Eleven albums that helped define the sound of Brazil

    America has flirted with Brazilian music for the last fifty years, beginning with the tropical bossa nova sound that conquered pop jazz in the ’60s and most recently manifesting itself in the baile funk of the urban slums. But the wide range of quality music from the country can be intimidating. Here are eleven records that help define the core of the Brazilian sound. Though you may find better records and artists with vastly different sounds in your own explorations, this is meant as a starting point for anyone who is interested in exploring one of the richest musical histories in the world. And if you care enough about music to be at this site, that means you.



    Prefix Podcast 3: Eleven albums that helped define the sound of Brazil
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    Stan Getz & Jo�o Gilberto

    Verve [1963]
    Featured song: "Girl from Ipanema"  

    Os Mutantes
    Os Mutantes

    Omplatten [1968]
    Featured song: "A Minha Menina"  

    Gal Costa
    Gal Costa (N�o Identificado)

    Mercury [1969]
    Featured song: "Se Voce Pensa"  

    Caetano Veloso 
    Caetano Veloso (1971)

    Philips [1971]
    Featured song: "London London"  

    Chico Buarque

    Philips [1971]
    Featured song: "Desalento"  

    Jorge Ben
    Africa Brasil

    Philips [1976]
    Featured songs: "Xica Da Silva," "O Filosofo"  

    Gilberto Gil

    WEA Latina [1977]
    Featured song: "Refavela"  

    Milton Nascimento and L� Borges
    Clube Da Esquina

    World Pacific [1971]
    Featured songs: "Um Girassol Da Cor de Seu Cabelo," "Dos Cruces"  

    Elis Regina & Antonio Carlos Jobim
    Elis and Tom
    Verve [1971]
    Featured song: "Aguas de Marco"  

    Baden Powell & Vin�cius de Moraes
    Os Afro-Sambas
    Forma/Philips [1966]
    Featured song: "Canto de Xango"  

    Gilberto Gil & Jorge Ben
    Gil e Jorge
    Verve [1975]
    Featured song: "Meu Glorioso Sao Cristovao"










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