Show Review (Congress Theater, Chicago)

    After Shellac played its set on April 15 at Congress Theater in Chicago, the reunited Stooges played every single song off of their classic 1970 sophomore full-length, Funhouse, and quite a few from their 1969 eponymous debut. And they even found a way to make well-exposed cuts like “No Fun” and “Real Cool Time” sound fresh. 



    The latter part of the show was devoted to newer material, and the songs from Weirdness (which, when it was released in March via Virgin, marked the first time Iggy Pop and Ron and Scott Asheton had recorded together for more than thirty years) sound much better live than on the record. Those songs aren’t as good as the classic material, of course, but the Stooges incorporated them into their set without gearing down the thrust of the show.

    Iggy is a whirling, twirling dervish and still a sight to see, particularly when he was spewing out “I Wanna Be Your Dog” while jumping down into the crowd. But Mike Watt (he’s standing in for original bassist Dave Alexander, who died in 1975) may have stolen the show. He was clearly in some other place, totally delighted to be up on stage playing those songs.