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[May 30, 2006] Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Our writers highlight a handful of notable records scheduled to hit the shelves this Tuesday. Plus, check the full list of this week's releases:



Asobi Seksu


Friendly Fire Recordings

You may have thought Asobi Seksu (which means "play sex") seemed gimmicky, given Japanese-American keyboardist/singer Yuki Chikudate sultry and romantic coos in both English and Japanese and her penchant for short skirts. But you were wrong. The band's strong, shoegazey debut gets a polished follow-up with Citrus, boasting denser production from Chris Zane (Calla, Les Savy Fav, Cloud Room). ~Kevin Dolak

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With Voices

Ninja Tune

The production minds behind L.A.-based Ammoncontact, high school buddies Carlos Nino and Fabian Ammon, take sprawling, bass-line-guided electro-soul -- beat-hungry compositions that sometimes echo Prefuse 73 and Daedelus -- into some ethereal places perfect for rainy days and long commutes. With Voices attempts a broader song structure and runs a pretty experimental gamut. Featuring appearances by jazz guys Yusef Lateef, Kamau Daaood and Dwight Trible as well as rappers Brother J, Prince Po, Sach, Lil Sci and Abstract Rude, With Voices marks Ammoncontact's first record to include vocals on every track. If that's not enough, Cut Chemist, Mia Doi Todd and the aforementioned Daedelus also make contributions. ~Michael Pollock

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Ammoncontact on Ninja Tune�s Web site

Ninja Tune Web site 


Amplified: A Decade of Reinventing the Cello

Universal International

Anyone who�s seen director Neil Labute�s incendiary film Your Friends and Neighbors has heard the music of Apocalyptica. The auteur used music that seems like an odd choice on paper -- three guys with cellos covering well-known heavy-metal songs -- but that becomes the perfect counterpoint to the emotional and relational savagery the film portrays. The three members hail from Finland and share a demonic fascination akin to those fellow Finns who just won the Eurovision song contest. As jokey as the premise may seem, it actually works. The infamous opening notes of Metallica�s �Enter Sandman� (used to great effect in the movie and a part of this new career retrospective) become even spookier when bitingly chopped across cello strings. Other bands given orchestral reinvention here include Faith No More and Slayer. And some tracks feature guest vocalists, including Max Cavalera of Soulfly/Sepultura fame. ~John Zeiss

Apocalyptica Web site

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Faith No More

Live at the Brixton Academy, London You Fat Bastards/Who Cares A Lot? DVD


This DVD combines two video releases that were previously only available on VHS: a rousing live set from Faith No More�s 1990 U.K. tour (1991�s Live at the Brixton Academy, London You Fat Bastards) and a comprehensive video anthology (1999�s Who Cares A Lot?), thus serving as the perfect introduction to the band�s diverse and fascinating output. Dutifully represented here is the band�s evolution from the punter funk of Mike Patton�s debut with the band (1989�s The Real Thing) to Faith No More�s more ambitious and idiosyncratic releases (1995�s King for a Day ... Fool for a Lifetime). Although there is no material from Chuck Mosely�s short but prodigious tenure on vocals, this serves as a perfect primer for the uninitiated. The video for their cover of the Commodore�s �Easy,� featuring a cavalcade of transvestites, is worth purchase price alone. ~Zach Hothorn

Faith No More Web site

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May 30, 2006

Matthew Herbert rounded up at least 723 objects for Scale, including the stringing together of a bunch of voicemails for the base of one track. This type of dicking around really shouldn�t surprise anyone who�s at all familiar with Herbert�s leaps and bounds; his previous record, Plat du Jour, centered on food, and made great use of it. For Scale, the prestigious British electronic musician has again invited Dani Siciliano to lend her beautiful vocals, and she did so alongside a chamber orchestra and some brass players. Though Herbert contends that he can�t make an �upbeat� record under the reign of Vice President Darth Cheney, his attempt might just jostle the pending completion of the Death Star. ~Dominic Umile

Matthew Herbert Web site

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Kris Kristofferson

Live from Austin, Texas

New West

As someone who has actually witnessed Kris Kristofferson play Austin, Texas (at this year�s South by Southwest), I can say with certainty that he is a sight and sound to behold. Although I was born three years too late to witness this Austin City Limits performance from 1981, I can now enjoy classics such as �Me and Bobby McGee� and �Sunday Mornin� Comin� Down� as if they were performed yesterday. Although Kristofferson�s gravely delivery won�t win him a Grammy for vocal performance any time soon, his bare-bones elocution serves to only further accentuate his picturesque storytelling. Just don�t expect Kristofferson to cut his set short -- even if it is 1:30 in the morning and Drive-By Truckers was supposed to go on half an hour ago. I�m just saying ... ~Zach Hothorn

Kris Kristofferson fan Web site

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Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom

Ipecac Recordings

Marriages, mortgages and PhDs take six years to run their course -- not albums. But then again, the famously prolific and infamously wacky Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk, Fant�mas) is not cut from the same ol� cloth, and neither, certainly, is his self-titled debut under the name Peeping Tom -- a record that took more than six years to make. In part, we can blame Patton�s marathon list of collaborators for all the holdups. Everyone from Massive Attack and Kid Koala to Norah Jones and Kool Keith make an appearance, and you can bet Patton had his wanton, sordid way with each one of them. ~John MacDonald

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Peeping Tom on Ipecac Records� Web site 

Ted Nugent

Double Live Gonzo! [Remastered]

Rock Candy

Say what you will about the Motor City Madman�s uber-conservative leanings and his paradoxical morals (Guns? Good. Beer? Bad.) but Ted�s stage prowess is undeniable. If you can suspend reality for a moment and forget that the Nuge is now buddies with G.W., this double album, originally released in 1978, will restore your faith in the almighty guitar solo. Featuring the highly underrated vocal stylings of Derek St. Holmes, this album is essential for anyone who has ever considered owning a Camaro or growing a handlebar mustache. All the classics are here -- �Cat Scratch Fever,� �Stranglehold,� and �Just What the Doctor Ordered� --- as well as revved up version of Nugent�s early work with the Amboy Dukes (�Baby, Please Don�t Go�). I know you�ve probably already got this on vinyl and eight-track, but c�mon ... this album is like a flaming arrow into the heart of civility. When was the last time someone spoke of �Wang Dang Sweet Pootang�? Ah, simpler times. ~Zach Hothorn

Web site (not liberal safe)

Streaming audio

Ammoncontact: With Voices (Ninja Tune)

Asobi Seksu: Citrus (Friendly Fire)

Boards of Canada: Trans Canada Highway (Warp)

Bob Marley: 400 Years (DBK Works)

Bob Marley: No Sympathy (DBK Works)

Bobby Bare: 10 Bare Essentials (Music Mill)

Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers: Motown Anthology (Universal International)

Cataract: Kingdom (Metal Blade)

Charalambides: Vintage Burden (Kranky)

Charles Mingus: Take the `A' Train (Back Up)

Costello: Scatterbrain (Dischord)

Da Vinci: Da Vinci (MTM Music & Publish)

Dave Alvin: West of the West (Yep Roc)

Deep Purple: Highway Stars (EMI)

DJ Screw/Lil Flip: Royalty of Rap (BCD Music Group)

Drop the Lime: We Never Sleep (Tigerbeat6)

Drowsy: Snow on Moss on Stone (Fat Cat)

Dub Syndicate: Rasta Far I (Collision Cause Chap)

Eagles: Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (Rhino International)

Eagles: Hotel California (WEA International)

Eagles: One of These Nights (WEA International)

Eek-A-Mouse: Live in San Francisco (2B1)

The Epoxies: Synthesized (Dirtnap)

The Forecast: In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Victory)

The Fucking Champs: III (Frenetic)

George Thorogood: Hard Stuff (Eagle)

Glenn Yarbrough: It's Gonna Be Fine (Increase)

Herbert: Scale (K7)

Jamie Lidell: Multiply Editions (Warp)

Johnny "Guitar" Watson: Best of the Funk Years (Shout! Factory)

Junior Varsity: Great Compromise (Victory)

Kanye West: Late Orchestration: Live at Abbey Road Studios (Universal International)

Keene Brothers: Blues and Boogies Shoes (Fading Captain)

Kris Kristofferson: Live from Austin, Texas (New West)

Kylie Minogue: Greatest Hits [2006] (Mushroom)

The Legendary Pink Dots: Your Children Placate You from Premature Graves (ROIR)

Les Claypool: Of Whales and Woe            (Prawn Song)

Lil' Flip: Roofback (BCD Music Group)

Loscil: Plume (Kranky)

Mac Dre: Mac Dre Presents Thizz Nation, Vol. 6 [CD/DVD] (Thizz)

Mac Dre: Treal TV, Vol. 2 (Thizz)

Mikaela's Fiend: We Can Driving Machine (Strictly Amateur)

Miles Davis All Stars: Solar (Back Up)

Original TV Soundtrack:            Rescue Me (Nettwerk)

Osunlade: Aquarian Moon (BBE)

Peeping Tom: Peeping Tom (Ipecac)

Pete Townshend: Scoop (Revisited)

Quietdrive: When All That's Left Is You (Red Ink)

Ronnie Spector: Last of the Rock Stars    

Roxy Music: Concerto (Dynamic Italy)

Sigur R�s: Japan Only Tour EP (Toshiba EMI)

Snow Patrol: When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up (Jeepster)

Sound of Animals Fighting: Lover, The Lord Has Left Us (Equal Vision)

South Central Cartel: Random Violence (PR)

Space Needle: Recordings 1994-1997 (Eenie Meenie)

Sun Ra & His Space Arkestra: What Planet Is This (Golden Years of New)

Supertramp: Is Everybody Listening? (Dynamic Italy)

T.I./DJ Drama: Gangsta Grillz: The Leak (BCD Music Group)

Ted Nugent: Double Live Gonzo! (Rock Candy)

Ted Nugent: Scream Dream (Rock Candy)

Ted Nugent: Weekend Warriors (Rock Candy)

Tim Exile: Tim Exile's Nuisance Gabbaret Lounge (Planet Mu)

Unwed Sailor: Marionette and the Music Box (Burnt Toast Vinyl)

Various Artists: Delusions of Grandeur (Dischord)

Various Artists: Underground Soul (Expansion UK)

Various Artists: Thrivemix, Vol. 2: Mixed by Vic Latino (Thrive)

Various Artists: Tony Moran and Ultra Records Present out Anthems (Ultra)

Various Artists: Ultra Weekend, Vol. 2 (Ultra)

Wax Tailor: Tales of the Forgotten Melodies (DeCon Inc)

You In Series: Outside We Are Fine (Equal Vision)

Young Jeezy: $Nowman (BCD Music Group)

Young Jeezy: You Can't Ban the Snowman (BCD Music Group)

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