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[March 28, 2006] Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Here's a quick look at a handful of new albums, as well as a list of the rest of the stuff that's supposed to hit shelves this week:



Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Sings Hooray for the Salvation Army Band


Do hipsters have limits? Do they draw a line at truck-stop �reissues�? You know, those cassettes of MOR/'70s AM hits with the fourth-generation-looking repro covers that are stacked on the counter of every Podunk AM/PM across the nation? Well, say what you will about this most suspect block of the reissue market, but once in a while a nugget slips through. Cosby's second vocal record from 1968 is notable for several reasons, besides the obvious novelty of hearing Leonard VI's silver throat: a backing band including members of the 103rd Street Watts Rhythm Band, an oft-sampled break (the umpteenth cover of "Get Out My Life, Woman") and some pretty trippy covers ("Satisfaction" and "Funky Broadway," re-titled "Funky North Philadelphia"). Cosby veers between droll and silly, making the record light-hearted by today's standards but a fascinating aberration from the icon. ~Dan Nishimoto

"Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" cover

"Satisfaction" cover (via: Franklarosa.com)



Def Jam

I'm with Notes on this one: "Unless that joint with Ne-Yo takes off at [Sic.] radio, I'm predicting this will be another Starks album that will go ignored by the masses." Sad, but what would a world that actually 'got' Dennis "Ghostface Killah" Coles be like? Have you actually listened to his intro on "Back Like That" when he talks about taking the ring and the finger? Such is the twisted genius of Pretty Toney. Expect more grime to write home about ("Crack Spot"), hilarity ("Big Girl") and breaks bonanzas ("The Champ"). ~ Dan Nishimoto

Ghostface Web site (audio/video)

Margot & the Nuclear So and So's

The Dust of Retreat


Taking its name from The Royal Tenenbaums -- well, at least the Margot part -- this octet's debut brings us trumpet- and piano-laden chamber pop. Yes, I know, we already have a band that does that, but hey, these guys are from Indianapolis. And apparently they're trying to capture in sound how they feel while watching a Woody Allen film. Zelig? What's Up Tigerlilly? I don't know about you, but I kind of want to find out what the hell that's supposed to mean. ~Kevin Dolak

Margot & the Nuclear So and So�s Web site

Streaming audio

People in Planes

As Far as the Eye Can See

Wind-Up Records

With Jaoquin Phoenix directing the video for People in Planes� debut album�s first single, �If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode),� the members of the Welsh band have set upon a rosy, star-studded path for their first American tour. And with their pitch-perfect sloppiness and sing-along hooks, these boys may leave the country with a steady stream of desperate young women behind them. My suggestion: Tune into the debut album to see if all the media saturation that�s to come will be worth it. ~ John MacDonald

People in Planes Web site

Wind-Up Records Web site




Geez, just look at the progression: Ashy. To. Classy. "Tip" Harris is already on album number four and just continues to entrench himself in his claim to the Southern throne. Stalwarts such as the reunited UGK ("Front Back"), BG and Young Jeezy ("I'm Straight" -- n/h, f'sure) keep the album on the familiar path of last year's fave, Urban Legend, but T.I. stretches further with the help of Jamie Foxx (�Live in the Sky�) and Common ("Goodlife"). Coupled with a spot in the upcoming feature film ATL, the phrase "The World Is Yours" seems to ring with some truth. This advance edition features a bonus DVD. ~ Dan Nishimoto

Streaming audio

T.I. Web site

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Show Your Bones


Flash forward to 2008: George W's reign of ineptitude ends as brother Jeb's begins. Hitting the shelves is Break Out, Karen O's solo debut. Writhing on the album's cover in a tube top and mini skirt is O with her best Gwen Stefani coy expression plastered on. What is the crazy post-rapture world I am talking about? I don't know, really, but what I do know is that the Yeah Yeah Yeah's sophomore full-length promises to be a polished-up, and punked-down version of Fever to Tell. Ascension to Gwendom? Only time will tell. ~Andrew Bradick

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Web site

Interscope Web site

"Gold Lion" video 

Rob Zombie

Electric Horses


A partial list of song titles from Mr. Zombie's latest solo endeavor: "American Witch," "The Scorpion Sleeps," "Let It All Bleed Out," "Sawdust in the Blood," "The Lords of Salem." Sounds like a refreshing change of pace. ~Mike Legat

Rob Zombie's Web site

"Foxy Foxy" download

ABBA: Chronicles (Polydor)
Allman Brothers Band: Essential [Madacy] (Madacy)
Archie Bell & the Drells: Tighten Up (Collectables)

Atreyu: Deathgrip on Yesterday (Victory Records)

Bauhaus: Instant Live: Nokia Theatre, New York, NY - 11/11 (Instant Live Rec.)
Beverley Knight: Voice: The Best of Beverly Knight
Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby Sings Hooray for the Salvation Army Ban (Collectables)
Bill Maher: New Rules (Rhino / Wea)
Bob Marley: Best of Bob Marley [Direct Source] (Direct Source)
Bon Jovi: Chronicles (Mercury)
Burt Conrad All Stars: Journey Continues (Sea Bright)
Chops: Dark (Image)
The Congos: Cock Mouth Kill Cock (Explorer Recording)
Conway Twitty: Best of Conway Twitty [Direct Source] (Direct Source)
Create!: Prospect of Freedom (Sounds Are Active)
The Cure: Faith (Elektra / Wea)
The Cure: Pornography (Elektra / Wea)
The Cure: Three Imaginary Boys (Elektra / Wea)
Daniel Johnston & Hyperjinx Tricycle: Electric Ghosts (Important)
The Dears: Instant Live: El Rey Theatre,Los Angeles, CA (Instant Live Rec.)
DJ Clue?: Fidel Cashflow (BCD Music Group)
DJ Screw: Screw Tape in the Deck, Pt. 3: Final Chapter (BCD Music Group)
The Drifters: Best of the Drifters [Direct Source] (Direct Source)
Earth, Wind & Fire: Millennium (Collectables)
George Benson: Essential George Benson (Sony)
George Duke: Essential George Duke (Sony)

Gerald Albright: New Beginnings (Peak Records)

Ghostface: Fishscale (Def Jam)
Giant Drag: Hearts and Unicorns [Bonus Track] (Kickball)

Goldfrapp: Felt Mountain [LIMITED EDITION] [IMPORT] (Mute UK Indie)

Jonathan Firey: Prayerful Moods (Madacy Christian)
The Juliana Theory: Instant Live: Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA (Instant Live Rec.)
KMW: Activando (Balboa)

Knife: Silent Shout [ENHANCED] [IMPORT] (Rabid)

Knights of the New Crusade: Knight Beat (Alternative Tentacles)
Lil Flip/Judge Dredd: Down South Mudd Reloaded (BCD Music Group)

Little Einsteins: Musical Missions (Dig) (Disney)

Loretta Lynn: Chronicles (MCA Nashville)
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ): Spin (Telarc)
Margot and the Nuclear So & So's: The Dust of Retreat (Artemis)
Marvin Gaye: Legend, Live and Forever (Lightyear)

Massive Attack: Collected [LIMITED EDITION] [IMPORT] (EMI)

Matt Costa: Songs We Sing (Brushfire)
The Moore Brothers: Murdered by the Moore Brothers (Plain)

Morning Runner: Wilderness Is Paradise Now [IMPORT]  (EMI Int'l)

Morrissey: You Have Killed Me Pt.2 [CD-SINGLE] [ENHANCED] [IMPORT] (Attack)

Morrissey: You Have Killed Me / Human Being / I Knew I Was [CD-SINGLE] (Sanctuary Records)

North Mississippi Allstars: Instant Live: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA (Instant Live Rec.)
Palace Lounge: Palace Lounge Presents Cafe d'Afrique (Savoy Jazz)
Park Attack: Half-Past Human (Ba Da Bing!)
Pendulum: Jungle Sound Gold (Breakbeat Kaos)
People in Planes: As Far as the Eye Can See (Wind-up)
Pete Townshend: Who Came First [Bonus Tracks] (Teichiku Japan)
Piano Magic: Incurable [EP] (Important)
Pimp C/Down South Legends: Down Souf 2 Westside (BCD Music Group)

Prince: Black Sweat [IMPORT]

Prince: Ultimate [IMPORT]

Rammstein: Rosenrot (Republic)

Rob Zombie: Educated Horses (Geffen)
Roy Orbison: Essential Roy Orbison (Sony)
Shapeshifters: Sound Advice (EMI)

Siouxsie & Banshees: Kaleidoscope [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] [IMPORT] (Universal Int'l)

Sun Ra: Heliocentric Worlds, Vols. 1-2 (Esp-Disk Us)
T.I.: King [CD/DVD] (Atlantic / Wea)
The Temptations Review/Dennis Edwards: Look What the Lord Has Done (Ascend Music)
Theo & the Skyscrapers: Theo and the Skyscrapers (Ozit Morpheus)
Tim McGraw: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (Curb Records)
Various Artists: Non Stop Reggaeton Hits [CD/DVD] (Machete Music)
Various Artists: Soul Jazz Records Presents Tropicalia: A Brazilian (Soul Jazz)

Watson Twins: Southern Manners

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Show Your Bones (Interscope)

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