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First Look: 06.21.05 (Billy Corgan, Transplants, ODB)

Heading to the record store? Here's what's new this week.

Billy Corgan
Warner Bros.

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Two years after the dissolution of supergroup Zwan, our favorite Sinead O'Connor look-a-like (sorry, Mr. Stipe) emerges with his debut solo album. The case could be made that every Smashing Pumpkins record was essentially a solo Billy Corgan record, but the man has always surrounded himself with fantastic bandmates, and TheFutureEmbrace is no exception. Members of Filter and Nitzer Ebb helped Corgan craft this dreamy landscape of buzzing guitars and new-wave synths, which Corgan describes as more beautiful and cohesive than any of his previous projects. And if that isn't enough to entice you to pick this up, it also features the Cure's Robert Smith singing backup on a Bee Gees cover, just like you requested. Speaking of covers, what's up with Billy's morgue vogue on the album cover?


Haunted Cities

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The history of rock 'n' roll side projects is littered with casualties. For every successful dalliance, such as XTC's brilliant reinvention as the Dukes of Stratosphear, there are two failures a la Eyes Adrift, the limp supergroup featuring ex-members of Meat Puppets, Sublime and Nirvana (do you remember any of their songs? Neither do they). To everyone's surprise, the first album by Transplants, with Rancid's Tim Armstrong and Blink 182's Travis Barker, was kind of good. Maybe it leaned a little too heavily on their pal Rob Aston's pedestrian gangsta rap, but at least its combination of gutter-punk riffs, snarling vocals and the occasional dub groove was loads more original than anything Barker played with his full-time gig. The follow-up promises more of the same, with guest spots by Boo-Yaa Tribe, Rakaa from Dilated Peoples, and B-Real and Sen Dog from Cypress Hill. More rap for your buck. And more digipak for your buck, too, if you get the deluxe edition.


Ol' Dirty Bastard
The Definitive Ol' Dirty Bastard Story

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When Rhino released The Dirty Story: The Best of Ol' Dirty Bastard in 2001, some accused the label of making a crass attempt to cash in on ODB's much publicized run-ins with the law. Why else would an artist with only two albums under his belt deserve a best-of set? Now that the eccentric Wu-Tang member is dead, it would seem like the right time to unveil a proper career-spanning retrospective. If that was Rhino's aim with The Definitive Ol' Dirty Bastard Story, then it's hard to understand why this new best-of leaves out ODB's third and fourth albums entirely. Granted, none of his best material was on those last two albums, but given that the new single-disc collection overlaps with the old one on eleven tracks, the question remains: WTF, mate? The accompanying DVD better be, like, a zillion hours long.


Gentle Giant
The Power and the Glory: 35th Anniversary Edition

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Seeing as talent and complexity aren't prerequisites for success in the current rock climate, it seems unbelievable that a band as difficult and chops-heavy as the seventies prog-rock band Gentle Giant once sold out Madison Square Garden. True, many similar bands took the intellectualization of rock music way too far, turning a visceral form of expression into a lifeless musical circle-jerk. But to the band's credit, Gentle Giant was neither as clinical nor as masturbatory as many of its peers. Grafting instruments and compositional aspects of medieval, classical and avant-garde music on to an astonishingly tight rock/funk backbone, Gentle Giant was as ambitious as any band you can name. And when tempted to put down the violins and stop singing polyphonically, they could rock just as hard as any band, too. Power and the Glory, originally released in 1974, is one of their best and most balanced albums. Boasting bonus tracks and remastered sound, this edition is essential for longtime fans and novices alike.


2-Tones: Ritojo Rhythm (Empire)
Aerosmith: Chronicles [BOX SET] (Geffen)
Afrirampo: Kore Ga Mayaku Da (Tzadik)
Al Stewart: Beach Full of Shells (Appleseed)
Andre Delano: Full Circle (33rd Street)
Andrew Gold: Andrew Gold (Collectors' Choice Music)
Andrew Gold: Whirlwind (Collectors' Choice Music)
Angie Stone: Greatest Hits Live [CD & DVD] (J-Records)
Arcade Fire: Arcade Fire EP (6/23/05)(Merge)
As Cities Burn: Son, I Loved You at Your... (Tooth & Nail)
Baby Teeth: The Baby Teeth Album (Lujo Records)
Baby: Fast Money (Universal)
The Beatles: As It Happened: Classics Interviews (United States Dist)
Beautiful Skin: Everything, All This, And More (Gold Standard Laboratories)
Birdman: Fast Money (Universal)
Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan (Sony)
Bob Dylan: Times They Are A-Changin' (Sony)
Boom Bap Project: Reprogram (Rhymesayers)
Born 2wice: Boss Playboy (Bigga Entertainment)
Boyz N da Hood: Boyz N da Hood (Bad Boy)
Bruce Dickinson: Accident of Birth(Sanctuary)
Bruce Dickinson: Alive in Studio A/Scream for Me Brazil ()
Bruce Dickinson: Balls to Picasso (Sanctuary)
Bruce Dickinson: Chemical Wedding (Sanctuary)
Bruce Dickinson: Skunkworks (Sanctuary)
Bulletboys: Freakshow/Za-Za (Wounded Bird)
Canibus: Mind Control (Tommy Boy)
Carole King: One to One (Wounded Bird)
Cellski: Cellski Presents Block Music and Turf Hitters (Inner City 2000)
Cher: All I Really Want to Do/The Sonny Side of Cher (Beat Goes On)
Clutch: Robot Hive: Exodus (DRT)
C-Murder: Truest **** I Ever Said [Chopped and Screwed] (Koch)
Coaxial: The Phantom Syndrome [EP] (Gold Standard Laboratories)
Culture Club: Greatest Hits (Virgin)
David Bromberg: Demon in Disguise (Wounded Bird)
DJ Language: Real Music for Real People (BBE)
DJ Tiesto: In Search of Sunrise, Vol. 4 (B.H. Songbird [Stu])
Down to Nothing/Kids Like Us: Split CD (Knife or DeAth)
Dropkick Murphys: Warrior's Code (Hellcat)
Earl Klugh: Earl Klugh (Blue Note)
Earl Klugh: Living Inside Your Love (Blue Note)
Engineers: Engineers (Echo)
Eric Benet: Hurricane (Warner Brothers)
Evergreen Terrace: Sincerity Is an Easy Disguise in This Business (Eulogy Recordings)
Frank Wright: Complete ESP-Disk Recordings (Esp-Disk Us)
Gary Hoey: Monster Surf (Surf Dog (Ada))
Ge-Ology: Ge-Ology Plays Ge-Ology (Female Fun)
Glenn Yarbrough: One More Round (Collectors' Choice Music)
Graham Parker & the Shot: Steady Nerves (Wounded Bird)
Guru: Version 7.0: The Street Scriptures (Seven Grand)
Hard Dark Love: Deneen McEachern (Tomato Music)
The Huntingtons: Growing Up Is No Fun (Tooth & Nail)
Issue of Justice: The Origins of the Isreal/Pal: Norman Finkelstein (Alternative Tentacles)
Jerry Lee Lewis: Country Songs for City Folk/Memphis Beat (Beat Goes On)
John Hiatt: Master of Disaster (New West)
Judge: What It Meant: The Complete Discography (Revelation)
Kentucky Headhunters: Big Boss Man (RCR / Cbuj Ent.)
Keyshia Cole: Way It Is (A&M)
Knifefight: Knifefight (Arkam)
Laura Cantrell: Humming by the Flowered Vine (Matador)
Leela James: Change Is Gonna Come (Warner Brothers)
Left Alone: Lonely Starts and Broken Hearts (Hellcat)
Lil' Keke: Don't Mess Wit Texas [Chopped and Screwed] (Rap Classics)
Little Brother: Chitlin Circuit (Fastlife)
The Lost Boyz: Forever (Contango)
Mark Knopfler: One Take Radio Sessions [EP] [LIVE] (Warner Brothers)
Master P: Ghetto Bill Gates (Koch Records)
Master P: Ghetto Bill Gates (Koch)
Mayday: Bushido Karaoke (Saddle Creek)
Maynard Ferguson: M.F. Horn (Wounded Bird)
Maynard Ferguson: Maynard Ferguson 1971 (Wounded Bird)
Me'Shell Ndeg Ocello: Dance of the Infidels (Shanachie)
Method Man Presents Street Life: Street Education (Cleopatra)
Michael Bloomfield: American Guitar Master (Tomato Music)
Mick Abrahams Band: At Last (Beat Goes On)
Mike Mosley: Platinum Plaques, Vol. 2 (Wall Street)
Miles Davis: From Cool to Bop [Deluxe Edition] (Master Classics)
Monkey: Cruel Tutelage (Asian Man)
Mouthus: Slow Globes (Troubleman Unlimited)
Nice Nice: Yesss! (Audraglint)
The Offspring: Greatest Hits (Sony)
Oktober Skyline: That's How Tripods Work (Doppelganger)
Ol' Dirty Bastard: Definitive Ol' Dirty Bastard Story [CD & DVD] (Rhino)
Patti LaBelle: Classic Moments (Def Jam)
Paul Wall: The People's Champ (Atlantic)
Peanut Butter Conspiracy: Spreading from the Ashes (Big Beat UK)
Pearls and Brass: Pearls & Brass (Doppelganger)
Peter Green: In the Skies (Sanctuary)
Peter Green: Little Dreamer (Sanctuary)
The Ponys: Another Wound (Sweet Nothing)
Prodigal Sunn: The Return of the Prodigal Sunn (Free Agency Media)
Ravi Shankar: Jazz et Ragas (Beat Goes On)
The Real Tuesday Weld: The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid (Six Degrees)
The Redwalls: De Nova (Capitol)
Riddle of Steel: Got This Feelin' (Ascetic)
Robert Gordon: Satisfied Mind (Koch)
The Rolling Stones: As It Happened (United States Dist)
Roy Rogers: King of the Singing Cowboys (Collectors' Choice Music)
Sasha: Fundacion [SPECIAL EDITION] (Fundacion)
Saviours: Warship [EP] (Level-Plane)
The Schoolyard Heroes: Fantastic Wounds (Control Group / TCG)
Sinead O'Connor: Collaborations (Capitol)
Skip James: Hard Times Killin' Floor (Yazoo)
The Soft Machine: Breda Reactor (United States Dist)
Starvations: Gravity's a Bitch (Gold Stand Laboratories)
Stina Nordenstam: World Is Saved (V2)
Sun Ra: Nothing Is (Esp-Disk Us)
Sunset Rubdown: Sanke's Got a Leg (Global Symphonic)
Telepopmusik: Angel Milk (Capitol)
Tom McFarland: Travellin' with the Blues (Arhoolie)
Transplants: Haunted Cities (Atlantic)
Turbonegro: Darkness Forever! [Bonus Tracks] (Bitzcore)
Various Artists: Bam Margera Presents: Viva la Bands (456 Entertainment)
Various Artists: Instrumental Icons: Music of Lil Jon (Fastlife)
Various Artists: Look at All the Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime (Cornerstone)
Various Artists: My Summer of Love [SOUNDTRACK] (Milan)
Volta Do Mar: 03>98 (Arborvitae)
The Wednesdays: Invisible Youth (Thorp)
The Wiggles: Sailing Around the World (Koch)
Weevil: Drunk on Light (Wichita)
William Topley: Sea Fever (Warner Brothers)
Willy Porter: Dog Eared Dream (Six Degrees)
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice: Xiao (Troubleman Unlimited)
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