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First Look: 07.05.05 (Sufjan Stevens, Missy Elliott, Wilderness)

Heading to the record store? Here's what's new this week.

Sufjan Stevens
Asthmatic Kitty

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One of indie rock's most beautiful sounding artists continues his tour through the fifty states (or at least the Midwest). After the success of 2003's Greetings From Michigan, the Brooklyn resident's two-pronged assault on your brain and your heartstrings won't have the element of surprise this time around, but it doesn't appear to be an issue: Early reports indicate this one's even better. Either way, we're still holding our breath for Idaho, because we fucking love potatoes.


Missy Elliott
The Cookbook

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So, is Missy Elliott the Simon or the Garfunkel? With Timbaland producing only two tracks on Missy's new record, we're about to find out. She probably won't fall as far as our fright-wigged friend (and she will certainly move more units), but this record marks an important crossroads in the raunchy rabble-rouser's career. Production by the Neptunes and Scott Storch will soften any blows, as will cameos by Ciara and Mary J. Blige; spots by Slick Rick and Grand Puba provide old school cred; and M.I.A.'s contribution will light a fire under the indie kids. It could be the biggest record of the year.



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These Baltimore art-rockers have racked up a pretty staggering collection of hyperbole and praise during their short existence on the indie radar. Today you can cast your ballot for "truth" or "hype." As always, it's likely a bit of both, but we're suckers for bands who realize that drums are more than just a required element. Seriously, though, can you really understand what that dude is saying? He sounds like grandpa early in the morning with a dry throat. Regardless, deliberately paced tunes and some airy guitar work could add up to gold for these four fellows.


Savage Life

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One half of the Li'l Boosie and Webbie duo (guess which half) responsible for this year's Gangsta Muzik, Webbie's solo debut for Atlantic promises to hold more tales of bitches and money in the Dirty South, and the trials and tribulations of keeping them both in line. Side note: Webbie's real name is Webster. Remember that episode where Katherine Papadapolis got all mad at George and Webster because they were playing games with that young girl who was really pretty, and it made her feel old? This Webster would probably not tolerate that sort of thing.


The Teeth
The Teeth
Park the Van

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Sharing a label with Dr. Dog might help put these guys on the map, but first things first: these guys are not David Bowie or the Kinks. That said, the Philly quartet does have a bit of that all-over-the-place nuttiness that the kids go for these days. They also have a knack for a quirky little ditty, which will either win some hearts or irritate some brains. Philadelphia Weekly called them "the toast of the town," so they must be doing something right.


A.K.: Teflon Don (Fahrenheit)
Albert Hammond: Greatest Hits [Sony International] (Sony International)
B.B. King: Legends: B.B. King (Direct Source)
Bill Evans Trio: Bill Evans Trio (JVC Japan)
Bucwheed: Rethuglican (Traffic)
Buddy Holly: Very Best Of [Prism Platinum] (Prism Platinum)
The Early November/Avalanche: Split Single (Drive Thru)
The Fall: Live from the Vaults: Los Angeles 1979 (Hip Priest UK)
The Fall: Live in Glasgow 1981 (Hip Priest UK)
The Fall: Live in Hoff Alter Banhoff 1981 (Hip Priest UK)
The Framed: Countless Ways of Self-Destruction (Reality Clash Record)
Glenn Miller: Legend (Prism Platinum)
In Stereo: Death Before Emo (New School)
Iron Maiden: Essential Iron Maiden (Sony)
The Jessica Fletchers: Less Sophistication (Rainbow Quartz)
Kenny Rogers: Love Songs (Madacy)
Lil' Keke: Don't Mess Wit Texas [Chopped and Screwed] (Rap Classics)
The Luniz: Greatest Hits (C-Note)
Missy Elliott: Cookbook (Atlantic)
Montrose: Montrose (Audio Fidelity)
Neil Diamond: Essential: 2005 Australian Tour Edition (Sony International)
Out Hud: It's For You 12" (Kranky)
Planet Smashers: Unstoppable (Stomp)
Plus Ones: Oh Me of Little Faith (Insuordination)
Rich Perry Quartet: You're My Everything (Steeplechase)
Sex Slaves: Bite Your Tongue (Radical)
Sufjan Stevens: Illinois (Asthmatic Kitty)
Tears for Fears: Everybody Loves a Happy Ending [Bonus Tracks] (Gut Music UK)
The Teeth: The Teeth (Park the Van)
Various Artists: New Waves: 45 Original 45's from Post Punk Era (Family Recordings)
Webbie: Savage Life (Atlantic)
Wilderness: Wilderness (Jagjaguwar)
Willie Nelson: Legends: Willie Nelson (Legends: Willie Nelson)
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