Show Review (La Sala Rossa, Montreal)

    Thoughts and observations had while Xiu Xiu October 19 show at La Sala Rossa:



    ·          Attractive females seem to have an affinity for Xiu Xiu, because the crowd was full of them. Attractive females of the emotionally stunted hipster variety, presumably, but attractive females nonetheless.


    ·          The band seems to subscribe to the “out with the old, in with the new” philosophy. Almost the entire set was taken from The Air Force, released in September by 5 Rue Christine. This isn’t a complaint so much as an observation, because I find the album to be their greatest thus far.


    ·          Jamie Stewart’s reputation as a troubled young man is well earned. I now properly understand the expression “feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.” Stewart fidgeted nervously between songs, alternately fiddling with an effects pedal or taking desperate gulps from one of two cups of coffee he brought on stage.


    ·          Being a troubled young man makes for great art. Some artists wear their hearts on their sleeves; Stewart rips his out of his chest and rubs your face in it. Some artists play instruments; Stewart assaults them. Some artists find performing therapeutic; Stewart seems to be exorcising his demons onstage.


    ·          I will never be able to listen to Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” in quite the same way again. This is a compliment.


    ·          Caralee McElroy is pretty, plays her instruments well and seems like an overall pleasant young woman. But she isn’t terribly engaging as a performer.


    ·          If they use new drummer Ches Smith to his full potential, the next studio album could be very interesting. Smith opened the show with a series of solo percussion pieces, and the guy can play. Xiu Xiu sans drum machine seems odd, but I think it just might work. The future looks bright.






    Sad Pony Guerilla Girl” MP3