Lucy Rose Discusses Touring, Song Writing, And Crafting Who She Wants To Be

    Writing, touring, networking, conversing, wash, rinse, and repeat. That tends to be the life of a traveling musican and it’s easy to see why some might become jaded at such a life. But when it comes to British songstress Lucy Rose, music truly is her life. Sure she plays shows and converses with people to promote, but what sets Ms. Rose apart from her peers is how she layers her intricate songs with a modesty that is both beautiful and disarming. We got to catch up with Ms. Rose after she played a brilliant set at Joe’s Pub (you can see our photos from the show here).


    What was the first song you ever wrote on guitar like? 

    Lucy Rose: It was a terrible song (and I mean terrible!) called confused, it was about my dog and it was overly emotional.


    What would you say was challenging about learning how to write songs and how did you over come that challenge? 

    Lucy Rose: Cause I taught myself guitar I at least wanted to make sure I wasn’t using regular chords so I used a lot of de-tuning. Now I have to change my guitar between every song in a set! Also lyrically making sure I was writing about things that are important to me.


    I read that when it came to going to uni you instead decided to play music with other musicians. How difficult was it to make a choice like that?

    Lucy Rose: It was a pretty easy decision. I desperately wanted to throw myself into the music scene, primarily to start learning and discovering. I was so excited to be playing music all the time and meeting new people.


    What were some of the things you learned when creating music amongst these other musicians?

    Lucy Rose: I actually like to write music on my own; I sort of know exactly how I want the songs to turn out. But I was massively inspired by all the musicians I was meeting and still find myself excited by encountering musicians that I have never met before.


    What do you feel is important for musicians to recognize about themselves when it comes to creating music?

    Lucy Rose: I think it’s important to have faith in the music you’re making but to know that not everyone will like it. You can’t please everyone and that’s more than ok. But honestly It took me a while to work out what sort of music I was trying to make.


    When it came to playing live with Bombay Bicycle Club, what was it like transitioning into that live dynamic?

    Lucy Rose: At the beginning I was just singing with them for acoustic shows so that was a lot easier. But when the third album went back to being electric I found fitting into their live show was quite challenging but so much fun. It was all very new to me.


    Are there any tracks on your album that immediately bring you back to a memory and if so which track does that?

    Lucy Rose: They all own a certain memory to me but I remember distinctly writing ‘Don’t You Worry’ one night after I’d listened to motel blues by Loudon Wainwright III or the first time.


    How was SXSW and what were some things that happened that you didn’t expect?

    Lucy Rose: SXSW was awesome. It was my first time and I had no idea what to expect. We played a lot of shows and I wasn’t sure we’d be able to. Got to meet Adam Duritz (the lead singer of Counting Crows), which was pretty cool.


    While touring with the band do you feel as though you learned new things to incorporate into your own songs? And if so what things?

    Lucy Rose: Not really. I write all the songs and arrangements myself but obviously it’s great having the band there with me to play them how they should be heard, the songs pretty much stay unchanged.


    Where does the title ‘Like I Used To’ come from and more importantly what does it mean to you now?

    Lucy Rose: The title really came from the lyrics in ‘Shiver’ and ‘Gamble.’ I didn’t actually realise that I’d used the lyric twice and I think it sums up the album. It’s quite nostalgic and it means the same to me now. I don’t do a lot of things that I used to quite frankly.


    Lastly, what surprised you when it came to recording the album? By that I mean what were things that you didn’t expect whether it was an experience or a song that changed from what it originally was?

    Lucy Rose: The whole experience surprised me haha. I had no idea what to expect and I had no idea how it was going to turn out like as we recorded it in my parents house. When it was all said and done I really couldn’t believe that we actually did it.