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Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.

Here's a quick look at a handful of new albums, as well as a list of the rest of the stuff that's supposed to hit shelves this week:





1937: Soul Junk Remixed

Sounds Are Active



Over the course of seven releases, Soul-Junk, the soul child of Galaxalog (Glenn Gallaway) and Slow-Ro (Michael Kauffman), has quietly and calmly pulled the rug out from under hip-hop's hefty kicks. Still, remixing Soul-Junk is a bit like turning up the guitar on a Mogwai record - these guys have already re-mixed, re-appropriated, and re-done the whole darn genre. I can only imagine what hidden demons they've unearthed from the crossed-eyed collage verses of their originals. Read what Josiah Hughes thought of the record / Album Samples / Soul Junk home page



Guitar Wolf

Golden Black: Greatest Hits




Look, we all need our guitar heroes ... even if they happen to come from Japan. The island's wily trio of Ramones-lovin', leather-wearin', bathroom-smokin' punks likes its fads aged well and its instruments turned up. But with eighteen - yes, eighteen - years of ridiculousness under their belt, the guys deserve a little "best of" recognition. Grown men who knowingly and fearlessly embrace rock's beloved clichés deserve our admiration, not our derision. I'll shove my index and pinky fingers skyward for that, yes sir. Album samples




Sliver: The Best of the Box




We should be thankful it took the tireless record industry nearly ten years to start its train-wreck of box sets, best ofs, and B-sides. At this point, a few greatest-hits collections won't hurt Seattle's immortal trio. In fact, Sliver: The Best of the Box, which includes twenty-two tracks selected from last year's With the Lights Out box-set and three brand-new tunes, may do wonders for turning your cousins and kid brothers onto some of the most important music of the last fifteen years, especially when they hear thirteen-year-old Frances Bean Cobain picked the title herself.  



Sun Kil Moon

Tiny Cities

Caldo Verde



If you'll recall, Mark Kozelek, the absolute epitome of self-loathing songwriters, does occasionally let his hair down. On the Red House Painters' Retrospective (1999), Kozelek had the gall to cover Kiss's "Shock Me," and not to unsatisfactory results. Knowing this and that the guy has taken a swing at tunes by AC/DC and John Denver (of all people), we shouldn't be too surprised he's decided to devote an entire Sun Kil Moon album to reinterpreting Modest Mouse songs. In this light, Isaac Brook suddenly seems the unbridled sibling to Kozelek's troubled introspection - and a fascinating focus for an artist with a sense of taste as spot-on as his melodies. Sun Kil Moon home page



Ulrich Schnauss

Far Away Trains Passing By




Originally released in 2001 for the Berlin label CCO, Far Away Trains Passing By was the German electronic composer's debut, as well as Europe's first taste of a sound that eventually had Schnauss opening for France's beloved M83 at its very first state-side performance. Luckily we've got the guys over at Domino Records to reissue the mother so we can all catch a bit of the sound that developed into 2004's A Strangely Isolated Place - a modern electronic classic. Ulrich Schnauss home page 


A Fall Farewell: Where Us Trouble Befalls and the Secrecy Enthralls (Rise)

Alice Russell: My Favourite Letters (Tru Thoughts)

Altamont: The Monkee's Uncle (Ant Acid Audio)

Aphex Twin: Hangable Auto Bulb (Warp)

Armor for Sleep:  A Comprehensive Guide to Touring [DVD] (Equal Vision)

Birdman: Fast Money: Screwed and Chopped (Universal)

Bjork: Medulla Videos (WEA)

Black Mafia: Mac Dre Presents: Tha Family Reunion (Thizz)

blink-182: Greatest Hits (Geffen)

Bloody Lovelies: Some Truth & A Little Money (Cheap Lullaby)

Bonk: Western Soul [Bonus Track] (Ace Fu)

Boy Sets Fire: Before the Eulogy (Equal Vision)

Bright: Bells Break Their Towers (Strange Attractors)

Burt Bacharach: At This Time [12"] (Sony)

The Cardigans: Super Extra Gravity [Japan Bonus Track] (Universal Japan)

Catlow: Kiss the World (Boompa)

Chuck Jackson: Motown Anthology (Universal International)

Cops: Get Good or Stay Bad (MT Fuji)

The Dandy Warhols: Odditorium or Warlords of Mars [Japan Bonus Track] (Toshiba EMI)

Deep Purple: Rapture of the Deep (Eagle)

Dusty Springfield: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Eagle)

Earth, Wind & Fire: Old School Cruzin' with Earth, Wind & Fire (Thump)

Ed Gein: Judas Goats and Dieseleaters (Metal Blade)

Eric Johnson: Live from Austin, TX (New West)

Fatlip: Loneliest Punk (The Lab)

Film School: On and On (XL Recordings UK)

Freddie Jackson: Personal Reflections (Artemis)

Funkadelic: America Eats Its Young (Westbound)

Funkadelic: Cosmic Slop

Funkadelic: Free Your Mind...And Your Ass Will Follow (Westbound)

Funkadelic: Funkadelic (Westbound)

Funkadelic: Let's Take It to the Stage (Westbound)

Funkadelic: Maggot Brain (Westbound)

Funkadelic: Standing on the Verge of Getting It On (Westbound)

Funkadelic: Tales of Kidd Funkadelic (Westbound)

The Gathering: Accessories: Rarities and B-Sides (Century Media)

Gemma Hayes: Roads Don't Love You (EMI)

Gilles Peterson: BBC Sessions (RRM)

Goldfrapp: No. 1 (Mute U.S.)

Guitar Wolf: Golden Black: Greatest Hits (Narnack)

Hypocrisy: Virus (Nuclear Blast America)

Imogen Heap: Speak for Yourself (RCA)

INXS: Taste It: The Collection (Universal International)

Isaac Hayes: Ultimate Isaac Hayes: Can You Dig It (Stax)

James Brown: Christmas with James Brown (Legacy)

James Brown: Christmas with James Brown (Legacy)

Jerry Lee Lewis: 36 Killer Tunes (Solid Gold)

John Fogerty: Long Road Home: Ultimate John Fogerty Creedence Co (Fantasy)

John Hiatt: Live from Austin, TX (New West)

John Lee Hooker: 26 Blues Masterpieces (Solid Gold)

Johnny Cash: 36 Classic Tracks (Solid Gold)

Johnny Cash: Walking the Line: The Legendary Sun Recordings (Metro)

June Carter Cash: Church in the Wildwood (Dualtone Music Group)

June Carter Cash: Ring of Fire: The Best of June Carter Cash (Dualtone Music Group)

Kate & Anna McGarrigle: McGarrigle Christmas Hour (Nonesuch)

Kenny Dope: Kenny Dope vs. P&P (Traffic)

Killswitch Engage: Alive or Just Breathing (Roadrunner)

Kind of Like Spitting: In the Red [EP] (Hush Records)

Kites: Peace Trials (Load Records)

Lagwagon: Resolve (Fat Wreck Chords)

Landing: Brocade (Strange Attractors)

Louie DeVito: NYC Underground Party, Vol. 7 (Dee Vee Music)

Mother Hips: Red Tandy

Mynt: Still Not Sorry (Ultra)

Mystic Roots: Constant Struggle (Cornerstone)

Neal Morse: ? (Metal Blade)

Nels Cline/Wally Shoup/Chris Corsano: Immolation/Immersion (Strange Attractors)

Nic Fanciulli: Renaissance Presents (Thrive)

Nina Simone: 36 Essential Recordsings (Solid Gold)

Nirvana: Sliver: The Best of the Box (Geffen)

OC: Smoke and Mirrors (Red Urban)

Ozzy Osbourne: Under Cover [DUALDISC] (Sony)

P: Ano: Ghost Pirates Without Heads [EP]

Prism: Small Change/Beat Street (Renaissance)

The Prodigy: Their Law: Singles 1990-2005 (XL Recordings UK)

Public Enemy: New Whirl Odor (Slam Jamz)

Rafy Mercenario: Reggaeton Beats, Vol. 1 (Sony International)

The Redneck Manifesto: I Am Brazil (Australian Cattle)

Roy Ayers: My Vibes (Charly UK)

Saboteur: Saboteur (End Sounds)

Sander Kleinenberg: Everybody on Tour (Ultra)

Santana: All That I Am (Arista)

Secret Society: Secret Society (Psycho Logical)

Senses Fail: Let It Enfold You [ENHANCED] (Vagrant)

Sicbay: Suspicious Icons (54-40 Or Fight)

Skalpel: Konfusion (Ninja Tune)

Slipknot: 9.0: Live (Roadrunner)

Soul Junk: 1937: Soul Junk Remixed

Soul Junk: 1937: Soul Junk Remixed (Sounds Are Active)

Speech: Vagabond (Bluhammock)

Starsailor: On the Outside (EMI)

Sugababes: Taller in More Ways (Universal International

Sun Kil Moon: Tiny Cities (Caldo Verde)

Supertramp: Anthology (Universal International)

T. Rex: Whole Zinc of Finches (Easy Action)

Taking Back Sunday: Tell All Your Friends [CD & DVD] [Bonus Tracks] (Victory)

Test Icicles: Boa vs. Python (Domino)

Testament: Live in London (Spitfire)

Tha Dogg Pound: Dillinger & Young Gotti, Vol. 2: Tha Saga Continue (Gangsta Advisory)

Toothfairy: Formative [EP] (Hush Records)

Ulrich Schnauss: Far Away Trains Passing By (Domino)

Various Artists: Complete Verve Remixed Deluxe Box [BOX SET] (Verve)

Various Artists: Now, Vol. 20 (Utv Records)

Western Addiction: Cognicide (Fat Wreck Chords)

Wilco: Kicking Television: Live in Chicago (Nonesuch)

William Hooker/Glenn Hall/Lee Ranaldo: Oasis of Whispers (Alien8 Recording)

Willie Nelson: Ghost, Vol. 3 (Masked Weasel)

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