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Pickathon Interviews

Three Emerging Indie Acts At The 15th Annual Pickathon

The 15th annual Pickathon music festival showcased a diverse range of music, reflecting the global culture of the current times. We caught up with three bands for quick chats at the event that took place at Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, Oregon. These videos were originally intended to be one collaged piece, but in post, it seemed more appropriate to be an "intervieweette" for each artist. The three acts have healthy résumés in the music industry. With their latest endeavors, Pure Bathing Culture, White Fence, and Yellowbirds are solidifying their own trademark sound, and the world is taking notice. 

For photos and recap from Pickathon 2013, visit our Photo Galleries page.

Pure Bathing Culture
home base: Portland, OR
sounds like: new age new wave for the smartphone era


White Fence
home base: Loas Angeles, CA
sounds like: retro lo-fi deconstructed psychedelia/garage
facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/White-Fence


home base: Brooklyn, NY
sounds like: lush psych pop  from a sun-soaked aviary
website: http://www.yellowbirdsmusic.com/

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Pure Bathing Culture
White Fence

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