue campaign, including the career retrospective Mothership. Plant, Page, and Jones selected tracks from the bands eight studio albums for this two-disc set (also available as a deluxe and collector's editions with a live DVD, as well as a four-LP vinyl record set). Whole lotta money makin' goin' on, indeed. ~Dan Nishimoto



Artist: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/

Label: http://www.atlanticrecords.com/

Michael Showalter

Sandwiches and Cats


"I saw the poster for The Baxter. So, I'm not interested in anymore of your stuff." ~David Cross(http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1748819)


"We had to give you something." ~David Wain(http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1765228)


"You're picking your nose." ~Michael Ian Black(http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1744730)


"Piece of shit." ~Andy Samburg(http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1769625)


Finally, an album of Showalter's broad mish-mash of stand-up, sketches, and music on one little plastic disc (or .zip folder). And another chance to think, "Go fuck your showalter, Showalter."(http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1750993) ~Dan Nishimoto



Artist: http://www.michaelshowalter.net/

Label: http://www.jdubrecords.org/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/michaelshowalter

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