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First Look: 10.11.05 Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.


Here's a quick look at a handful of new albums, as well as a list of the rest of the stuff that's supposed to hit shelves this week:



Tournament of Hearts
Sub Pop

Look at that album title, folks. That ain’t irony. The members of Constantines are a group of lovably earnest Canadian rockers who can write “Keep your love true” at the end of their blog posts and mean it sincerely. For their third album, they’ve shed some of the post-punk overtures that earned them favorable comparisons to Fugazi, but Bry Webb’s scratchy vocals are just as fervent as ever, and the righteous passion still oozes out of these guys like maple syrup from a … maple syrup … bottle. Screw the enlightened healthcare policy. Let’s move to Canada for Constantines. “Love in Fear” mp3


Danger Doom
The Mouse and the Mask

MF Doom has collaborated with some of the most inventive producers in hip-hop, most notably Madlib on last year’s rightfully revered Madvillainy. But in DJ Danger Mouse, Doom may have found the perfect lab partner for his bizarre experiments. Fresh off his work on this year’s Gorillaz album, Demon Days, Danger Mouse concocts paranoid porno grooves out of horns, strings and loopy samples, matching Doom’s dada wordplay at every turn. Throw in appearances by Adult Swim characters and cameos by Ghostface, Cee-Lo and Talib Kweli, and you’ve got one oddball hip-hop record. Album stream on MySpace


Don’t Push Us While We’re Hot

This Vermont quintet is as well known for its hilarious song titles as it is for its ahead-of-the-curve melding of hardcore, math metal and indie rock. Despite lineup changes and band breakups, nothing much has changed on Drowningman’s first album in five years, and that’s just fine. These guys are still writing progressive hardcore tunes that sound like nobody else’s and lumping them with names like “Dude Status, Revoked” and “Yeah, You're Pretty But Do You Think You'll Really Get Away With It?” It’s nice to have you back, boys.  “White People Are Stupid” mp3


The Runners Four
Kill Rock Stars

Anyone who’s seen Deerhoof’s giggly-good live show knows something that the rest of you poor souls don’t: The band can fucking rock. Recorded live in the band’s Oakland practice room, and bereft of the production layers from some of its previous spazz-pop platters, The Runners Four exposes the incredible rock band behind Deerhoof’s cutesy pidgin lyrics and fractured guitar duels. And at around twice the length of your average Deerhoof recording, that’s a lot of a good thing. “Wrong Time Capsule” mp3


Gang of Four
Return the Gift

Plenty of fantastic records are marred by shitty production values — …And Justice For All, I weep for thee — but Gang of Four’s early stuff wasn’t. In fact, the totally dry recordings only enhanced the band’s deadly serious Marxist polemics and minimalist punk-funk. So it seems a bit circumspect that these guys would want to re-record a bunch of their old tunes, especially so soon after Entertainment! and Solid Gold were reissued. But these days, pretty much every new band owes a debt to Gang of Four, so we can sympathize if the band wants to show ‘em how it was done back when “angular” was more than a critical catchphrase. If you’re looking for a way to further demonstrate your economic dominance, you capitalist dog you, hold out for the import-only limited edition that contains an extra disc Gang of Four covers by Hot Hot Heat, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and some other bands that aren’t so redundantly named. E-card


31 Knots: Take Like Blood: ( 3d )
ABBA: Rock Breakout Years: 1974 ( Madacy )
Absu: Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001 ( The End )
Age of Silence: Complications: Trilogy of Intricacy ( The End )
Alicia Keys: Unplugged ( J-Records )
Allister: Before the Blockout ( Drive Thru )
American Eyes: Never Trust Anything That Bleeds ( Side One Dummy )
American Werewolves: 1968 ( Fractured Trans )
ASG: Feelin' Good Is Good Enough ( Volcom )
Axxis: Time Machine ( Locomotive Music )
The Beach Boys: Rock Breakout Years: 1963 ( Madacy )
Bobby Hackett & Bob Haggart: V-Disc Recording Parties ( Storyville )
Boris With Merzbow: Sun Baked Snow Cave ( Hydrahead )
Boz Scaggs: Rock Breakout Years: 1977 ( Madacy )
Castanets: First Light's Freeze ( Asthmatic Kitty )
Celebration: Celebration ( 4ad / Ada )
Cheap Trick: Rock Breakout Years: 1979 ( Madacy )
Chuck Berry: Father of Rock and Roll ( American Legends )
The Clientele: Strange Geometry ( Merge )
Company: Parallel Lines ( Jagjaguwar )
The Confession: Confession ( Record Collection )
The Constantines: Tournament of Hearts ( Sub Pop )
Damien Rice: Unplayed Piano [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]  ( Wea International )
Danger Doom: Mouse and the Mask ( Epitaph / Ada )
Daniel Powter: Daniel Powter ( Warner Bros. )
Deerhoof: Runners Four ( Kill Rock Stars )
Default: One Thing Remains ( TVT )
Dios Malos: Dios Malos ( Star Time )
Dirty Three: Cinder ( Touch & Go )
Dolly Parton: Those Were the Days ( Sugar Hill )
Drowningman: Don't Push Us While We're Hot ( Thorp )
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra: Treasury Shows, Vol. 12 ( Storyville )
Early Man: Closing In ( Matador )
The Exit: Home for an Island ( Wind-up )
Explosions in the Sky: How Strange, Innocence ( Temporary Residence )
Fats Domino: Fat Man [American Legends] ( American Legends )
Gamma Ray: Majestic ( Sanctuary )
Gang of Four: Return the Gift ( V2 )
Gary Allan: Tough All Over ( Mca Nashville )
Glen Friscia: Krash Present House Connection ( Tommy Boy )
Great Lake Swimmers: Bodies and Minds ( Misra )
The Gris Gris: For the Season ( Birdman )
Hanson: Best of Hanson Live and Electric ( Three Car Garage )
Hudson Bell: When the Sun Is the Moon ( Monitor )
J. Geils Band: Rock Breakout Years: 1982 ( Madacy )
J.T. Money: Undeniable ( Crunk City )
The Jackson 5: Rock Breakout Years: 1970 ( Madacy )
James Brown: Rock Breakout Years: 1965 ( Madacy )
James Brown: Godfather of Soul [American Legends] ( American Legends )
Jerry Lee Lewis: Rock 'N' Roll Wild Man ( American Legends )
John Coltrane: One Down, One Up: Live at the Half Note [LIVE] [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]  ( Impulse Records  )
Johnny "Guitar" Watson: Funk Beyond the Call of Duty [Bonus Tracks] ( Shout! Factory )
Johnny "Guitar" Watson: Real Mother for Ya [Bonus Tracks] ( Shout! Factory )
Johnny "Guitar" Watson: Ain't That a Bitch [Bonus Tracks] ( Shout! Factory )
Jonathan Kane: February ( Table of the Elements )
Jordan Knight: Fix ( Madacy )
Kate Rusby: Girl Who Couldn't Fly ( Compass )
Kelley Stoltz: Sun Comes Through ( Sub Pop )
Lambchop/Hands Off Cuba: Colab ( Merge )
Linda Perry: In Flight ( Kill Rock Stars )
The Long Winters: Ultimatum ( Barsuk )
Lucero: Dreaming in America [CD & DVD] ( Liberty & Lament )
Luther Vandross: Rock Breakout Years: 1986 ( Madacy )
Magnolia Electric Co: Hard to Love a Man ( Secretly Canadian )
Matt Pond PA: Several Arrows Later ( Altitude )
The Mean Reds: Together at Last and This Is Our Wedding ( Record Collection )
Men's Recovery Project: Very Best Of ( 5 Rue Christine )
Minus Story: No Rest for Ghosts ( Jagjaguwar )
My Morning Jacket: At Dawn/Tennessee Fire Demos ( Darla )
Nekromantix: Brought Back to Life ( Hellcat )
The O'Jays: Rock Breakout Years: 1972 ( Madacy )
Partners-N-Crime: Club Bangaz ( Asylum / Rap-A-Lot )
Paul Weller: As Is Now ( Yep Roc )
Poison: Rock Breakout Years: 1987 ( Madacy )
The Rakes: Retreat ( Dim Mak )
Rick Nelson: Rock Breakout Years: 1962 ( Madacy )
Robert Pollard: Bubble ( Recordhead )
Robert Wyatt: Theatre Royal Drury Lane ( Hannibal )
Shirley Horn: But Beautiful: The Best of Shirley Horn on Verve  ( Verve  )
Simon Dawes: What No One Hears ( Record Collection )
Story of the Year: In the Wake of Determination ( Maverick )
The Supremes: Rock Breakout Years: 1964 ( Madacy )
Susan Tedeschi: Hope and Desire ( Verve )
t.A.T.u.: Dangerous and Moving ( Interscope )
Tom Verlaine: Warm and Cool [Bonus Tracks] ( Thrill Jockey )
Various Artists: Tow Down and Og Ron C Presents: Diamonds and Tatto ( SMC Recordings )
Various Artists : Roadrunner United: The All Star Sessions  ( Roadrunner Records  )
Various Artists : Help: A Day in the Life [IMPORT]  ( Independiente UK )
Warren G: In the Mid-Nite Hour ( Lightyear )

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