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[May 1, 2007] Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Each week, we preview a handful of notable albums scheduled to hit the shelves, plus offer a full list of the current new releases.



Tori Amos

American Doll Posse


Good ol' Tori, not losing any of her zany edge with age. Apparently she's now giving in to some inner multiple personalities, as promo shots for American Doll Posse have Tori all dolled up in different guises. She is the posse. Each of the characters she's created -- Isabel, Clyde, Pip, and Santa -- have their own blogs that link to Tori's site. Take that for online marketing craziness, Trent Reznor. But that's not all the nuttiness on Doll Posse, judging from these song titles: "Yo George" (gee, wonder which George she's yelling at), "Fat Slut," and "Teenage Hustling." Amos wrote and recorded the album in Cornwall, England. ~John Zeiss



Artist: http://www.toriamos.com/

Label: http://www.epicrecords.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/toriamos  

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Baby 81


In the words of Linda Richman, the members of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are neither African-American, overly rebellious, nor in a motorcycle club. Discuss. Nor are they British, although you would be forgiven for assuming so. Just in time for the Jesus and Mary Chain reunion comes a new album from what's arguably the most JAMC-influenced band working today. Baby 81 reportedly finds the trio revisiting the darker, hazier sounds of its earlier work after 2005's folksier, quieter Howl. You don't get more menacing than a song named "666 Conducer." Other new songs include the play-on-words "Lien on Your Dreams," the accusatory "All You Do Is Talk," and the not-a-Fatboy-Slim-cover first single "Weapon of Choice." ~John Zeiss 



Band: http://www.blackrebelmotorcycleclub.com/

Label: http://www.rcarecords.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/blackrebelmotorcycleclub

Dinosaur Jr.


Fat Possum

Never say never again. After J. Mascis acrimoniously ousted Lou Barlow from Dinosaur Jr., fueling much of Barlow's spite-filled Sebadoh material, it was a safe bet to say never the two would meet again. But after shocking the indie world by reuniting for recent massive touring, Mascis and Barlow are back with drummer Murph for the trio's first album together since 1988's Bug. Yes, there will be riffage. Much riffage. Just like the old days. Seriously, Beyond sounds like the three never disbanded. ~John Zeiss



Band: http://www.dinosaurjr.com/

Label: http://www.fatpossum.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/dinosaurjr

"Been There All the Time" video: http://subterraneanblog.com/2007/04/13/video-premiere-dinosaur-jr-been-there%20-all-the-time/  


The Reminder


What's not to love about the lovely Leslie Feist? She's got a great voice. She comes out of the super-cool Toronto music scene. Her music is lounge-y, ethereal, and easy-going but not boring in any way. And she's cute, too. In case you'd forgotten all that, here comes The Reminder to . . . well . . . remind you. Buzz has been building on the album for months, with webisodes and dance-filled videos popping up on the Web and Feist previewing the new material at intimate concerts in Canada. (Don't worry, fellow Americans, she'll get here soon.) Nothing on the new one strays too far from the jazzy, smoky (see "My Moon, My Man") atmospherics of 2005's Let It Die. "I Feel it All," though, does find Feist exploring an early Beat Happening minimalist folk sound. ~John Zeiss



Artist: http://www.listentofeist.com/

Label: http://www.interscope.com/

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/feist 




"Learn of the birth of the rising sun -- a freak-out Easternese -- and know Harumi." ~ Alan Schweitzer, liner notes to Harumi, originally released via Verve in 1968


"And more than any time in [U.C. Berkeley's] history, it looks toward the setting sun for its identity." ~ Timothy Egan, "Little Asia on the Hill," New York Times, 2007.


Should anyone be surprised that almost forty years after its release, Japanese psychedelic album Harumi remains a mystery? Let's consider the facts: Tom Wilson, one of the few African-American producers in the industry and one who has the distinction of recording Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, and Velvet Underground, produced the record; and Diplo and Edan recently sampled it. In spite of such notable co-signing, Harumi's relative obscurity fits its profile; it is an oddity from that oddity of the world, Asia. For the West to engage, or to actually dialogue with the East, would be unnatural. The Orient is meant to remain foreign and another other. So, consider a third fact, Fallout's reissue of this album, a considerable step forward. Perhaps here's a chance to finally look past the tired "snow-capped peaks of Fuji" rhetoric and actually learn something about this record. ~Dan Nishimoto


Various Artists

Spider-Man 3 Original Soundtrack

Record Collection       

Who knew Spidey was such an indie rocker? Maybe if Elijah Wood played the titular role instead of Toby Maguire, this would be a little more understandable. Previous soundtracks centered more on the likes of Nickelback, but the music for Spider-Man 3 comes from some hipper bands, including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Walkmen, Black Mountain, Simon Dawes, and Rogue Wave. Jason Schwartzman's new musical project, Coconut Records, adds the song "Summer Day." And uber-weirdos Flaming Lips put in the curiously named "The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How to Be in Love." ~John Zeiss



Label: http://www.recordcollectionmusic.com/

Audio: http://myspace.com/spiderman

65daysofstatic: Destruction of Small Ideas (Monotreme)

A Plus: My Last Good Deed (Hieroglyphics)

ALO: Roses & Clover (Brushfire)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Baby 81 (Red Ink)

Bang! Bang!: Dirt That Makes You Drow (Morphius)

Billy Squier: Tale of the Tape (American Beat)

Dinosaur Jr.: Beyond (Fat Possum (Ryko))

Elvis Costello: Rock & Roll Music (Hip-O Records)

The Fall of Troy: Manipulator (Equal Vision)

Fats Domino: Walking to New Orleans (St. Clair)

Feist: Reminder (Cherry Tree)

Frog Eyes: Tears of the Valedictorian (Absolutely Kosher)

Joan Baez: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection (A&M)

Jon McLaughlin: Indiana (Island)

Mad Caddies: Keep It Going (Fat Wreck Chords)

Mr. Big: Live at the Hard Rock Cafe (American Beat)

Ne-Yo: Because of You (Def Jam)

Patrick Wolf: Magic Position (Fontana Universal)

Rainbow: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: (Polydor)

Robbie Fulks: Revenge (Yep Roc)

Rush: Snakes & Arrows (Atlantic / Wea)

The Scientists: Sedition (Atp Recordings)

Swati: Small Gods (Bluhammock)

Thelonious Monk: Thelonious Monk [Prestige #2] (Prestige)

Through the Sparks: Lazarus Beach (Skybucket)

Tobias Thomas: Please Please Please (Kompakt Germany)

Tori Amos: American Doll Posse (Sony)

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