Jacco Gardner At Bumbershoot

    Back when the sun heated the pavement, Seattle celebrated Labor Day weekend with its biggest music and arts festival, Bumbershoot. On its third and final day, we tagged along with Jacco Gardner and band for the final stop in their North American summer tour. From the check-in to post show ramblings, being part of the baroque pop musician’s crew is very much like hanging out with friends at a party. Yet not everything about the Bumbershoot experience was hunky-dory. 

    Bit of a disheartening moment came gazing at the number of bodies gathered around the empty Main Stage. People piled up in anticipation for the night’s headliner, Foster The People, while a thinner crowd came to see the young Dutch man juggling an array of instruments at the End Zone Stage. In spite of the lackluster support, the five musicians played as if they were engaging a stadium full of audience, capping the set with a trance-inducing version of “Lullaby”. Even though the day’s focus was music, the main attraction for Jacco & Co. were kittens and puppies at the artist lounge provided by Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. They even named a cat after the critter-loving musician. To get a better sense of a day at Bumbershoot with the lads, watch the video below. For photos, please visit our Gallery.