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[July 4, 2006] Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Our writers highlight a handful of notable records scheduled to hit the shelves this Tuesday. Plus, check the full list of this week's releases:



King Travolta

Kill Fuck Metal

Corley Music

two-thirds of seminal sludge rockers Fistula, the story goes that King Travolta
was formed on a lark over a weekend when bassist Bahb was out of town.
Remaining members Aaron and Corey (last names also withheld) decided not to
squander the studio time and enlisted Sloth member Dom to play bass on the
whimsical project. Two well-received releases later and the members of Fistula are
still at their unconventional ways. For this album, defacto leader Corey
enlisted a who's who of "fly-over state" metal legends to contribute. Erik
Larson (Alabama Thunderpussy) and Benn Hog (Beaten Back to Pure) from Virginia,
Jamie Walters (Boulder) from Ohio, and Mike Zilla (Bongzilla) from Wisconsin
all make appearances on what is expected to be a punishing, albeit scattered,
aural attack. I think Corey puts it best: "This shit isn't rehearsed and gone
over with a fine-toothed comb. This is on-the-spot-see-what-you-got shit!"
Amen, brother. 
~Zach Hothorn

King Travolta Web site

Corley Music Web site

Audio samples

Johnny Cash

American V: A Hundred Highways

Lost Highway

As we all
know, after a less than prodigious period in his life, Johnny Cash took to
recording covers and duets with reckless abandon under Rick Rubin's vigilant
gaze. Touted as a musical eulogy, this album (the fifth in the series) follows
suit, with Cash covering songs by Bruce Springsteen, Hank Williams and Gordon
Lightfoot. Undeniably, the real point of interest is Cash's last original
composition, "Like the 309."  However impressive
the rest of these bits and bobs from Cash's last studio sessions turn out to
be, the final song penned by the Man in Black will serve as the death knell to
his half-century of work. Until
Lost Highway unearths even more outtakes, that
is. ~Zach Hothorn

Johnny Cash Web site

Lost Highway Web site


Actual Fucking

Automation Records

used to think Har Mar Superstar had to be a singular phenomenon. There can only
be one electro-freaky white rapper who likes to push the sexual envelope and inappropriately
take his shirt off on stage, right? Wrong. There's also Cex, a.k.a. Rjyan
Kidwell. As if his stage moniker (go soft on the C) and naming an album Fucking wouldn't be forward enough, he
went with Actual Fucking.  Actually. He's not joking. All songs on the
album are named after cities, including Kidwell's native
Baltimore (already a raunch capital, thanks to the
collected works of John Waters) and
Ybor City, the seedy underbelly of Tampa, Florida (although there really isn't a nice part of
that shit swamp). Kidwell recorded most of the album with
Portland band Nice Nice, then fiddled with the tracks in
the studio. Tim Kinsella of Cursive makes a guest appearance on "
Chicago." Overall, the album is reported to be Cex's
move away from his awkward b-boy rambles of the past and more into straight
ahead funk. 
~John Zeiss

Listen to "Baltimore"

Cex's Web site

Automation Records' Web site

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