Photo Gallery (Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago)

    The purpose of the show may have been to mark the release of Turn the Lights Out, the Ponys’ first release on Matador, but the hometown four-piece wasn’t the strongest act that played at Logan Square on March 31. The band’s performance was more than satisfactory, but its energy came nowhere near the level of the Black Lips’ show beforehand.



    The self-proclaimed “flower punks” from Atlanta played a fast-paced set of aggressive garage rock, including most of the tracks that appear on this year’s Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo as well a fair amount of unreleased material. In keeping with the untamed stage antics the band is are now notorious for, phlegm-spitting guitarist/vocalist Cole Alexander bounced around the stage throughout nearly the entire set. He flailed his guitar and, early in the night, vomited onto his mike stand. The rest of the group followed suit, although releasing slightly less bodily fluid.


    Before the Ponys took the stage, frontman Jered Gummere distributed ample amounts of party poppers and silly string to the audience, reminding them that it was a party as well as a concert. But these devices failed to keep the energy as high as it was during the Black Lips’ set, even though the performance wasn’t lacking by any means. The lengthy set included many tracks from Turn the Lights Out as well as several tracks from 2004’s Laced with Romance and 2005’s Celebration Castle. The Ponys put on a good show, but it almost felt like the Black Lips should have headlined.




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