Let’s get it on


    Hundreds of musicians are vying for your attention and more every day but not every love connection falls from a tree and teaches you the meaning of gravity. Each band needs a simple way to court your love, attention and acclaim. And that’s just what we’ve given the Los Angeles-based Warlocks.


    By answering a handful of questions, the members of the Warlocks will beg, plead and prove to you what it could be like to fall in love with them. It’s time to test the powers of attraction and see if a true love connection can be made between the beats and the sheets.


    This gang of sonic sound, corralled by group founder Bobby Hecksher, has a healthy history of make-ups and break-ups. With more than nineteen musicians having claimed Warlock status at some point (the band is seven strong now), the members of the Warlocks are no strangers to the turbulent world of lust.


    These kids have been around the block a couple times you may have already fallen in love with Hecksher, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, and not even know. His pulsing bass rhythms can be found on Beck’s Stereopathetic Soul Manure, and he’s been involved in the always-chaotic Brian Jonestown Massacre.


    Fresh off the release of its fourth album, Surgery, the follow-up to 2003’s Phoenix, the Warlocks are ready to show you they’ve got what it takes. They’re a bit forward, but don’t let that intimidate you: It all stems from their over-sexed confidence and raucous attitudes. Their interests include walls of sound, back-lit stages, quick walks on the beach and long steamy nights.




    When it’s time to hit the streets what do you do to turn on the sexy?

    I’m sorry, did you say hit the sheets? Well, love, the sexy has been on all night and you are well aware of it. In fact, I won’t have to say anything at all, though I may ask you to “sit pretty.”


    What’s more your speed, smoky old poolrooms or clear mountain mornings?

    Smoky poolroom mornings.


    What’s your favorite music to do it to?

    If we went back to my place, I would choose something that would be quiet enough to hear you breathing, seductive enough so we won’t have to speak, familiar enough to put you at ease, and loud enough that you won’t hold back. Ladies’ choice at your place.


    Have you ever gotten good and busy in the back of a station wagon?

    Station wagon, covered wagon, filling station, stationary bike. We were all crazy kids once. These days I’m a bit more traditional: public restroom, public park, public pool, public transit, public phone. Whenever the mood is right we will let love in.


    What does it really sound like when doves cry?

    You will know soon enough.




    The Warlocks’ Surgery was released on Aug. 23 by Mute.


    The Warlocks Web site: http://www.thewarlocks.com/news.php

    Mute Records Web site: http://www.mute.com/index.jsp


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