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[May 9, 2006] Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Our writers highlight a handful of notable records scheduled to
hit the shelves this Tuesday. Plus, check the full list of this
week's releases:



The Black Heart Procession

The Spell

Touch & Go

Finally following up 2002's Amore del Tropico, San Diego's dark-as-hell Black Heart Procession returns with The Spell,
the band's fifth release. Having spawned out of the essential Three
Mile Pilot (members Tobias Nathaniel and Pall Jenkins) and Modest Mouse (Joe Plummer), and now with two members of the Album Leaf, The Spell
promises to continue with vocalist's Jenkins's cinematic concoctions
and delve further into the band's distinct ethereal doom. ~Kevin Dolak

Black Heart Procession Web site

Touch & Go Records Web site

E-card (including MP3s) 

Final Fantasy

He Poos Clouds

Blocks Recording Club

Sometime Arcade Fire
string arranger and full-time violin wunderkind Owen Pallett delivers
another album of classical fused pop with his sophomore release, He Poos Clouds.
No, really. We're not making this up. That's really the album's title.
We think it's kind of silly too. Wanna hear the best part? Supposedly
each track on the album is based on one of the eight schools of magic
in Dungeons & Dragons. Why do we know there are eight schools of
magic in Dungeons & Dragons? Shut up. ~Justin Sheppard

Final Fantasy Web site

Blocks Recording Club Web site 

Gnarls Barkley

St. Elsewhere


Details of this wet-dream collabo between leftfield producer Danger Mouse and soul revivalist Cee-Lo Green have been a little suspect -- the ridiculous band name; the hideous album cover for the St. Elsewhere debut (it looks a lot like Prodigy's Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned);
the creepy press shots that manage to make both men look much uglier
than they really are. The redeeming factor in all of this has been "Crazy,"
a brilliant and unclassifiable helping of pop, hip-hop and psychedelic
gospel that may be one of the best singles of the millennium. Expect
more of the same line-blurring unpredictability on St. Elsewhere. It includes a cover of Violent Femmes' "Gone Daddy Gone." I'll leave it at that. ~Michael Pollock

St. Elsewhere stream

Gnarls Barkley Web site

Downtown Records Web site

Atlantic Records Web site

Streaming audio 


Just Like the Fambly Cat


After Grandaddy's final release, Just Like the Fambly Cat,
hits stores, rest assured that tears will be shed, analog synthesizers
will be laid to rest, and the hipster messenger bag will have one less
button to brag about. If Excerpts From the Diary Todd Zilla
is any indication of how this album will turn out, it's probably in
the group's best interest to throw in the towel. But if "Geez Louise"
is a prelude, then Grandaddy is staying true to form. We're hoping we
can hold out for one last gem of grandiose pop from Jason Lytle. ~John Bohannon

Grandaddy Web site

"Geez Louise" MP3

Streaming audio 

Zach Hill and Mick Barr

Shred Earthship


maniacal drummer (Zach Hill) and Orthrelm's maniacal guitarist (Mick
Barr) got together in Sacramento and created this record of hyper-fast
free-jazz punk. Then they were both hospitalized for repetitive-stress
arm injuries. Or at least they should have been. Dudes, slow down once
in a while. You're over-exerting yourselves. And lest anyone think of
Shred Earthship as an obscure curio: The album got a write-up in the New York Times,
which called it "nasty, heavy-gauge noise rock." That's the Paper
of Record talking. Prefix is just a Web site of records. ~Ben Hill

Zach Hill and Mick Barr on Kill Rock Stars Records' Web site

"Note Swarm Hive Builders" MP3 (Right Click Save As)

Kill Rock Stars Web site 

I See Hawks in L.A.

California Country

Western Seeds

lived in L.A. for almost two years and have yet to see a hawk, so I'm
guessing that this band's name is less of an avian reference than it
is a nod to the Band, which was, of course, first known as the Hawks
when it backed Ronnie Hawkins. I See Hawks in L.A. plays good-ole-boy,
beer-swiggin' country rock. If Kinky Friedman fails in his attempt to
become the next governor of Texas, maybe he can come out here to Cali,
hook up with these guys, and try to oust the Governator. Because I See
Hawks in L.A. employs similar lyrical jokiness. 'Midnight in
Orlando' rags on the Magic Kingdom, finding Disneyco more of an Evil
Empire (but gets its geography wrong -- Disney World is in Orlando, not
Disneyland). The title track is Joan Didion with slide guitar, decrying
a landscape in which "the shopping malls ate up the trees." Other
songs tell tales of everyone from Slash to crazy old Senator Robert
Byrd. Who said country songs were only about dead dogs and lost lovers?
~John Zeiss

I See Hawks in L.A. Web site

Streaming audio 

Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge


brothers Brian and Brandon Casey took the helm for the production of
Jagged Edge's fifth studio album. The fifteen-track, self-titled
album features fellow hip-hop crooner John Legend and guest spots by
fellow ATLiens Boyz N Da Hood. The album is aimed to have more of
a party feel, reminiscent of songs such as "Where Da Party
At?" Jermaine Dupri makes his usual Jagged Edge album appearance
as well. He's behind the boards on many songs, including the first
single, "So Amazing." ~Seth Berkman

Jagged Edge Web site (audio/video) 


The Dividing Island


2004 debut from the mysterious Lansing-Dreiden collective slammed like
it had come straight out of '78, but the follow-up is mellower.
Comparisons seem pointless, though, for a band that continues to defy
convention. Suffice it to say that despite Landsing-Dreiden's obvious
influences, the music is completely modern. And so is the band -- or at
least the live version of it. It's been updated from L-D Section I, a
nine-piece, to L-D Section II, a five-piece. The recorded version is
apparently the same as last time around, although who can really say?
The band members certainly won't. ~Jeralyn Mason

Lansing-Dreiden Web site

Gold Standard Laboratories Web site

Streaming audio 

Teena Marie


Cash Money Classics

alert! Admittedly, the alarm is both a cry of joy and a sound of
caution. Any release by the inimitable Ms. Teena Marie should halt the
presses (at least in a just world), but fans of Rick James's hottest
discovery should remember that she is no longer just a funk co-pilot.
Her previous album (and first for Cash Money -- yes, that Cash Money), La Dona
(2004), found her exploring both granola Jill Scott bump and contempo
Carey grind. Of course, the press release for its follow-up (and her
fifteenth overall), Sapphire, says
nothing substantive about the album's tone. However, the guests promise
something grown (Gerald Albright and two (!) joints with Smokey
Robinson) and, well, something new for Ms. Marie (two (?) joints with
Kurupt). ~ Dan Nishimoto

Cash Money Records Web site (stream her new single, "Ooh Wee") 


The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast


instruments are so the last thousands of years of human evolution. San
Francisco's uber-experimental duo Matmos says you can keep your
guitar, bass and drum kit. The members use the oddest snippets of
musique concrete they can find and stitch them together into songs. On
opener "Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein," Matmos employs
samples of the sounds of cow manure being shoveled, wisdom teeth being
clacked together, and roses swaying in the air. (And Bach gets called a
genius for plinking some piano keys!) Other odd sounds get used in
tracks that name check would-be Warhol assassin Valerie Solanas, author
Patricia Highsmith, Germs frontman Darby Crash, and even William S.
Burroughs and King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Not enough moniker dropping
for ya? How about this: Antony and Bjork also add their voices to the project. ~John Zeiss

Matmos Web site

Matador Records Web site

"Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein" MP3

New York Dolls

From Here to Eternity: The Live Bootleg Box Set


With the imminent release of One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This,
the New York Dolls' first new album in more than twenty years, the time
draws nigh to reflect on the legacy of one of New York's smartest
stoopid bands. Surviving members David Johansen and Syl Sylvain once
strut their puss 'n� boots in the esteemed company of the late Arthur
Kane, Jerry Nolan and, of course, Johnny Thunders, but only made L-U-V
(luv, baby) to listeners twice on wax. Thus, fans have spent the last
two decades scouring for and passing around studio demos and live
recordings. Finally, the esteemed Castle Music (Sanctuary Records) has
collected many of these rarities into a three-disc set, including
material from concerts in Paris and Detroit (1973); a radio broadcast
in Long Island (1974); shows in Vancouver and Dallas (1974); the
seminal Red Patent Leather performance in New York (1975); and a
mid-'80s gig in Sweden. Curious? Best believe it. ~Dan Nishimoto

Sanctuary Records Web site

From Here to Eternity Web site 

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Stadium Arcadium

Warner Bros.

would think the Peppers had said all they possibly had to say about
their home state of California and the effects of its rampant
fornication, but you would be wrong. Not only do the band members have
more to say, they have enough to fill up a triple album (although they
decided to pare down to two discs, "Jupiter" and "Mars"). The
first single, "Dani California" (natch), takes off from very
familiar territory. Rick Rubin returns as producer, and the frequently
nude Peppers recorded Stadium in the same house in Hollywood where BloodSugarSexMagic was
born. Am I the only one who's ever thought Flea and John Frusciante
are too talented to stay in a band with the
never-can-figure-out-if-he-wants-to-rap-or-sing Anthony Kiedis? Maybe
that's why Flea seems always more than happy to sit in on bass with
other acts and Frusciante rivals Ryan Adams for highest solo-album
frequency. As for drummer Chad Smith, my theory is that's he's
secretly Will Ferrell. Check a picture. Fucking doppelgangers. ~John Zeiss

Red Hot Chili Peppers Web site

Warner Bros. Records Web site 

Paul Simon


Warner Bros.

of these recent producer/artist pair-ups must be auditions for new
reality shows. First came the shocker that Rick Rubin was working with
the Dixie Chicks. Now its Paul Simon, the very embodiment of
easy-listening folksiness, teaming up with glambient chameleon Brian Eno.
Sounds odd, right? The music actually doesn't, surprisingly. The
sound isn't that far from what Gibbard and Tamborello produced with
the Postal Service.
Herbie Hancock and Bill Frisell also contribute the album, and the
whole package was wrapped up by engineer Tchad Blake, who's also
worked with Low and Pearl Jam. Looks like someone's discovered hipness again. ~John Zeiss

Paul Simon Web site (streaming audio)

Warner Bros. Records Web site 

Various Artists

Re-Bop: Savoy Jazz Remixed

Savoy Jazz

Savoy Jazz offers a fresh take on a number of classics with Re-Bop: Savoy Jazz Remixed. The label's legends of bop yesteryear get a re-working on Re-Bop, with the help of guests Jazzy Jeff, Tribe's Ali Shaheed Muhammad and DJ Spooky, among others. Brit electronic popsters Saint Etienne
fittingly crib a Yardbirds song title for their "Over, Under,
Sideways, Down" version of Herbie Mann's "Yardbird Suite," and
several Dizzy Gillespie numbers are revisited too. Though the
occasional purist would rather drink polyurethane than hear someone
tangle with a Charlie Parker record, the versatile roster here might
turn some heads. ~Dominic Umile

Savoy Jazz Web site

Duke Jordan, "Night in Tunisia" Remix by Jazzy Jeff

Dizzy Gillespie, "Caravan" Smashish Remix by DJ Smash 

Scott Walker

The Drift


Scott Walker, who will presumably make his way into young hearts via the inclusion of "30 Century Man" on The Life Aquatic
soundtrack, is set to release his third album in twenty-five years this
week. Since he left the Walker Brothers in the late 60s to embark on
his notable solo career, his music only seems to get darker and more
introverted. Fans of reticent male singers with deep baritones (i.e. Nick Cave and company) would be well advised to take a look at the man who all but invented the genre. ~Jeralyn Mason

The Drift Web site (streaming audio/video)

Scott Walker Web site (unofficial)

4AD Records Web site

The Stills
Without Feathers
Montreal's contribution to the great '80s
guitar-revival boom of the past few years is back with a new
full-length. Not only do the members give us the shimmering guitars and
sparkling melodies that made their debut, 2003's Logic Will Break Your Heart,
shine, but they've also fleshed out their sound with piano and
Hammond organ lines from their now permanent new addition, keyboardist
Liam O'Neil. ~Lee Fullington
The Stills Web site
Vice Recordings Web site
"In the Beginning" MP3

Wooden Wand  (Reissue)

Harem of the Sundrum and the Witness Figg


Jeez, it's only been nine weeks since the last Wooden Wand release. I think the band's voice is vanishing because it never stops putting out records. Harem of the Sundrum and the Witness Figg
is apparently more structured than the Wand's usual stoned free-folk
clattering, acting as a showcase for the acoustic compositions of
bandleader Master Toth. If that doesn't suit your fancy, just wait a
few weeks until the Wand's next emission. ~Ben Hill

Wooden Wand Web site

5 Rue Christine Web site

"Eagle Claw" MP3 (Right Click Save As) 

Neil Young

Living With War


Just as Neil Young appears ready to settle into senior songwriter retirement with last year's crowd-pleasing Prairie Wind album and the reflective Heart of Gold documentary he bangs out Living With War,
a blunt and rough summary of "liberal bias." With a power trio, a choir
and the truth, Young bashes away at headlines and forgotten reports
from the past five years. Although the mind-numbingly literal "Let's
Impeach the President" is sure to catch the artist his share of
headlines (remember, this is the same guy who submitted "Let's Roll"
after 9-11), the raw and hewn character of the record (it was written
and recorded in less than a month) should excite longtime fans. ~Dan Nishimoto

Neil Young's Living With War blog (stream album)

Stream Living With War

10lec6: Join Us (Troubleman Unlimited)

Against All Authority: Restoration of Chaos & Order (Hopeless)

Aggrolites: Aggrolites (Hellcat)

Akiakane: Kasumisou (Asian Man)

Allen Ginsberg: Kaddish (Water)

Ane Brun: A Temporary Dive (V2 Ada)

Art Brut: Bang Bang Rock & Roll [Bonus Tracks] (Domino)

Beirut:  Gulag Orkestar (Ba Da Bing!)

Benny Goodman/Roy Eldridge/Zoot Sims: Swiss Radio Days, Vol. 14 (TCB)

Billie Holiday: High Priestess of Jazz (American Legends)

The Black Heart Procession: Spell (Touch & Go)

The Broughtons: Parlez-Vous English? (Eclectic Discs)

Camera Obscura: Lloyd I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken (Merge)

Caribou: Start Breaking My Heart [Bonus CD] (Domino)

Caribou: Up in Flames [Bonus CD] (Domino)

Chris Isaak: Best Of Chris Isaak (Reprise / Wea)

Chris Standring: Soul Express (V2)

Christopher Penrose: American Jingo (Illegal Art)

The Church: Uninvited, Like the Clouds (True North)

Clear Static: Clear Static [Bonus Track] (Maverick)

The Comsat Angels: Fiction [Renascent Expanded] (Renascent)

The Comsat Angels: Sleep No More [Renascent Expanded] (Renascent)

The Comsat Angels: Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones (Renascent)

The Comsat Angels: Waiting for a Miracle [Renascent Expanded] (Renascent)

Country Teasers: Empire Strikes Back (In The Red)

Daedelus: Daedelus Denies the Day's Demise (Mush)

Daft Punk: Human After All (Toshiba EMI)

Danielson: Ships (Secretly Canadian)

Eighteenth Day of May: Eighteenth Day of May (Hannibal)

The Electric Soft Parade: Human Body [EP] (Better Looking)

Eugene Mirman: En Garde, Society! [CD/DVD] (Sub Pop)

Everyothers: Pink Sticky Lies (Kill Rock Stars)

Field Music: Write Your Own History (Memphis Industries)

Forgive Durden: Wonderland (Fueled by Ramen)

The Futureheads: Area [EP] (679)

Gnarls Barkley: St. Elsewhere (Downtown)

Grandaddy: Just Like the Fambly Cat (V2 Ada)

Home: Sexteen (Jagjaguwar)

I See Hawks in L.A.: California Country (Western Seeds Record)

The Isley Brothers: Baby Makin' Music (Def Soul Classics)

Jagged Edge: Jagged Edge (Sony)

James Blunt: Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions (WEA International)

Jane Birkin: Fictions (EMI)

John Cale: New York in the 1960's (Table of the Elements)

Jolie Holland: Springtime Can Kill You (Anti)

Joshua White: Delicate Balance (Silverwolf)

Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez: Choice: The Collection of Classics (Azuli)

Kimya Dawson: Remember That I Love You (K.)

KMFDM: Ruck Zuck [EP] (Metropolis)

Korn: Live and Rare (Sony)

Lansing-Dreiden: Dividing Island (Kemado)

Leadbelly: Borrow Love and Go (Masked Weasel)

Lee "Scratch" Perry: African Roots from the Black Ark (Trojan Us)

Like Young: Last Secrets  (Polyvinyl)

Lil' Flip: Lil Flip vs TJ Music (BCD Music Group)

The Like Young: Last Secrets (Polyvinyl)

Matmos: Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast (Matador)

Mercy Fall: For the Taken (Atlantic / Wea)

Merle Haggard/Merle Haggard & the Strangers: Tribute to the Best Damn Fiddle Player (Beat Goes On)

Minmae: Grand Essor de La Maison du Monstre (Greyday Productions)

Model/Actress: Model/Actress (Thick)

Mystery Jets: Flotsam and Jetsam (679)

Neil Young: Living with War (Reprise / Wea)

New Mexican Disaster Squad: Don't Believe (Jade Tree)

New York Dolls: From Here to Eternity: The Live Box Set (Castle Us)

Nick Lachey: What's Left of Me (Jive)

NOMO: New Tones (Ubiquity)

Old Haunts: Fuel on Fire (Kill Rock Stars)

Original Soundtrack: Da Vinci Code (Decca)

Original Soundtrack: Mission Impossible 3 (Varese)

Original Television Soundtrack: Charmed: The Final Chapter (Adrenaline)

Pat Metheny: Quartet (Nonesuch)

Pat Metheny: We Live Here (Nonesuch)

Paul Simon: Surprise (Warner Bros.)

Pete Philly: Mindstate (Anti)

Plain White T's: Hey There Delilah (Fearless)

Pony Up!: Make Love to the Judges with Your Eyes (Dim Mak)

Praxis: Metatron (Subharmonic)

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium (Warner Bros.)

Roy Nathanson: Sotto Voce (Aum Fidelity)

Shearwater: Palo Santo (Misra)

Shipwreck: Shipwreck (Rumble)

Snog: Vs. The Faecal Juggernaut of Mass Culture (Metropolis)

Snow Patrol: Eyes Open (A&M)

The Stills: Without Feathers (Vice)

Teena Marie: Sapphire (Cash Money)

Trivium: Ascendancy [CD/DVD] (Roadrunner)

Various Artists: Great Labels of Doo Wop: Atlas (Collectables)

Various Artists: The Songs of Bob Dylan            (Doghouse)

Various Artists: Sound the Hare Heard (Kill Rock Stars)

Various Artists: D.R.I. Tribute (Malt Soda)

Warrant: Born Again (MTM Music & Publish)

Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice: Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg (5 Rue Christine)

Zach Hill: Shred Earthship (5 Rue Christine)

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