TNGHT: Unleash Their Debut

    The production duo of Hudson Mohawke & Lunice, better known to the masses as TNGHT, are experts in blending sounds to create a minimal, bass-heavy, hip-hop inspired beats. To build their cred as a collective unit, the transatlantic duo have done remixes of songs by various rappers including Kanye West and Waka Flaka Flame. Hunkered down in a London studio working on what they call a “secret project” for an unnamed artist, the duo took time away from that and preparing for a string of upcoming festival dates to chat with us before their record dropped on July 24 about their origins, their plans for the project and what the future holds for them.


    How did you find it different to make music for your own project as opposed to remixing someone else’s? Was it more challenging?

    Hudson: When I’m working on something, I’m always trying to make the best thing I can possibly make. The difference in this project, we both knew what we were trying to go for, which was to make some super simple bangers with no expectations of a beat in it. It was just us playing around musically in the studio and we weren’t in the mindset of having to make something specific. It was basically us going in to make some tunes and seeing what happened.

    So it’s safe to say that this was more of a relaxed, fun project as opposed to something would have been to make specific types of tracks?

    Lunice: Exactly. It was nice to not be labeled as “the next whatever” and we went in and did what we want. We were just doing our project and making music. That’s it. We weren’t planning on becoming anything, just making music.

    What’s the writing and production process like? Do you bounce ideas off one another and go to work or does one person have an idea and it evolves from there?

    Lunice: It can really work any way. We’re a collective as far as the creative stuff and we naturally work well together because we’re here to push the envelope more than we should create something since it will be something. We create stuff that makes us more excited about the project. It comes natural because we’re both already on the same wavelength.

    How did you come up with the TNGHT moniker? Why did you purposely choose to exclude vowels from the spelling?

    Lunice: We came up with it pretty quickly. It was just us brainstorming with a bunch of words and ideas, and what it came down to was a few words that we both liked, and there were three of them, but tonight was it. At first it was written in full, with the vowels, and we like the name because to us it symbolizes that something is about to happen. It went well with the whole vibe. The reason why there aren’t any vowels is because when I was hollering at other label mates, the common feedback was that the name was a little too corny. We were also thinking on a design or logo, how it would look like and that’s how it came to be. It was very in the moment.

    What are the next steps that the EP is being released?

    Hudson: We’re doing a few shows. We just did our first London show and are doing some festivals as well. We’re still focusing on our solo careers, but this is definitely a fun side project. It’s great because this doesn’t take over what we do with our solo careers and feels fresh in the sense that we won’t be caught up in finding the next type of sound and makes our whole process easygoing.