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[April 25, 2006] Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Our writers highlight a handful of notable records scheduled to
hit the shelves this Tuesday. Plus, check the full list of this
week's releases:



Amel Larrieux


Bliss Life

Larrieux, the former frontwoman of Groove Theory, returns with her
third solo effort, an eclectic and mesmerizing blend of R&B, soul,
hip-hop, jazz and folk aimed at the bohemian crowd. ~Norman Mayers

Amel Larrieux Web site (audio/video) 

Arctic Monkeys

Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?


Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? Ha, I get it. Don't be silly, everyone knows who they are, those wacky Brits. The band's debut LP
has been mulled over by critics and fans more than Terri Schiavo's cat
scans at a Young Republican mixer. This five-track EP is a U.K. release
only, so us Yanks can't have it unless we want to get gouged on eBay or
Amazon. But, as Mr. Black says, "Gouge away!" ~Andrew C. Bradick

Arctic Monkeys Web site

Domino Records Web site

"The View From the Afternoon" video

Prefix interview with Arctic Monkeys 

The Coup

Pick a Bigger Weapon


years later, ten years from now, it's gonna be some white kids making
music that sounds like Lil' Jon, and black folks are gonna have moved
on, but that music is going to be called the intelligent music."
~ Boots Riley


Besides being one of the few voices of reason at the recent KRS-One vs. Adisa Banjoko debacle at Stanford University,
Boots Riley also happens to write some damn inspiring music with DJ Pam
the Funkstress in a group called the Coup. How is the group's fifth
album, Pick a Bigger Weapon, different from its
predecessors? Riley and company (a crack backing band, including Tom
Morello, Dwayne Wiggins and members of Parliament-Funkadelic, the Gap
Band and Frankie Beverly and Maze) bring your slow, lazy minds ten
years up to speed with some slumpin' funk for the ages. Don't get
ig'nant; get the Coup. ~ Dan Nishimoto

Streaming audio 

Don Covay

Funky Yo Yo


and doo-wop background? Check. Timely transition to secular music?
Check. Years of paying dues and mentorship courtesy of a rock 'n' roll
legend? Check. Years of minimal recording success, songwriting for
others and novelty hits? Check. Lost and found albums filled with
malicious breaks and rugged soul? Now, check. Shout Records follows up
its reissue of Covay's early- and mid-'70s rarities Super Dude and Hot Blood with the long lost Funky Yo Yo.
Written, arranged and produced by the artist himself, the album was
recorded for Versatile Records in 1977 and promos were delivered to
distributors, but the album was never officially released. Finally
seeing the light of day, this version features five bonus cuts from a
separate LP recorded for Janus Records. ~Dan Nishimoto

Elf Power

Back to the Web


A shining jewel in the April issue of Spin magazine (soon to be taken over by the people who created Blender)
is a long-overdue, props-giving, two-page spread on the Elephant 6
collective. Highlights from the clan's output read like an indie-rock
hall of fame: Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Beulah's The Coast is Never Clear, Olivia Tremor Control's Black Foliage. Elf Power's Back to the Web
may not live up to those lofty predecessors, but really not much can.
Expect world-music influences, sometimes dark and foreboding lyrics,
and a shadowy theme that seems to weave its way through this
near-concept album. ~John Zeiss

Elf Power Web site

Rykodisc Web site 


Open Season

Arts & Crafts

she may be producing her highly anticipated third solo album in a manor
far off in the French countryside, Feist has taken the time to offer
her ever-growing collective of fans an appetizer course with Open Season. Though it was originally hailed by some as a remix album of songs from Let It Die, Open Season also
offers demo and acoustic versions of hits such as "Inside and Out." As
an added bonus, three unreleased tracks are incorporated as well: a
duet with Jane Birkin ("The Simple Story"), "Snow Lion" and Feist's
cover of one-time roommate Peaches' "Lovertits." The Postal Service, Mocky and Gonzales stop in on the fun, as does K-OS on the intriguing hip-hop version of "Mushaboom." ~Seth Berkman

Feist Web site (streaming audio) 

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris

All the Roadrunning

Warner Bros./WEA

your mom and dad's favorite record this year, despite the fact that
they haven't heard anything about it yet. Indeed, this rather
high-profile release hasn't seen a ton of publicity, but it's very much
what you would expect from these veteran artists. The former Dire
Straits leader plays some of the most tasteful guitar since "Sultans of
Swing," and Emmylou's voice is as pristine as ever. Safe though it may
be, this record could be a sleeper hit with the adult set. ~Austin L. Ray

Warner Bros. Records Web site 

Mr. Nogatco

Nogatco Rd.


he's not rapping about space booty, bodily fluids, food or fur coats,
he's sleeping. Kool Keith drops two new albums today. One of them is
great and the other could've been a lot better. Nogatco Rd. is the second one. Produced by Iz-Real, who did beats for MF Doom's Venomous Villain, it's got moments such as "Capture (Back to Me)," but then sluggish stuff, most of it coming in the first three songs. Project Polaroid,
on the other hand, is incredible -- probably one of the best hip-hop
records I've heard this year. It's Kool Keith's collaboration with
TomC3, whose woozy backdrops would steal the show if they weren't
paired with such sick verses. I can't remember the last time I heard
Keith Thornton this inspired. Wait, yes I can. It was called Dr.
Octagon. ~Michael Pollock

Mr. Nogatco Web site (audio/visual)

Insomniac Web site


The Gothic and the Gospel
Reason Y

Tied to
the myth of the phoenix and a self-proclaimed combination of Fugazi
and Fela Kuti (self-proclaims the band's drummer, anyway), Atlanta seven-piece
Partisan offers a debut that strives for a blend of post-punk, African drum
beats and noise rock. Honestly, it sounds like We vs. the Shark or Q and Not U,
but who's to say Q and Not U didn't like phoenixes and stuff? This is a good
fix for your percussion addiction if you were dissatisfied with the lack of it
on Ris Paul Ric's
solo record, and it contains a token touch of political reflection on "Music is
the Weapon," named for Fela Kuti's musical motto. ~
China Bialos
"Music is
the Weapon" MP3

"Intersections" MP3
Reason Y
Records Web site

The Secret Machines

Ten Silver Drops


On their 2004 debut, Now Here Is Nowhere, the members of Austin-via-New York City's Secret Machines
combined the bombast of Led Zeppelin with the nuanced ambience of Pink
Floyd to create a masterpiece in two parts: rigid straight-ahead
rockers ("First Wave Intact") and lush sonically exploratory ballads
("The Leaves are Gone" and "Pharoah's Daughter"). On Ten Silver Drops, expect the volume to still be way up, the edges to be rounded off a bit, and the two forces of inspiration to meet halfway. ~Matt Liebowitz

The Secret Machines Web site (streaming audio)

"Lightning Blue Eyes" video 

Starlight Mints



Starlight Mints brings together the usual instrumentation we find on
the indie-pop palate -- layers of keyboards, a dabbling of strings and
bouncy hooks -- with a skill that invites the term "if it ain't broke,
don't fix it." Drowaton (not a word, backward) will remind you more of the Kinks than the Flaming Lips, which for some reason -- the shared Oklahoma roots, probably -- Starlight Mints is endlessly compared to. ~Kevin Dolak

Starlight Mints Web site

Barsuk Web site 

The Streets

The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living

Vice Records

we last left Mike Skinner, he was spoken-word rapping about the hard
life, having lost the money and the girl. So what's an everyman to do
for a follow-up after his tough-luck concept album made him a star (in
his native U.K., at least)? Why, make a semi-concept album about how
hard the good life is, of course. ~Justin Sheppard

The Streets Web site

Vice Records Web site (audio/video)

13th Floor Elevators: Easter Everywhere [Bonus Tracks] (Snapper UK)

Albert King: Stax Profiles (Stax)

The Alchemist: Chemistry Files, Vol. 1 (Alchemist)

Amel Larrieux: Morning (Bliss Life)

Arctic Monkeys: Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys EP (Domino)

Arrested Development: Instant Live: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA - 7 (Instant Live Rec.)

Avant: Director (Geffen)

B.B. King: Sings Spirituals [Bonus Tracks] (Ace)

Bang Bang: Decked Out (Morphius)

Beatlemaniacs: The World of Beatles Novelty (Ace (U.K.))

Booker T. & the MG's: Stax Profiles (Stax)

Boxcutter: Oneric (Planet Mu)

Bruce Springsteen: We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions [DUALDISC] (Sony)

Buju Banton: Toppa di Top and Dirty Rhythms (Big Cat)

Cat Power: Could We b/w Dreams 7" (Matador)

Charlie Parker/Miles Davis: Essentials (Big Eye)

Chas. Mtn.: Hugs (Western Vinyl)

The Chi-Lites: R&B Soul (Direct Source)

Cougars: Pillow Talk (Go Kart)

The Coup: Pick a Bigger Weapon (Epitaph / Ada)

Craig David: Story Goes... (Universal International)

The Damned: Best of the Damned: Total Damnation (Metro)

Das Ich: Cabaret (Metropolis)

David Myers: Play Genesis (Disques XXI Canada)

The Death Set: To [EP] (Morphius)

Dim Mak: Knives of Ice (Willowtip)

DJ Clue?: Fidel Cashflow (BCD Music Group)

DJ Tiësto: In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 5 (B.H. Songbird)

Do or Die: Stacking Chipz [Chopped & Screwed] (Asylum / Rap-A-Lot)

Doug Kershaw: Introduction to Doug Kershaw (Fuel 2000)

Eleventh Dream Day: Zeroes and Ones (Thrill Jockey)

Elf Power: Back to the Web (Rykodisc)

Eric Clapton: Guitar Legend: The Very Best of the Early Years (Metro)

Et Ret: Gasworks (Western Vinyl)

The Fall: Cerebral Caustic [Bonus CD] (Castle Us)

The Fall: Live From the Vaults: Los Angeles 1979 (United States Dist)

The Fall: Middle Class Revolt [Bonus CD] (Castle Us)

Feist: Open Season (Arts & Crafts)

The Fever: In the City of Sleep (Kemado)

Flogging Molly: Alive Behind the Green Door (Side One Dummy)

Gathering: Home (The End Records)

Godsmack: IV (Republic)

Goo Goo Dolls: Let Love In (Warner Bros.)

Gunther: Pleasureman (Rhino / Wea)

Halestorm: One and Done EP (Atlantic / Wea)

I Farm: I Farm IV (Go Kart)

James Raynard: Strange Histories (One Little Indian Us)

Joey Negro: Trip (Family Recordings)

Johnny Cash: Traveling Cash: An Imaginary Journey (Bear Family)

Kabir: Peaceful Solutions (Raptivism)

KC & the Sunshine Band: Part 3 (Collectors' Choice Music)

KC & the Sunshine Band: Who Do Ya Love (Collectors' Choice Music)

KC and the Sunshine Band: KC and the Sunshine Band (Collectors' Choice Music)

Keith Emerson: Off the Shelf (Sanctuary)

Killing Joke: Hosannas from the Basement of Hell (True North)

Knights of the New Crusade: Knight Beat (Alternative Tentacles)

Kool Keith aka Mr. Nogatco: Nogatco Rd. (Insomniac Inc)

Korn: Keeping the Faith (United States Dist)

L.A. Guns: Very Best of the L.A. Guns (Big Eye)

L.I.F.E. Long: Cuts and Colllabos (Raptivism)

Leadbelly: Important Recordings 1934-1949 (JSP)

Lewis Black: Carnegie Hall Performance (Comedy Central Rec.)

Life at These Speeds: Life at These Speeds (Level Plane)

Lil' Flip: Freestyle Kings, Vol. 5: One for the Money (BCD Music Group)

Lil' Keke: Custom Made Gangstas: If You Ain't Hungry, Don (South Central Music)

Loudon Wainwright III: Album 2 (Collectors' Choice Music)

Louie Devito/Luz Divina: Other Side (Mindset Ent)

Marianne Faithfull: Introduction to Marianne Faithfull [Fuel 2000] (Fuel 2000)

Mark Knopfler/Emmylou Harris: All the Road Running (Warner Bros.)

Marvin Gaye: Love Collection (Universal International)

Matthew Dear as Audion: Fabric 27 (Fabric)

Mercy Killers: TBA (Hellcat)

Metallica: Metallica's Collector's Box (United States Dist)

Morrissey: You Have Killed Me Pt.2 [CD-SINGLE] [ENHANCED] [IMPORT] (Attack)

Natacha Atlas: Mish Maoul (Beggars UK - Ada)

North Mississippi Allstars: Instant Live: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA - 11 (Instant Live Rec.)

O.: From Beyond (Boy)

O.G. Ron C.: F-Action 43 (BCD Music Group)

Om: Conference of the Birds (Holy Mountain)

Orphanage: Voices and Organs (Western Vinyl)

Otis Redding: Stax Profiles (Stax)

Partisan: The Gothic and the Gospel (Reason Y Records)

Paul Desmond: First Place Again (Collectables)

Paul Wall & Judge Dredd: Hometown Dreamin (BCD Music Group)

Plasticland: Make Yourself a Happening Machine: A Collection (Rykodisc)

Praxis: Zurich (Innerrhythmic Found)

Project Polaroid feat. Kool Keith: Project Polaroid (Threshold)

Push to Talk: Push to Talk (Doghouse)

Rakes: Capture/Release (V2)

Ray Charles: Essentials (Big Eye)

Ray Charles: R&B Soul (Direct Source)

Rihanna: Girl Like Me (Def Jam)

The Riverboat Gamblers: To the Confusion of Our Enemies (Volcom)

Roisin Murphy: Ruby Blue (Echo UK Through Ada)

Rose Melberg: Cast Away the Clouds (Double Agent)

Rufus Thomas: Stax Profiles (Stax)

Rush: Gold [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] (Mercury / Universal)

Scarface: My Homies, Pt. 2 [Chopped & Screwed] (Asylum / Rap-A-Lot)

Scorpions: Gold (Hip-O)

Secret Machines: Ten Silver Drops (Reprise / Wea)

Sizzla: Jah Protect (Penitentiary)

Skid Row: Live and on Song (Hux)

Snoop Dogg: Chronicalz, Vol. 1: The Mixed Up Album (Black Claw)

The Starlight Mints: Drowaton (Barsuk)

Streets: Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living (Vice)

Taking Back Sunday: Louder Now (Warner Bros.)

Time Again: Stories Are True (Hellcat)

Todd Rundgren: Hello It's Me (Direct Source)

Tom Verlaine: Around (Thrill Jockey)

Tom Verlaine: Songs and Other Things (Thrill Jockey)

Various Artists: Bay Area Funk, Vol. 2 (Luv N' Haight)

Various Artists: Hefty 10 Digest (Hefty)

Various Artists: History Is Bunk, Vol. 1: Collaborations, Reinterpr (Hefty)

Various Artists: History Is Bunk, Vol. 2: Collaborations, Reinterpr (Hefty)

Various Artists: Invaders (Kemado)

Various Artists: Moments to Remember: The Golden Hits of the 50' (Shout! Factory)

Various Artists: Rockin with Morrisey's Side Men (Anagram Psychobilly)

Various Artists: Unexpected Dreams: Songs From the Stars (Rhino / Wea)

Wordsworth: Mirror Music: The Deluxe Edition [Bonus CD] (Halftooth)

Young Jeezy: Protectors of the Gulf Coast, Vol. 2 (BCD Music Group)

Zion I: Mind over Matter (Live Up)

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