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Katy Perry: Interview

Bathing Suits, Guyliner, and Mercury Worship

Everything should be half as fun as Katy Perry (photo gallery 1) / photo gallery 2) . The Santa Barbara-born singer-songwriter broke away from her strict religious upbringing and has found her groove writing pop songs inspired by Freddie Mercury. In addition to a new album coming out this year, Perry will bring a little class (and possibly some Silly String) to Warped Tour this summer.


What’s been going on lately? 

I’m just starting the New Year, you know. The stars are aligning for Katy Perry in 2008. I’ve been working on my record since I was eighteen years old. I’ve gone through two record labels and written between sixty-five and seventy songs, and now it’s ready to come out. It’s been a long trip. I’ve had lots of money, lost lots of money, but the record’s here and it’s the right one.


What can we expect from the album?

UR So Gay was a soft hello. It wasn’t meant to be a big single or show what the album is going to be all about. That was for my Internet bloggers, so I’m not coming out of nowhere. UR So Gay was meant to be an introduction and a background. The album will have a lot of the same characteristics, though. There will be lots of storytelling, because lyrics are important to me. There are a few songs that will make you cry, but there are others to make you dance and sing. Every song is on the album for a specific reason.


What do most people not know about recording an album? 

One of the unique things about me recording is that I like to put down the vocal track with all the lights off in the studio. If I remember the lyrics, I don’t want anything to get in the way.I want to be a voice in the darkness. That’s not weird is it? It’s not like I’m naked or anything.


Do you prefer to be recording or playing live? 

I guess I prefer to play live, but I don’t want to have only live CDs. I like playing live because there are alot of things that can happen. I can interact with the audience and say some things to get me in trouble. On the other hand, the studio is nice because you can really take your time and make something that you know is the best thing that you can ever do. But nothing beats being up on stage in front of all that energy.


Give me an awesome tour story, then.

There was the Silly String incident. I was playing a concert and I decided that I wanted a beach theme. No particular reason, I’m just fun like that. The band entered to “Wipe Out” and everybody was wearing their bathing suits. I should mention at this point that we were doing this show for Garnier Fructis hair-care products, and they’ve spent like an hour and a half getting my hair just right. So I’m out there in my bathing suit with my awesome hair and I have some Silly String. I don’t know why I have the silly string, of course. It’s just kind of fun. So I point it at the audience and try to spray them. Only instead of spraying it at the audience I had thecan backward and sprayed it all over my awesome hair. Everybody thought that was pretty funny. Except maybe the hair people, I guess.


Do you have conscious influences? Do you ever say like, ‘I’m going to try to write a song that sounds like Prince today?

Yeah. I’m a huge fan of Freddie Mercury. I’m a fan of lots of music, but he was a turning point. I wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music when I was kid, but there was a time when I was hanging out at my friend’s house. We’re trying on all our outfits, like girls do, and out of nowhere I heard the lyrics to “Killer Queen.” Time stood still. The music was totally different from anything I’d heard. I still love Freddie Mercury. He was flamboyant with atwist of the operatic, but more importantly he just didn’t give a fuck.


And then there was Alanis Morrisette. Jagged Little Pill was huge for me. One of the vivid memories of my childhood is swinging on the swing set singing "Ironic" at the top of my lungs. I went to Christian school, so I got into a little trouble for that one.


How did you come across “Use Your Love”?

There were a couple of choices in the pile for covers. I actually wanted to do a Queen cover, but there wasn’t anything they would play in the club. So I’m back to square one, and I go out dancing with my girls.  “Use Your Love,” the original version by the Outfield, comes on, and immediately every girl hits the dance floor. Everybody’s out there dancing and trying to hit these notes. It was the best time, and I wanted to capture that on the UR So Gay.


Do you think that UR So Gay enforces a negative stereotype?

Every time I play that song, everybody has come back laughing. I’m not the type of person who walks around calling everything gay. That song is about a specific guy that I used to date and specific issues that he had. The song is about my ex wearing guyliner and taking emo pictures of himself in the bathroom mirror. The listeners have to read the context of the song and decide for themselves.


Why should people seek out Katy Perry?

That’s a hard question. Nobody likes to brag. If you’re forcing me, though, I think people should check out my music it’s fun and funny, and I actually sing them live. I think that my music makes pop-music cool again. 



Video: Katy Perry plasters breasts

Photo Gallery: Katy Perry @ Mercury Lounge


Artist: http://www.katyperry.com

Label: http://www.capitolrecords.com

Audio: http://www.myspace.com/katyperry


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Katy Perry

shes hot. thats about it.


I actually thought this was a joke until I saw her MySpace page. This is what Capitol's signing these days? I'm sure she's a nice person, but...jesus.


Don't kid yourself. There's no nice person hiding anywhere there.




wise blood, indeed....

miss morgan lisette sarnoff

Saw her on Carson Daily.. she sings sharp, has a thin sound, no range, and comes off as a wanna-be. By Santa Barbara standards, she's average looking. (We're fortunate around here.) With an idiot piece of poo like Perez Hilton is your biggest fan (and best quote)... well, that speaks for itself doesn't it!?! Levine kicks her ass in terms of timbre, range, volume and overall ability to ROCK.. but that's another story.


Katy is very talented. I've listened to many of her songs and her version of "Use Ur Love" is very good, I REALLY like it. And I think her version of "I Kissed A Girl" is MUCH better than the one from 10 years ago, but thats just my oppinion, and I never really liked the old version anyway. But she is very talented and many people dont notice that because they only listen to one song and think her music is crap, but if you listen to more than just one of her songs, I'm sure you'll find her very talented, unless you like to hate on her or just dont like her style of music, but for me, her music is amazing, so yeah. I'm done bragging now...


The first song I heard was UR So Gay and i loved it. Because there are SO many guys like that. I knew she looked familiar and after doing some research found that she was the girl at the end of the Cupid's Chokehold video. I downloaded a bunch of her songs and I love EVERY one of them. I am definitely going to be buying her CD. She is awesome! Not too mention sexy.


I like her singing I usually can compare singers with other singers voices but with hers i can't . BTW There is a different song called i kissed a girl that jill sobule sings but its not the same song as the one katy perry sings . different song not a different version.


She was a far more talented and "innocent" singer in her youth, peforming as a Christian artist, Katy Hudson. Hard to believe this is what has become of that once promising artist. This is what happens when high-end producers get into the mix and really warp someone's image trying to stumble upon the next big thing.
So unfortunate, but fame = $$$.


She is an absolutely gorgious girl with an amazing voice. The beat to her songs are to die for. I love all of her songs with a passion


I have one question... To those who have heard her song called "I Kissed A Girl", is she really a lesbian, or is she just singing about life and those people in general?
Either way, she has an awesome vioce and she's pretty, so whoever is trying to sound all conservative, please can it- - - you dont know what ur talking about =]P

ale =]

Oh, and GPS, I think your comment is a load of horsepoop. SOrry about the language.. She can be a good artist either way.. You just maybe need to get a sense of creativity and a wild-side, and then maybe we can talk like grownups, 'k?


i love her music:) its cooll.


is she gay? gross.


i really like her song i kissed a girl its funky edgy and it puts two fingers up at all thos narrow minded ignarant homephobic peeps out there im not gay but im so glad there are people out there who are add rubb all rligious groups up as they seem to be aragant and think they can controll every one religion =controll+power+money+teaches hatred towards gays its not onnnnnnnnnnn go kerry i loveu

adam lambert

The first time I heard her voice I fell in LOVE... She has a great voice.. Awesome lyrics that everyone can connect to.. And her fashion is soooo cute... Very old school... Katy Perry is amazing... Thanks to Perez Hilton for introducing me to her... : )


she is amazing. she isnt typical like everyone else out there. she's creative and bold. and whether she is gay or not is not the issue. if she is then more power to her. but either way her music rocks and anyone who doesnt like her can just shut up. no one cares what you have to say.


katy i love the song i kissed a girl it says alot about me i mean it is me lol


GPS, if you read the interview at all, you'd have gotten that it wasn't the music industry that "corrupted" her. She said she had a turning point in her life and realized what she wanted to do and say.

Just because you're a tightass, close-minded Christian doesn't mean everyone else should be.
She's doing what she loves and that's fantastic.
I can only hope that everyone else should be so fortunate.

And yes, GPS, believe it or not some people -can- decide to drop the conservative Christian sht without having someone "corrupt their innocence."

:3 Good gravy, people are freaks.

If you no likey, no commenty.
Instead of flaming someone you don't like, why don't you just move on with your life?

*tucks away soapbox*

I Kissed A Girl.

I can't wait to purchase the album. It's catchy, it's pop, it's quick witted humor rolled into an album and I do say, I love her fashion sense.

Mr. Morrow

I actually saw her open for Phil Joel (I think! b/c it was a really long time ago, it could have been someone else) when she was singing as Katy Hudson. I feel in love with her and immediately bought her cd which was, as above mentioned, actually a Christian cd. She was very different and eclectic back then and still reflects those characteristics now it seems. I really really like her now and liked her then. As for GPS above, I feel that everyone is entitled to an opinion whether positive or negative and no one should be berated for expressing it.

Just Me

Promising new artist. Her organic sounding pop is going to be big really big during her next album if she keeps honing her skills. The whole guitar/bass/drum machines sound really works without sounding cheesy ... which is what most pop is sounding like these days. Really sets her apart from other artists right now. As an artist myself, I must say, she's good.

Tyler Young - myspace.com/tyleryoung

I Kissed a Girl, everyone has a right to voice their opinion whether you agree with it or not, just as you do, and shouldn't be mocked or made fun of for it. Personally, I hate her music. I found this site after googling 'katy perry christian cd'. I think 'I kissed a Girl' (the song, not you) is now the anthem for fake-bisexual attention-seeking teenage skanks. For whatever reason, a lot of young girls think it's hip to be bisexual and are now faking it as a result. Katy Perry is making it that much more appealing to them (intentionally or not). Now before you start thinking that I'm some uptight close-minded christian, I'm not a christian and I have no problems with bisexuality or homosexuality (I have had plenty of bisexual girlfriends, and honestly I enjoyed that aspect of it immensely).
Music these days really isn't about the music. It's all about image and how marketable you are. In my opinion, 95% of mainstream music (stuff played on terrestial radio) is garbage and hers is no exception. Avril Lavigne started out as the punk-rock anti-britney, look at her now. If shaving her head bald and tattooing swastikas all over it guaranteed her record sales, I'm pretty sure that'd be her next move.
That's a link to a blender interview Katy did a while back, interpret her remarks however you'd like.
Of course, this is all just my opinion. You're entitled to yours and if you like her music, good for you.

james d

she used to be Katy Hudson and was signed on Jennifer Knapp ,two time grammy nomineem, and her business partner Steve Thomasas label Red Hill Records in 2001 then i guess she wasnt succelful idk, but it was a Christian label infact i actually have an old devotional book called "walk" and katy hudson now perry did an entire devotional chapter init, she said this about Jennifer Knapp "she is my mentor she is awesome and knows what she is doing and just gives amazing advice amazing" now obviouslykaty is complely differdcnt o and now she has black hair she used to have blond.


Katy is an awesome song writer whos not afraid to show the inside of her! I personaly admire her about that, Rock on katy!


Katy Perry is awesome! She is straight... Awww! lol She is hot. I love her song


She is awesome...I've listened to a bunch of her songs and they are all wonderful....when I hear "I Kissed A Girl" I just wanna get up and dance and sing at the top of my lungs!!! I think it's great that she would put something out there..I live near Lynchburg...which if anyone knows is..or was...Jerry Falwell's city...so its pretty much Jesus Town...and the radio station there won't play it except late at night.....and I just laugh evey time...I love it!!! Katy you are awesome!!! If you don't like her then don't listen...she's beautiful, has great style, and an amazing voice!!! I can't wait till her cd finally comes out....Her songs really look into issues that people like to ignore...she may not be bi or gay but that song can represent people who are and my friends and I just want to thank her for given us something to sing to...Katy, Thank You!!! :}


Katy Perry is amazing. Lezbien or not her music is AmaZING! me and my friends go crazy over that song...because its amazing!!!! go to heck all you haters!


Wow. People really seem to imbue Katy Perry with their own prejudices, even if they barely have any idea who she is.

How 'bout this? She's definately talented, but still untested. "Thinking of You" is an excellent song, great lyric, nice structure. If she has more like that, she's got a career. Why do people obsess over the words to "Ur So Gay"? It's a SONG. Not POETRY. The lyric is silly - and funny - but the song is a highly addictive bit of pop (the upbeat touring version, not Ballard's flat pancake). The other tunes currently about are mediocre ("Mannequin" is interesting, if unpolished) but let's see what made the cut. She can sing, write, and has a cheerful likeability - without being a candy-ass. She's not Alanis, or Avril, and this is not a competition. Let's see what's on the album and - please - stop imagining character flaws that you know nothing of !


Um, James D?

You're an idiot.
Just want to tell you off.

the bitch

Katy has talent and will grow into the woman and artist God intends her to be...


The first time I heard this song I could have sworn that it was Pink. I got home and immediately went to you tube and found out who it was. I had heard Ur So Gay and didn't think much about it but I LOVE this song.

I wasn't excited about the video because I was expecting some kind of Marilyn Manson goth club video for some reason....but she's cute and I'd kiss her. ;)

I'm a girl, I'm bi-curious and that is exactly what this song is about and who it's for. For you retards out there, she isn't saying that she's gay or even bi. She's saying that she's OPEN MINDED...something a lot of people in the mainstream pop world are not.

I hope it stirs up all kinds of controversy and I hope that all the guys hate it because it's something that only a girl who's kissed a girl or is curious about kissing a girl can relate to.


she's a cutie and she has a great voice, and even though the lyrics for her songs are lacking, they're fun to sing and dance to. the only issue i have is that, after hearing her speak about her music, she just seems like some idiot attention-seeking dumb blonde.

Leah Carr

Who do you think is going to listen to this stuff? Teenage girls. Pre-teen girls. Girls in the fifth grade. She's a child molester and proud of it.


wow... wow.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/chris/pony.jpg chris



the bitch,
you're an unitelligent douchebag. you resort to ad hominem attacks in response to a personal opinion. genius.

james d

I love Katy Perry She is so hott i do her any day every day is she gay...or bisexual She's so hottt...


Check out Katy in New York!



wow does it seriosly matter if she is gay or not! I just love her music.

who me

Check out this HOT video of Katy doing her acoustic thing!!
ONE OF THE BOYS by Katy Perry



she is a great singer and actress if you remember her in ELF


Katy Perry = <3


I grew up in SB and met Katy several times (as Katy Hudson) and I think she is very talented...she performed at my church youth group WAY back in the day, and my little sister who plays violin recorded with her. I have absolute respect for her talents, and the path she chose to take, because sometimes it is necessary, as I found myself, to break away from the beliefs of your parents, step back a minute, and then decide for yourself...I think Katy is at the stepping back stage, and she will eventually find her way...I completely agree with sbnative that she will be the artist God intends her to be.


Couldn't not say anything...I knew Katy back in high school and she was awesome as far as her energy/positivity/charisma and we would always make her sing for us, which she always obliged. I recorded with her in LA on a compilation which was great fun and experience and if she's reading this, I thank her for bringing me into that. I have mad respect for her unique ideas and she's real adamant about what is OK with her and what is not in her music--I'm sure the decisions she's made on this record are hers and at most midly influenced by any record company. She is completely unique and I'm happy to see her succeed and come so far from "back in the days." She has great music training and influence, I might even buy this album even though I haven't heard what her sound is like now (yet-I'm sure I'll hear it on the radio soon).
So Katy if you're reading this-what's up-you know who I am and I wish you the best but I hope you won't forget where all your talent is coming from. Give Him props every once in a while and He might blow your mind beyond your wildest dreams.


Does anyone else see the resemblance to Katy's voice and Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees? The first time I heard "I kissed a girl", I immediately saw Siouxsie in my head? Anyone else see that correlation? Katy is awesome. I love her voice!

James Adkins

there is nothing unique about this girl, she sounds like alot of other artists (pink for example) and her fashion sense is not different or unique in any way what so ever! now you ppl need some creativity and openmindedness


The lyrics "I Kissed A Girl" are boring and uninventive. Her voice is flat an unremarkable. This just sounds like a weak attempt for an untalented, young female singer to show her conservative Christian family that she's "such a rebel." So what if she kissed a girl? Why people have even remotely praised her and this single is beyond me.

Jason Hathaway

I"m curious to read an article about what her faith/religious beliefs are now. I mean not some superficial one, but one that goes real deep. It would be interesting to read how she changed (in those areas) from where she was at, to where she is now today. It would give an interesting insight into culture too...


I LOVE your song 'I Kissed a Girl'!!
I keep singing it at school and peeps here thinks I've kissed a girl
Coz that Music Video just started to view here like a week ago.. not famous yet!!
I'm getting that Album once it's out!! XDD

Sing a song with t.A.T.u.!!!!!


I love the song''kissed a girl'' I think that song relate to alot of people of course me

life full of secrets

She is very talented, and for those of you who have nothing good to say its only because you are jealous! LOL :P What good does it do you to say something negative about her, or anyone for that matter? She's at the top of her game and going higher, why don't you, instead of looking down your nose, look at YOUR life and see where you stand. And if your at the top of your game...what are you doing here????


Christian J,
Please refresh my memory concerning where Katy Perry appeared in Elf...

Just Me

I have seen Katty grow in her music talent. I recorded her in her early beginings and have seen how she has developed in her music because of the favor of God that is on her life
When you have God on your side you will always be a winner!


Hooray for homophobia posing as pop music. She is all the proof you need there is no God. I am not jealous, nor am I gay. I simply love music and she is killing it. Luckily, she's just a fad and will be doing crack porn in a few years, so we won't have to deal with her for very long.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

Damn, people are acting like they know this girl personally........she made a nice catchy song, and it should be left at that, anyone who is taking cues on their sexuality or spirituality from the "i kissed a girl" song is already a lost cause........its just music man....RELAXXXXXXXXXXXXX...........


its funny to see the start of the comment section to the end, because in june there was a drastic shange with i kissed a girl, the ppl at the begining were saying that shes worse then avril, shes no talent, shel never be anything, but in just a couple of months i kissed a girl is number 1 in america, and has been number 1 in canada for 3 weeks now plus it 8 weeks it has sold more then a million copies on digital downloads alone, funny how ppl get things COMPLETLY wrong sometimes.


Dude, you can have a number one single and horribly suck. Most number one singles are completely obvious crap advertisement designed to make you a docile consumer whore, and this is no different. Those charts were bought and sold long ago. Crazy Frog's "Axel F" was a number one single in half a dozen countries. Nobody likes it now because it was always crap and all crap gets flushed eventually. Katy Perry is that same level of crap. You are COMPLETELY wrong.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

ChristianJ you are thinking of Zooey Deschanel who was in ELF, NOT Katy Perry.

If you liked Zooey Deschanel, she makes far more interesting 'organic' and special music, check out: She & Him, than this overproduced, trying too hard, wannabe quasi-cool girl . There is nothing 'organic' or special about Katy Perry. Do you see how many songwriting professionals and producers had to write with her? Even with all that, Rolling Stone gave her album a crappy review, only 2 stars. She might be getting her 15 minutes now, but there are plenty of innovative people on the rise who will overshadow her in no time, who are original and don't need to rely on a zillion people to prescribe their success.

Katy's music isn't good at all. She's talented, but lacks taste. Just because she has the right major people surrounding her, pulling their weight, making sure she is 'the next big thing', doesn't mean she will last for more than a hot minute.


Is this how people get there kicks these days?
Going on the net to screw over an artist who has a particular style, just because they dont like it?
If u hate it so much, then i think you would agree that there are better ways to spend your time then having little comment wars.

That said... I loved Katy Perry's song "I Kissed A Girl" , how fun is it! Just something cute i can sing along to =]



it seems to me like all of the hostility in this "comment war" comes from her fans, who will defend her by spewing insults. people have different tastes and different opinions. i can't stand katy perry's music. you like it. good for you, go ahead and listen to it. i don't think any less or more of you for doing so. this is a public forum, the whole point of this is for people to voice their opinions, whether they like her music or not. everyone just needs to rememember to treat each other with respect. music doesn't define the type of person you are, listen to whatever you like no matter how horrible other people may think it is.

james d

Katy Perry is a different case, though. "I Kissed A Girl" reduces lesbianism to a fad and "UR So Gay" is blatant hate-speech. If you like this record, you are either a rampant or closet homophob e. There's no way around that. Forgetting those two songs, it's just another easily ignorable pop retard album, the likes of which they've been manufacturing since The Monkees. There's no harm in liking The Monkees, but her obvious anti-gay agenda coming 7 years after the Christian music scene pegged her as the next big thing is culturally damaging on many levels. For the love of gawd, go buy an Annie or Goldfrapp record instead.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

im gay and i love her song ur so gay, it was about a boyfriend, not her being homophobic. and i kissed a girl was a song that she just came from no where, it isnt about ridiculing lesbians, it was a fun song. if ppl srsly think she is homophobic then u need to loosen up. i srsly disagree with her being homophobic, concidering her being really good friends with perez hilton.


"I Kissed A Girl" belittles all lesb!ans by saying "I hope my boyfriend doesn't mind" when she wrote the song for her boyfriend. She admittedly just kissed the girl to fulfill a male fantasy while she was drunk, not because she was curious about her own sexuality. She plays an entire class of people off as a little innocent fad. Jill Sobule's "I Kissed A Girl" is a fun song. This is insulting.
"UR So Gay" admittedly uses the term to mean "stupid" and "lame" in reference to a straight person. Likewise, it's still racist for me to call a Mexican "n!gger", no matter how entertaining you may find that misplaced bigotry. It doesn't matter how fun or catchy it is; these songs foster intolerance and a negative gay stereotype.
If you can't see this, you may be due for some sensitivity training.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

Katy Perry is awesome
she is da bomm

Rayda morris

milana u can suck my d** i dont give a f*** wat u say i cant stand her f** a**
i hope that b**** die 4 i can dance on her f*** grave...she anit got not 1 god damn
particular style in her hole body..so dont even come wid dat bull s***..her song sucks !!!

that sed ...i HATE her.


I've only heard here song "I Kissed a Girl". Her music and her voice don't do anything for me. I'm not flaming, I'm just saying her music is not for me.

But she does look very sexy for a white girl.


She is not talented, by the way. If you have any idea about how music is made, you would know that. She doesn't make the music and her voice has been digitally altered to hides its weaknesses. Go read a pamphlet on the Melodyne plug-in and find out how it's done.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

Is she bi or something? i don't get it. I agree with James D, a lot of girls think it's cool to be bi and will fake it as a result, they just want attention. I think the song 'I kissed a girl' sends the wrong message to young girls. Katy has a great voice, if she didn't sing such stupid songs, I might actually like her.


You guys are missing the point. OF COURSE she's not talented! But she's still the greatest pop singer ever; all she does is make fun of modern music, every song is a different style of sh*tty mainstream music. I think I'm in love with this girl.

Hey, is that Ale =] from R&P?

King Crimson

for FMH and others who are misinterpreting "i kissed a girl",if you have ANY ability to read between the lines,you would see what her song is about. Its not about bashing lesbians or anything near it. Its simply a perky song that visualizes what actually IS a fad right now with alot of teenaged girls. Its the "in thing" to claim to be bisexual. If you have enough teenage girls for friends and/or aquaintances you would either know that or they would be able to fill you in on a little fact. Good day,geniuses.
By the way,Katy's type of music isnt my cup of tea but her stuff isnt meant to be "mainstream" really. its what would be considered "niche" music. She has her cult following just like many pop stars do. Thats just how it works. Not exactly rocket science to understand.


Wow. Okay, so it wasn't Katy in Elf, it was Zooey Deschenel, but they do look alike.
And I absolutely agree with FMH: this is homophobia. It's not the "I hate gay people" type, but more subtle. It assumes straight as the norm and gay as an exception. For example, when she kisses a girl, her boyfriend should mind, because it's called Cheating. But she makes it seem like it doesn't matter, not a big deal because it's a girl.. it's not for real.
As far as music goes, it's mindless pop. Fun to dance to, that's it. I just hope some girls will kiss to it and realize that it does count...

Real lesbian...boo!

uhh...who is this katy perry you speak of?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Al/batmulletjpg.jpg Al

She is a great talented singer and just because she went through a patch in her life that she thinks is something that she wanted to do she's showing that it doesn't matter to her what people think. So what if she kissed a girl it's part of life to go through stages like that. anyway the song is awesome and she is a great singer I like Love all of her songs they have a great beat to them and they are very catchy. oh and to Real Lesbian...boo! It is not mindless pop why don't you try and write something that is half as good okay. I really don't think you could.. She has a great voice and she deserves to be doing what she is, what she wants to do in life.. Sing. I hope people can see that she is a person like everyone else and dont judge her shes just as good of a human being as you and me!

cute hockey chick

You don't happen to play net do you? My current goalie has a glass back and were actively recruiting.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Al/batmulletjpg.jpg Al

"It is not mindless pop why don't you try and write something that is half as good okay. I really don't think you could."
She didn't write her music either, so I really don't think Katy could.
"She has a great voice"
No, she doesn't. It's called Autotune and Melodyne. Her producers filter her vocals through these plug-ins till they sound talented. I hate Celine Dion, but she actually has a good voice. Katy Perry is all studio magic. Please go and read about how music is made and you will know. Cheers!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

fmh its kinda funny. ur really have no life because all u do all day is go on the internet n try to say katy perry sucks and shes a 1 hit oneder. but i guess shes wont be a 1 hit 1der anymore because even before her new single hot n cold was relieased. it started charting. u need to get a life n stop careing so much about katy perry. we no u care about her, but u cant be obsesed now, thats not healthy


Wrong on all counts. I have a life because I don't listen to this corporate whore and I only rant about her while I'm at work killing time. Technically, I'm getting paid to point out her waste of space and your horrible spelling/grammar. It's "caring", "wonder", "obsessed", "released", and so on. Way to represent intelligent Katy Perry fans, Ryan.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

The song WAS written by singer/songwriter, Jill Sobule, who is probably quite happy with this being a hit because SHE's making the money off of it, NOT this hack who doesn't write her own lyrics!!!


KATY PERRY...omg i love this girl she is sooo cute and hilarious!!! alot of people say she is;gay, lesbian, or bi, whatever that crap...she is not any of those things she writes those particular songs cuz it has reasons to go with it! and she never kissed a girl for your information she wrote that just cuz she is funny...duh! if any of you people don't know katy perry...get your head out of your ass and wake up...she is the BEST artist that you would ever know in your muzic life!!! i think katy perry is funny, cute, pretty, and has stylish look everyday...even if she says that she looks weird sometimes. oh yeah i am straight...but i am in love with this girl!!! listen to katy perry's album it's a big hit! I LOVE KATY PERRY!!!!

#1fan of KATY PERRY=]

She's a pretty cool chick. =]

I'd totally let her be one of my hags for a day or seven. =]


Just another sign that you don't have to have talent or self respect to make it in this business, you just need to get gay men in high places to love you, talk about sex all the time, and find a couple other people that have no standards or concept of talent that need a little attention and you can have your self a number 1 single.


i thoguth she was a guy when i lestened to her song lolzz


I love her. She is such a good singer. I have my ringtones as "I kissed a girl" and/or " Hot n Cold". Nobody should really not like her. Espeacially make fun of her like 1 person specific. If you din't like her don't listen to her.


Keep on rockin katy.


I've never made fun of Katy Perry. I'm stating facts. She can't sing. I've heard her live. She can't carry a tune and she has no melody to her voice. Her record was made with Autotune and Melodyne to give the illusion of talent. Those are facts.
Her rampant homophobia is also not funny. She fans the flames of hatred by raping gay stereotypes for commercial gain. That's tragic, not funny.

And I would not listen to her if I could. Sadly, her retarded flavor of the week single is currently being played in every convenience store and restaurant patio. You can't avoid this tremendous slut. She's been payola’d into popularity.

There is some good news, though. Fans of this kind of music are pathetically fickle and they will forget Katy Perry even exists in three year (though their hom0phobia will remain), and none of us will ever have to talk about her again. Anyone remember Tiffany? She was in Playboy a couple years ago.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

FMH wow! strong words. and im sorry clarify what is homophobic? i call my boyfriend "gay" all the time and happen to adore gay people, though i favor gay men of course... Hatred? hmmm.......im black and you sound more like some crybaby pulling out meaning where none exists..... and what do you care how long her career lasts? she isnt paying your bills is she? if she is wise she will probably end up with more money after it all over than you will ever have...let her have fun, she may not be the best - but like myself maybe you should get back to work and make some money or go donate it to some gay foundation to make yourself feel better.....


oh and ashley you are a stupid b*tch, what kind of twisted loser wishes somebody dead.......i hope someone beats the shyt out of you one day for that nasty mouth of yours, i would volunteer and give you my address but you would probably be too stupid to find your way out of a paper bag.......idiot


"im black and you sound more like some crybaby pulling out meaning where none exists"
I've explained where I get the meaning from several times now. She not talented in the slightest, so her putting out an album is an insult to actual artists everywhere, and her attitude towards both trivializing hom0sexuality and using the term "gay" as an insult fosters intolerance.
What does your skin color have to do with anything? Are you pulling meaning out where it doesn't exist. Then again...
"i call my boyfriend "gay" all the time and happen to adore gay people, though i favor gay men of course"
So if I (a straight, white male) adore gays, I can call anyone "gay" as an insult. If I adore black people, is it okay for me to call everyone "nigga"? If I adore Jon Stewart, is it okay for me to call anyone I want a "jew"? Sorry, it doesn't work like that. It's still racism and sexism, no matter how you paint it. There are different shades of prejudice.
And I really don't care if Katy Perry makes more money than I ever will. Hitler made more money than all of us put together. That doesn't make either of those scumbags respectable human beings by any measure.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

uhm yes, she does write her own music. and she does have a good voice. go on youtube and watch her acoustic videos, she has an amazing voice! she is the best thing to happen to pop music EVER. seriously. my favorite type of music is punk and ska and i still love her. plus she is out kicking major ass on warped. what other pop singer can and has ever done that? NONE. she is simply amazing. and a nice person. if all you have ever listened to is i kisses a girl then yeah you might get the wrong idea of her. she has other songs, that are much deeper and serious.
and she didnt use gay for stupid. shes saying he basically is gay minus the liking boys. yes, maybe a little stereotypical about gay boys, but she was only talking about her ex boyfriend. and how he was everything gay except liking the boys.


She's fun, hits her target with I Kissed a Girl. So what if it's just all merengue and no pie? Did she promise more?

The song isn't her manifesto re lesbianism or bi-sexuality. It's just a bit of froth that's making her rich and famous. Well done.


Did anyone hear the interview that this song came from a conversation that she had with her boyfriend that if she could kiss a girl who would she pick? She said it was Angelina Jolie. In the last scene of the video she wakes up like it was a dream not that she actually


Who knows if she is a lesbian or not? thats all we need to know because if she is it's fine but if she's not it's bad because she could become a lesbian.


guess she made this song for all the bi peeps out there.


To heyyyy: A person cannot be gay if he/she does not like the same sex. Your defending argument is embarrassing. You continue to allow the song reduce an entire group of people to stereotypes.

She uses the word gay as an insult, basically insinuating that he was acting in an unattractive and/or ridiculous way for a man. A person is gay based on sexual orientation, not by the way he or she does hair or make-up.

Katy should have stuck to her original Christian roots. Her music was soulful and her lyrics were deep for someone of 15 years of age. Her music sucks now and her lyrics are crap. You can tell she made her way into the pop industry by her diminishing talent. The only reason she currently has a career is because middle and high school girls think it's "cool" to be bisexual because culture is encouraging sexual promiscuity in women by male fantasy-driven encouragement. But whatever, you're probably only 16 years old anyway and blinded by what MTV says is the thing to listen to...


100 Bitches!
I still don't know who this chick is... booyakasha.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Al/batmulletjpg.jpg Al

k ppl dont dis katy and dont mess with a fan like me i will grind ur ass into the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P :D :O >8O grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dont mess with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She's is going for a goofy pop vibe, and she nails it. The more serious songs are kind of Alanis sounding though. I dig her and think she's really cool and hot in a different way.


"and she didnt use g@y for stupid. shes saying he basically is g@y minus the liking boys. yes, maybe a little stereotypical about g@y boys, but she was only talking about her ex boyfriend. and how he was everything g@y except liking the boys."
Everyone gather 'round. Crickey! You can already see the deep impact Katy Perry's rampant hom0phobia is having on unknowing teenage fans. This one is actually convinced that there is more to being gay than liking the same sex. In reality, that's the only thing to being gay, and everything else in the song is hate-speech that abuses gay stereotypes for admitted prejudice.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

you look so pretty


I am a Katy Hudson (the person) fan. I am not a Katy Perry music fan. We had a Jesus Jam concert years ago and Katy was so excited to sing her songs to God and for people. It was in intimate setting and she brought the house down -even when the microphone stand started shrinking down to the floor a bit and she had her guitar and pic in her hands. She was professional and talented. Obviously she has talent. But the direction she is allowing people to lead her in is scary.

She is not a little girl any longer. She is a grown woman who can think for herself. Young girls looked up to her back then as a role model and she LOVED being their role model as far as I could tell. Without judging Katy's heart, I will say that the lyrics and her potty-mouth in her interviews are hugely different from my many conversations with her back then. I feel like I'm seeing two different people.

Dear Katy,
Remember when you were 16 and we had you play at our Jesus Jam? You did so well and you were so excited to sing for Jesus. Well, you are not a young girl any longer. You are a woman who has a head of her own and you have the opportunity to continue to dedicate your singing and your songs to Jesus. You are a roll model to all of the young girls out there. God loves you so much. Please remember who you are singing for and to. I hope to run into you sometime soon to give you a huge hug and to visit with you and your family again. See ya girl! Chris Medina.com

Chris Medina.com

im a badass..

Dana! 8)))))>---

to james d..
no shes not making


I'm not here to judge Katy or say anything "homophobic" I just felt really bad for her when I found out at church today that she is the daughter of a pastor. I can certainly understand that she felt controlled as a teenager (don't we all?)Its sad that most gays and lesbians feel that this album is homophobic and most straight people think that she is disgusting and sending the wrong message out. To me I think she is just lost in who she is and what she wants to do with herself. In my opinion and its just an opinion... She needs some prayer and maybe a little counceling. It just seems like maybe she's gone through a lot in order for her to go from singing praises to the lord to pretending to kiss girls and using "gay" as a way to say "stupid". She seems to be somewhat confused. Maybe instead of bashing her and bashing one another for our opinions on her we need to be more understanding of her and eachother.


She needs Scientology in her life. Praise L. Ron Hubbard.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/GM_Omnis/CURLS.jpg OMNIS

*Sigh* Just another wannabe...


she hot but i hope the rest of her songs are as good as i kissed a girl. that song was ganster


katy is a perfect girl and anyone can see that if you disagree & ur a guy then ur gay if ur a girl u env katy


DaaMNnn I lOvE THiS sONg So MuCh!! Daa BeSt I EvEr HeArD In My WhOLe EnTiRe LiiFE!!!....I lOvE U kATy PeRRy!!


I'd like to think she wrote that song as a piss take on the millions of fake bisexual girls out there. Sadly, regardless of the context, it'll be taken as an anthem of approval by these stupid girls, who think it gives them more boyfriend options.


jr: I'm not gay and nobody envies this slutbag. You're dreaming.
MZ.LOKA: You're obviously less than 15 years of age, so I'll forgive the fact you've never heard anything better in your WhOLe EnTiRe LiiFE!!! Give it time.
Gareth: She is one of the fake bisexuals, and anyone looking for her approval is already a crackhead. That and your post is all the encouragement girls need to seek "more boyfriend options." Cheers for that. You made the "problem" worse.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

Oh yeah, and if everyone that hates Katy Perry (according to jr) is gay, that's a very obvious sign that Katy Perry's music is hom0phobic hate speech. Thanks for proving the point.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

Her song is catchy I`ll admit that, but she just playing up to the whole misogynistic point of view of guys dating guys is wrong, women dating women is awesome. She`s a poser and her voice is so lifeless when she`s singing live. Mind you I have only seen her sing once live on So You Think You Can Dance. She`s talented in the same way Madonna or Marilyn Manson is. She just shocking or edgy. Her 15 min will be up soon.


Make some more music like that ' I kissed a girl..' Sounds so good! Really like the way it goes together with the lyrics. Simple to listen to and leaves you wanting more.

Hio Silver

Um, yeah. I'm in love.


FMH.... yeah man, you are absolutely right. her studio vocals have Antares and Melodyne written all over them. Not to mention waaay too much protools. Check out her performance at the spike awards to hear her true sound.

the thing i find most distressing about this discussion is that all of this artists fans seem to be incapable of clear, non-aggresive communication, leading me to believe that they are all probably (definitely) teeny boppers. that is to be expected, but its shocking how tactlessly they attack people like you and me for eloquently and calmly expressing well-reasoned opinions. its sad, and I hope these people grow out of it and learn to communicate as adults.

my problem with artists like katy perry is this: i actually work in the music industry as a producer, studio player, and promoter. it is frustrating that many of the bands and acts that i work with possess far, far greater talent than artists like katy perry, who have literally a team of super-producers behind them. A simple trip to wikipedia will show anyone that no, in fact, katy does not write her songs. she is credited along with others in every instance... many of whom... including the legendary Glen Ballard, and the ubiquitous Dr. Luke (a la avril lavigne) are males aged over 50. She is not credited in production in any way, either, which usually means she played no guitar during recording. Combine her super-production team with a huge wad of Capitol records' money towards promotion... and voila... you can create an image for some one who really would not be popular at all if left to her own devices.

the juveniles in this forum dont understand that the reason people like me make comments on forums like this is not because we are obsessed with katy perry.... its because we are obsessed with music, and we want the truly good artists to be getting the credit they deserve.

As I said, I work with artists who earn every ounce of their songwriting credit and production credit, and who could easily be more popular than katy perry.... they just dont have huge sums of money to throw at promotion. they deserve their break far more than these "artists" who rely on all-star teams and autotuners.


well I think this song is fun and deff. bout getting drunk and experimenting. She prob wont go far and this will be her one hit wonder. I don't think it speaks directly to the gay community but I do think it opens the door to be open minded. I wish she would change her look she really does look to much like Zooey Deschanel. And I think she could have come up with a better tittle for her song considering that there is already a song by this name. But all that said I like the song and will continue to listen to it.


The problem with souleyes comment above is that technical talent is not the key ingredient in being a successful pop star. And it's certainly not just a matter of having a big record company and Glen Ballard behind you. You need a combination of having the right sound (or right song and right lyrics) at the right time and enough talent and personality and youth and good looks to pull it off. Katy's got a good set of pipes, she can handle the upbeat Kissed a Girl as well as a ballad like Lost. I think she will be quite successful over the next year or two, although not necessarily into the next decade. It's ok that pop music is ephemeral!

There's a pic of Katy in her Christian blonde mode at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFvXOChyqdA


your a very sexy and good lookin girl from the neck up what happened with that big ass??? it takes away from that oh so hot face you have..

lab rat

FMH, you DO like the sound of your own voice, don't you.


FMH, you annoy me to no end, and I only read a few of your "eye-opening" opinions. Hey, here's an idea: make your 18th birthday a double whammy and come out of the closet already. Hope someone punches you in the mouth. All the best :)


"You need a combination of having the right sound (or right song and right lyrics) at the right time and enough talent and personality and youth and good looks to pull it off."
The right sound and lyrics come from a big record company. All they need from Katy is a warm body who can pretend to sing when she has to. I highly suggest checking out some of her live footage and listen for the parts where they let her sing without her studio backing tracks.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

"FMH, you DO like the sound of your own voice, don't you."
Yes, and there's no better place to HEAR it than on an Internet comment board. Good call, Sean.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

"Hey, here's an idea: make your 18th birthday a double whammy and come out of the closet already. Hope someone punches you in the mouth."
Only a frat boy would think being gay is something I would be ashamed of admitting or that punching someone in the mouth will kill their ideas. If I were gay, I'd come on your face right now, so thank your stars I'm not. I merely have a moral conscience, something they beat out of you with a paddle during your hazing week. Have fun living in denial, Alex. That thing where you think anyone who disagrees with you is a hom0sexual is called projecting.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

Dennis... yeah, you are right about the key ingredients to pop stardom, and it being ephemeral... but why would you think that was a good thing?
perhaps you just just skimmed my lengthy comment (not blaming you for that one) but my message was clear... many artists I work with possess the" right sound" (i'll ignore the fact you added"at the right time" in there, hmmm) as well as "personality" and "good looks"... however in this day and age, when the live show/tour is your biggest draw...without question... then for all the katy perry's out there, and the katy perry's +1 and *2 and ^3... you better do some foot work. Until you get that label backing you... be prepared for huge expenditures and minimal exposure. Being played on the radio and putting up flyers might get a few hundred at your next show... but when Capitol puts your brand spanking new video on MTV... your next show is sold. plus youre playing at the "spike awards" or some other televised venue. Why would they even want her bubblegum pop music at the spike awards, the network for men, anyways? Cause she's hot? Now we're getting somewhere. Katy Perry was 'chosen' for a reason.
Like I said, I work with artists whom given the opportunities Katy Perry has been given (given the key word here), would fare at least just as well and I suspect better.
It seems "the right time" when combined with the right place seems to be a little more important than I think you are aware. And yes, having Ballard on board is huge. You think Katy Perry made the beat to "i kissed a girl" ? Do you think she has any inkling as to what her sound is or should be? Check out her pre-record label stuff. I doubt some A&R guy from Capitol said "let's sign her... shell probably come into her own and start writing the sound we need." Most likely the comment went more along the lines of "shes hot, and has a decent voice... let's sign her and get her in the studio with dr. luke"
call me old fashioned, call me a rockist, call me what you will... but I am not cool with the "build-a-star" mentality of the modern music industry. It's creating a generation of listeners who prefer Katy Perry to Stevie Wonder... and genuinely believe that she is just as talented as a legend like that. That is a highly questionable situation which should at least give one pause. I feel that it is irresponsible to promote the ephemerality of any genre of music, even pop.


Whoever you are, souleyes, I love you. Don't change.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

I just wanna know if katy's looking for a woman ;]


Keep that knife down honey. It might damage your lovely face.


OK, I do not mean to despise, curse, or say anything repulsive about Katy Perry, but I think that she should go back to Catholic singing. I am a Christian myself, and i believe what she did in the past was amazing. Now, she's still OK, and her song "I Kissed A Girl" is very well written and catchy, but a little questionable. First off, i thought she was a boy when i first heard that song. I thought it HAD to be a boy unless this person is... ya know, mixed up. But now that it is a girl, Katy, why would you write a song like that? It is very well written, and u should be proud, but why that topic? I don't mean to criticize, and it is a very good song, but it bothers me a little. No offense, i don't want to start a war now. I mean good. It's just, "I Kissed A Girl" might give the wring message to younger people. But otherwise, Katy Perry, very well done. She has a gift of imagination, and music. Also, to FMH, i understand what you are trying to say, and wow... strong words, man. Very strong. I am not against you, but wow... you really want to get this message out to people about Katy Perry. Strong influence there, sort of good message, but a little harsh. (No offense. I'm not trying to start a fight. I am innocent. No one blame me please. I'm just saying my thoughts.)


katy perry is offensive, her songs are not gay positive---



i wanna find pictures of your feet ... where can i go ???
love your work ...


Here's to all the "close minded conservatives/Christians" out there! Thank God that it is still legal to voice dissenting opinions in this country. In Canada, thanks to the CHRC, and its kangaroo courts, it is illegal to have an opinion about sexual matters that "might offend" or "hurt someone's feelings" More and more "anything goes" sexually. But don't worry, we can look forward to the day when the freedom of religion, thought and speech are completely repealed in the realm of sex and morality.

Good message? LOLgirl, it is perfectly ok, and legal to criticize the message, and the path the messenger has chosen to take. There is nothing wrong with being repulsed by the subject matter of a song that is flying up the pop charts. When taking a stand, you will never be able to appease both sides. Trying to do so will only draw crossfire.

Be bold, take your stand! if you find the song offensive and contrary to Christainity and Katy's upbringing, feel free to voice that clearly!

Dissenting Opinion

Wow I would not want to be her standing before God on judgement day. The Bible is plain about people who lead little one's astray and she is a role model for alot of young people.
I know that it is difficult growing up in a pastor's home. But it doesn't have to turn you totally the other way.

I have a dear friend who is a lesbian and I pray for her often. She is fun to be around. But I do not condone her sin. Because the bible is clear on this issue.

I really wonder if this young lady ever really had a salvation experience or did she just coattail it all her life?


Shut up you bible loving ass hats! The bible also says you should stone people to death...I'll start with you.

I want to be Kate Perry when I grow up.


Heres a sin-a-long version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CvxLBgczW8


me being bisexual find no offence in "I kissed a girl" but with "Ur so gay" I find it steriotypes homosexual men a bit but I can understand that if she just barely dumped him she would be pissed off and write about what she was able to bash him about
talent wise I dont know because I haven't heard her outside of places where she can be edited/able to lip sync etc she definitly looks good though and I don't mind listening to her even though I am very fussy about pop music


I'm sick of people telling me how much they love that song just because I'm bisexual. I hate how being bi or gay became a trend!

I've had crushes on guys since kindergarten and girls since 4th grade but I felt ashamed about it because I didn't know what being gay or bi was. Then I was a closet case until high school, where I decided to be honest for once.

I think she has a terrible voice and I personally can't wait until her 15 minutes are up but if you like her then fine, taste is subjective.


Wow! Lot of teeny boppers here. :)

I guess my opinion would be that if you actually LIKE shallow teeny bopper music, then her music is as good as anything else in that seriously limited genre.

Of course, by the time you hit your mid to late 20s and start maturing, teeny bopper music is just that - kiddies music for teeny boppers. :)

As for her possibly being a lesbian, well, she doesnt appear to be to me. She is simply singing a song designed to spur interest by being conspicuous. People have sung songs before about things... such as time travel - doesnt mean they are actively treking though time and space does it?

I myself find lesbians really creepy, same as poofta's, but then again, I dont wish them any harm. As long as they keep their distance from me, then each to their own, live and let live etc etc.


Not sure if this has been made a point of yet, but in the music video " I kissed a girl" she doesn't in fact kiss a girl which is crap...... She just a Fake. Making money off the bisexual/gay lifestyle. But at the same time she among other bi/gay fakers out there do make that life style more accepted and understood. In which I think is a great thing not gay or bi but know enough to understand it not a choice.

Bass man

i really think she is pretty but that song i kissed a girl was just wrong


FMH. stop being a smart ass and get your facts STRAIGHT. she's dating travis mcCoy from gym class heroes. shes also close friends with perez hilton. how is she offending gay people? she's not. i have many gay friends who LOVE katy,,,,unless you are gay and offended by her. you saw a her live singing i kissed a girl and thought she sucked. well i seen her acoustic versions live and well, i was surprised. she was great. i kissed a girl is a fun track that just makes you want to dance. and guess what, that's what she does on stage. of course she's going to sound tired and worn out. she's practically losing her breath, while her acoustic versions were great because it was only her and her guitar. i think she's a great singer. oh, she also write 3 of the songs on her album alone, and co-wrote the rest. again get your facts straight and get to work.


hey you are sooooo cool but i hate i kissed a girl sorry maybe next time ok really sorry

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I love all her musics and she is so pretty!!!
She's gota great voice


I agree totally with FHM. He may be a straight male, but I'm a gay woman. It is hard enough to get men to take me seriously when I tell them I'm a lesbian and get through their heads that I will NOT sleep with them- I do not need this song.

ikissedagirl: Just because she is dating a guy (I am grateful she is not a lesbian) and she's friends with a gay man does not mean that her songs are not homophobic. This does not prove anything?

Her songs offend lesbians because like a few ppl have pointed out, her lyrics say straight out that she's purely kissing another girl just to get a man's attention. How is that NOT offensive?? It reduces all lesbian relationships to a fad.

Just listening to a song a few times can get the lyrics in your head, and these lyrics are not the right ones to be going around in there. Young people are very influential (just take the amount of them saying it is "THE B3ST" song "EVR.. ) and this is endorsing homophobia.


I don't care what anyone says about Katy. She is very talented, pretty, and someone I can relate to, considering we were both brought up being christians. I, too, went my own way but that doesn't make me any less human. That goes for her. I will always support her with whatever she does and whatever she believes in. If you're reading this, Katy, I hope you enjoy your success for as long as it lasts. One thing though: becareful with whom you stray.


KATY PERRY! i love you and i would do ANYTHING just to meet you, you inspire me so much, when your top hitting song I kissed a girl came up everyone was always calling you lizbien and always saying whats wrong with her, but they way you stayed strong and didn't care about what they were saying made me realize how amazing you are. thankyou SO much, Vanessa.


James D, LOL, LOL, LOL!!! Poor man,u have to say u have had Many Girlfriends (Who cares)!!. Personnally, I think ur still a virgin... Or u had fat ugly bitches... Because Katy is soooo hot, damn. How can a man not find her sexy??? Her style is different and she's an artist who doesn't care about what people think of her. Damn, she is talented and HOT!!


She's hot. I would do her if she wasn't a race traitor and a manipulative whore who wishes to entice heterosexuals into trying same-sex relationships and giving up their place in heaven.


I Kissed A Girl shows what an attention seeker she is.


hey your song i kissa gril is amazing do more songs i am sure they are going to be amazing too but donot do lesbien songs


I love her music espeacially hot n cold i think she is a person u can totally look up 2


the shot is blatantly fake.. why would she be so stupid?


me and gabby are big fanns of yours

rachelle and gabby

.. Those of us in the industry know what's up, and know how much work goes into editing those Melodyne notes. Cher syndrome is still rampant! The whole "we have to tune so much and it sounds so extreme lets just use it as a convenient effect" syndrome. Everyone does it, everyone is to blame because it's status quo and "accepted practice". But, I will start a consortium of anti-tuning artists to combat this and raise public awareness.

I propose a "No AutoTune- this album is guaranteed 100% tune free!" disclaimer on downloads, cd's and records.

Would those who produced the hallmark ablums of rock and roll have used it if they could've back then? Perhaps. Would those albums have turned out as good, with performances pushed to their maximum impact on raw talent alone? Hell NO!

I know it's like throwing a thimble of water on an inferno, but change has got to start somewhere!

stephen M, something

She's not that bad...I just might buy her albums. Personally, I don't understand what is so rad about "I Kissed A Girl"...It wasn't as edgy as "Hot 'n Cold" or "Ur so Gay" which I thought expressed her cheeky sense of humor was so entertaining.
"I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf" and "You need SPF 45 just to stay alive"...and etc. made me chuckle inside.

I guess watching her music video of "Hot 'n Cold", and not knowing who the hell she was...made me biased for her.

Bobby Corwen

I saw her on Crason Daly too .And she had quite a different look . She had Janet from Three's Company hair and she looked totally 80's. Now she's totally ripped-off Zooey Deshanel's look ! Same horrible sound though .Carson thought that he discovered someone hot at the SXSW .When there were about 5,000 other awesome talents.

Shaunna Powell



I love you so much Katy...


wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes really pretty!


katy perry is a good singer when i hear her voice i think about her and all u people that r against gay people u can look at your self before u judge people and i am bi sexual i dont care cause one day i will kiss katy and maybe marry her

bi sexuals rock

katy perry u r so hot and sexy i would spend a hour with u i want to meet u and also kiss u

bi sexuals rock

i te odio katy perra


Katy Perry your so HOT!!!I love you you're the best singer I know!You're the best person I know,and you're real cute and nice.I will have sex with you one day!I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Katy Perry's lover

i love katty very very very love


Personally i find


FMH - Let me guess. You don't like here. Who would have thought? For someone who doesn't like Katy's music, you sure spend a lot of time bashing her. It sounds like you are obsessed. Get a life. You are reading too much into these songs. They are simply pop dance music songs. They were not meant as literary pieces or a position papers.

You have made your point. You don't like her music. You made your opinion known to the world. Stop listening to it. Move on. Let the rest of us enjoy listening to it. We obviously like it. We obviously are not offended by her words, her voice, or her music. Browbeating us isn't going to make us change our minds. You are entitled to your opinion and we are entitled to our opinions.

TL From San Diego

I think Katy Perry sucks and she hangs out with Perez Hilton, what more can I say she is a degenerate. Give it a little time and you will all realize just how much she actually sucks.


Are all the women like that in the People's Republic of Kalifornia? Acting like their sh*t doesn't stink? Holy f*ck.

The Laughing Man

Not everyone, but that's what you're *supposed* to be like here. It's depressing. I can't act like that.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/countessian/n669480319_1120716_1209.jpg rachel juarez-carr

i love u katy perry im sorry wat happend with u and your old boyfriend i love your music if i was your old boyfriend i would marry u

bi sexuals rock

i love u katy perry i want to marry u please if u r reading this my name is adriana

bi sexuals rock

queria decirte q me re facinan todos tus temas!!!
sos una genia totalll..
te adoro un monton.
con mucho cariño y amor majo

maria josè

hi love the pic...............


hello everyboby how r u ok hi katy perry i love u and i think u have big boobs katy im your fan

bi sexuals rock

????? ? ???? ???????????


katy is hot!!!

Hell boy

Guess she has the formula for satisfying the generation of airheads that like her, just another waif like a lot of her peers producing fodder for the mainstream.
n*gger is still n*gger with or without a smile on your face but I guess it's what is expected from under developed teens.


I love you Katy Perry and all of her awesomeness! Rock the Grammy's Tonight, wish I would have entered that video contest, I would do anything just to hang with you and your crew.

Ryan Shaver

She is just so disgusting...i hate her. She's a wack job and promoting lesbianism as she does is just SICK and NOT normal.


I love Katy Perry. Well, I like her anyway. I love her song "Hot 'N' Cold". I love making up new actions to go along with the song. I love the bitch part!
You change your mind,
like a girl, changes clothes.
Yeah you, PMS, like a bitch i would know.
And you overthink always speak criticly,
i should know that you'e no good for me!

Koralea Preedy

I really think that katy perrys song names are silly but her songs are great! i no her number coz mydad is her song producer she is really kind and she lent me her dangly watermelon earings! her number is 07857011218 only fans call no haters alound!

Demi-leigh xx

I really think that katy perrys song names are silly but her songs are great! i no her number coz mydad is her song producer she is really kind and she lent me her dangly watermelon earings!

Demi-leigh xx

Pretty woman wufffff .
I like very much .
The colour of the eyes is blue and the hair is black .
In Máxima FM ( Spanish radio dance ) there is a remix :

HOT N COLD ( Bimbo Jones Remix ) - Katy Perry .
In this week a new nomber one in MÁXIMA 51 CHART ( MÁXIMA FM ) was :

Bye bye from Gran Canaria ( Canary Islands , Spain ) .


Hi Katy Perry is my fav ever singer and im even doing a project 4 skool on her every else is doing p!nk or Rihanna


KATY PERRY ROCZ MY SOCZ i will allwas be a fan


i lo ve you...... katy..... i love u............! merry ,me katy..... i love u a lot!!! ooooooo please please please...!!!!


for me katy pary is ugly ^^


katy perry is beaUtiuful and is nice.she wonderful;helpful;and nice.i am a big fan of katy perry.she is the best.i like her.wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow she is beautiful.i would pay her a hundered thousand money to get a aoutagraph.i like her so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much.i am a big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big fan of her.i love her song and her so so so so so so so so so so so so so s0 so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much.


Slap a tonne of make-up and put her in a low cut dress and what do we have? Katy Perry- a talentless whore who promotes false identity and sexism by living to please a man's fetishes. Even if she had co-written her own lyrics, singing about sticking your tounge down another girls throat to impress a man is not exactly defining yourself as an artist in music. She is a homophobe and an attention seeker- it's disgusting. She is just a corporate quick-fix for cash. She is cheap, fake and lacking all moral intelligence. Maybe one day in the top charts we will have talented artists who do not prioritise having their tits as high up as possible. People who continuise to be ignorant to the clear, factual information that FHM portrays is well... stupid. I'm actually a bisexual- but as myself being a teenage girl, I would rather keep this one in the closet to not portay myself with sex obsessive, attention seeking katy perry.


You know what? I'm a lesbian.
And I think all this ranting about Katy being a homophobe and being gay is BULLSH*T.
Frankly, I DON'T CARE!!!
I just like her some of her music. That's it. She is a good songwriter and artist and I really couldn't care less if she was gay, or a homophobic, or just going with what everyone tells her to go.

So please stop with all this religious homophobic, pushing religion on others, saying she's cheap and fake, super fan loving fanaticism, gay and bi hating, pretending to be gay or bi, pretending to love gay or bi because it's a fad, going with the fad because you're a stupid idiotic airhead Bullsh*t!!

Oh, and you rock TL From San Diego!!

Just Another Person

I love her so much!!!!


...your so cool katy...i really love your voice because its so natural...your my idol..i want to see u in personal...godbless...im a girl 14 years old....hve a blessed day...godbless

tweety anareta

Katy perry is fine and i would do her if i had the chance


Katy I'm So Exited i dont know if u will be on this but im seeing your consert in june near boston im so exited :) :)

Katrina M

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