Rapid-fire flows spark a rapid rise from obscurity

    [Part 2 of 2]

    Here is the second part of the interview with Twista …



    Prefix Magazine: You’re busy touring in support of the album, but what other projects do you have going on? I know you had a label. Are you still doing that?

    Twista: Part 2: I’ve put my independent label on hold for a minute because I’ve been trying for 13 years to be an artist and I finally get a No. 1 record. I wanna experience what it’s like to be an artist at this level for a minute. Instead of having my mind clouded up with a whole bunch of other stuff going on. I knew that we was gonna work on the Speedknot Mobstaz album. Those are my immediate guys and they help me do shows and those are the guys I came up with. So, I knew that we’d be working on that album, but pretty much I wanted to focus 100 percent on me being an artist for a minute.

    PM: When did you first meet Kanye?

    Twista: Part 2: Maybe a little bit over ten years ago back in Chicago. He was a young producer.

    PM: Did you say ten years ago?

    Twista: Part 2: Yeah. Long time.

    PM: Damn. When did you first hear him rap? Were you surprised to hear him rap?

    Twista: Part 2: Nah. When I first met him he was rapping. When I met him, I met him as a rapper and then I saw that he produced.

    PM: So you didn’t have that stigma about Kanye being a producer who’s rapping that a lot of other artists and people had.

    Twista: Part 2: Yeah, ’cause people heard of him as a producer first, they assumed that was it. But for me, he’s always been a rapper. He might feel like it’s brand new to him sometimes or I’m trying to get to this level, but the man’s been a rapper. I be telling people man, he’s been doing this.

    PM: I know that you’ve done some work with Ras Kass before.

    Twista: Part 2: That’s my man.

    PM: Have you heard anything about his current situation?

    Twista: Part 2: Nah man. I’ll probably go see him before it’s all over. ‘Cause that’s my man. I’m definitely upset about the whole situation. I wish it was something he could have worked out and gotten out of, you know? But the creator has a plan, and you just got to follow it out.

    PM: I’ve got a bunch of random questions to shake things up a little. When you roll in a club, how many people are you rolling with nowadays?

    Twista: Part 2: It depends. If I’m doing a show out of town, there won’t be a lot of us. Maybe five or six of us; that’s security. If I’m kicking it a club with my homies, probably the least I go with is twelve.

    PM: Actually, that’s not too much for rappers nowadays, right?

    Twista: Part 2: Nah, twelve to fifteen. I mean, I have kicked it like thirty deep, forty deep. It can get like that, but on the average, me rolling comfortably is usually about twelve deep.

    PM: Who do you think will be the next sports team to win from Chicago? Bulls? Bears? Blackhawks? Cubs?

    Twista: Part 2: I wanna to say the Cubs.

    PM: What do you think of that guy Steve Bartman that interfered with the play?

    Twista: Part 2: Pissed me off. Basically wanted to jump in the TV and kill him.

    PM: Do you think he put a curse on the Cubs?

    Twista: Part 2: Nah. It’s hard to tell, and people would bring it up and you’d be like, Hey … But you gotta pay attention to how Kerry Woods pitched and you gotta think that we could’ve had more hits, and then you have to pay attention to the shortstop, who made a mistake right after the ball wasn’t caught. Know what I’m saying?

    PM: It wasn’t just Bartman, but the focus was on him.

    Twista: Part 2: The focus was on him because he kind of interfered with the last hope that we could have pulled it out.

    PM: You have a song on this year’s version of NBA Live. How’d that get hooked up?

    Twista: Part 2: My guy James Lopez at Atlantic Records and Rawle my manager were just out there working for me, and they said that EA Sports wanted to get something crackin’ on this NBA Live. So I jumped right on it, because I always wanted to be on one of the games I’ve always played.

    PM: You’re a big fan of video game basketball?

    Twista: Part 2: My buddies are real into Live, but I’m really into Madden myself.

    PM: What team do you use in Madden?

    Twista: Part 2: I’m versatile man. You know how you got those guys that always use pick their one team? That’s not me. I pretty much go to everybody. I won’t list all my teams, but I’ll give you some of them. It’s funny ’cause I don’t play with the Bears a lot, even though those are my boys. But I think the team I pick most for some strange reason is San Francisco …

    PM: Really?

    Twista: Part 2: The Rams, the Patriots, the Bucs and Green Bay.

    PM: You don’t use the Falcons? They made Michael Vick unstoppable in that game.

    Twista: Part 2: It’s cool, but I got that on lock. That’s some people’s game. They like to go to that ’cause he’s on the cover and he’s my man — I love him, he’s one of my favorite athletes — but for some reason I gotta go with my San Francisco and kill them with Terrell Owens. I’m gonna get some quick touchdowns with T.O. I play with the Patriots because of Brady; his passing is so accurate. And if you play an even game, you’re almost guaranteed to win the game by a field goal. It’s real. They got the game hooked up.

    PM: The game is pretty damn realistic.

    Twista: Part 2: Know what I’m saying? And the Bucs, they shut down everything long and kill you. Depending on how you play, I might go with the Bucs with the Cover 2 defense or the Ravens with the 3-4 defense.

    PM: Who do you think is the best rapper ever?

    Twista: Part 2: Best rapper ever? That’s a hard one, but I would say either Rakim or Tupac.

    PM: Worst rapper ever?

    Twista: Part 2: T: Ooh. Let me think. I don’t know man. That’s a hard one. Nah man.

    PM: No hate today?

    Twista: Part 2: I don’t wanna hurt no one today. Positive things right now.

    PM: Just hearing you talk, you sound like you’re on top of the world.

    Twista: Part 2: Yeah, I’m real high on life and just what’s going on. I don’t want to mess it up because it’s just come from hard work over the years and leaving negative things and negative people out of my life and just keeping a small positive circle.

    PM: What do you have in store for the future?

    Twista: Part 2: Right now I’m working on the Speedknot Mobstaz album. We’re getting that album out, and over the next year and a half I want to be out there touring. We’re about to go overseas and start fresh like a baby. Blow myself up as big as I can in Europe and Canada.

    PM: Yeah, nowadays in hip-hop, getting that mass worldwide appeal is crucial. We’re wrapping up, but how would you rate the interview?

    Twista: Part 2: Oh, this interview. I loved it. You allowed me to my thing with Madden. I love talkin’ about the sports and you’re cool, you chill man. Out of 4 stars, I’m gonna give you 3.5 stars. I don’t know why I’m not going to give you the other half star.