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First Look: 05.03.05 (Caribou, Quasimoto, Ryan Adams, NIN, 13 And God)

Heading to the record store? Here's what's new this week.


The Milk of Human Kindness

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Delayed for hazy distribution reasons in the United States, the third record by Dan Snaith (his first as Caribou) has been in overseas stereo systems for nearly a month. After changing his name from Manitoba to Caribou due to a completely ridiculous lawsuit filed by Handsome Dick Manitoba to highlight the embarrassment that is U.S. litigation, Snaith is ready to move on with his electronic-indie career. This time, though, he's gone all kraut-rock on us, to almost universally positive reviews. The tour he's currently on with Junior Boys couldn't hurt his cred with the hipsters neither.


The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
Stones Throw

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A minor classic of underground hip-hop, Madlib's debut as Quasimoto on 2000's The Unseen was the defining moment that led to his current reign as underground hip-hop king. After last year's peak with MF Doom on Madvillainy (where Quasimoto made a "guest appearance"), Madlib has followed up the crazy stylings of his strangest alter ego with more of the same. Still with the jazzy breaks, and including a few sequels to songs on The Unseen, the record bounces over sample after sample in search of a good time. For most people, this will be the first taste of the record, which got five stars from URB, sans the most annoying copyright-protecting PromoBot ever. If you downloaded it before, now's your chance to download the real version, proving yet again that record companies are jerks without a real anti-file sharing plan (don't tell them I said that).


Ryan Adams
Cold Roses
Lost Highway Records

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Established way beyond his role as the lead singer of alt-country group Whiskeytown, Ryan Adams has decided to up the ante on his reputation as a prolific artist. Not only will Cold Roses, which features his new band, the Cardinals, be a double album, but Adams also plans to release two more albums this year. September is scheduled to be out in the summer (don't ask) and 29 is set for the fall. And he plans to tour for all three releases. Meanwhile, I'll be sitting on my ass watching the new Seinfeld DVD.


Nine Inch Nails
With Teeth

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Yeah, it's been over ten years since The Downward Spiral, so don't you feel old. After 1999's The Fragile, Trent Reznor retreated into the dark cavern of the mind for a while, which is where, presumably, he got clean (at least that's what I've heard). Six years later, and With Teeth sounds like typical Nine Inch Nails, only bad. The single, "The Hand That Feeds," is getting major radio play, so maybe I'm just being bitter. I'd also like to mention that Bleedthrough, the album's original title, is way better. In cool news, the record will also be available in Dualdisc format, which means Reznor mixed it in 5.1 for use on home theater systems. That shit sounds nice.


13 and God
13 and God

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This is the highly anticipated release of this team up of members of Themselves (which includes Dose One of cLOUDEAD) and the Notwist. Combining the avant-pop of the Germans with the experimental hip-hop of the Americans might seem like an unusual combo, but they trade off vocal duties and bring all their good glitchness together. The group originally met on tour, and the collaboration, which began with the file-sharing method that's all the rage nowadays in the international collaboration community, ended with a two-week stint in Munich. We've heard the advance, and we think 13 and God is the best record of the year so far.


13 and God: 13 and God (Anticon)
A Northern Chorus: Bitter Hands Resign (Sonic Unyon)
Aimee Mann: Forgotten Arm (Superego)
The Apes: Baba's Mountain (Birdman)
Big Bear: Big Bear (Monitor)
Damon Aaron: Ballast (Plug Research)
Deep Purple: Burn [Bonus Tracks] (Rhino)
Drift!: Streets (Temporary Residence)
Duplex!: Album By Duplex! (Mint)
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic: Nostalgia/Pain EP (Constellation)
The Go-Betweens: Oceans Apart (Yep Roc)
Goodbye Blue Monday: Help Is on the Way (Loud and Clear)
The Hold Steady: Seperation Sunday (Frenchkiss)
Jennifer O' Connor: The Color and the Lights (Redpanda Records)
Keep Aways: The Keep Aways (Charikickers Music)
Kid Loco: The Graffiti Artist Original Sountrack ()
Limp Bizkit: The Unquestionable Truth, Pt. 1 (Geffen)
Matthew Bayot: Circling Buzzards (Fire)
Mike Doughty: Haughty Melodic (Ato)
Mike Jones: Who Is Mike Jones? [Chopped and Screwed] (Warner Brothers)
More Dogs: Never Let Them Catch You Crying (Monitor)
New Brutalism: New Brutalism 2001-2003 (Lujo)
Night Is Invisible: 1 (Lujo)
Nouvelle Vague: Nouvelle Vague (V2)
Oneida: The Wedding (Jagjaguwar)
Planar: Goodbye Atmosphere, Goodbye Traffic (Lujo)
Populous: Queue for Love (Morr Music)
The Ponys: Celebration Castle (In The Red)
Raveonettes: Pretty in Black (Columbia)
Ryan Adams: Cold Roses (Lost Highway)
Scarface: Greatest Hits DVD (Chopped & Screwed) (WEA)
Stevie Wonder: Time 2 Love (Motown)
They Might Be Giants: User's Guide to They Might Be Giants (Rhino)
Various Artists: Mile: A Hush Compilation (Hush)
War Against Sleep: Invitation to the Feast (Fire)
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