Record Shop Interview With PAWS

    PAWS made their first ever tour stop in Portland on November 22, 2013. It was rather frigid by the mild Pacific NW standards, but the three lads had nothing but love for the city. Before the Glasgow-based band played an impressive set at the very causal Bunk Bar, we visited the city’s oldest (est. 1969) independent record store. At Music Millennium, Phillip, Josh, and Ryan shopped for some of their favourites, revealing their take on bands they love, as well as off-music topics like a weird dream about forced double marriage and the cats they know. Watch the spontaneous video below to see if PAWS leave the shop with any goodies. 

    PAWS recently finished recording their second LP in Upstate New York. Their debut album, Cokefloat!, was released on FatCat Records in October 2012.

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