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Show Review (20/20 Tour - House of Blues Hollywood, Los Angeles)

with Little Brother and Defari

Official Concert-Going Checklist

Phase One

Avoid L.A. traffic on the way to the February 22 show: Check


Pay an arm and a leg for parking: Check


Pick-up tickets from the will-call window: Check


Be pleasantly surprised that they're all-access press passes: Negative


Wait in line and be baffled by girl who seemed a bit too excited to be at this show: Check


Be informed that no cameras are allowed: Check


Sneak camera in anyway: Check


Try to snap a few pics and get caught by security: Check


Pay five dollars to have the valet service baby-sit camera: Check



Phase Two

Return just in time to notice that Defari is opening: Check


Take time to contemplate how Defari has gone from major-label record deal to doing fifteen-minute opening sets: Check


Get asked by random guy when my album is coming out: Check


Express confusion because no such album exists: Check


Watch Little Brother put on an amazing show: Check


Be amazed at how guest vocalist Darien Brockington stole the show: Check


Be disappointed by Phonte: Negative


Have Little Brother's performance remind me of why concerts can be awesome: Check


Express sadness that their set was only thirty minutes: Check


Phase Three

Admire Dilated Peoples for being able to attract fans from every rung of the socioeconomic ladder: Check


Reminisce over a Dilated show a few years back where a belligerent Evidence smashed a beer bottle over his head at the conclusion of "Ear Drums Pop": Check


Appreciate the excitement that Dilated provided at that show despite not sounding its best: Check


Notice a more refined, better-sounding, flashier performance this time around: Check


Be lulled to sleep by the first half of this performance: Check


Notice the crowd actually thinning out: Check


Comment to myself that a lot of Dilated's songs do not translate to exciting concert material: Check


Come to the conclusion that on-stage guest Krondon is the worst performer ever: Check


Suffer through banal, stereotypical elements of the non-mainstream hip-hop show ("Is hip hop in the building tonight?" and "We all need to have love for one another," followed by inevitable anti-war raps): Check


Wonder when hip-hop shows acquired stereotypical elements: Check


Find myself hoping that Evidence pulls out an empty beer bottle: Check


Watch Evidence break another bottle over his head: Negative


Actually be disappointed by their professionalism: Check


Forget about all gripes when they breakout all heavy-hitters such as "Proper Propaganda," "Marathon," "Love and War," and "Worst Comes to Worst": Check


Wonder when I became so cynical toward a group I used to love: Check.


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Little Brother, live at the Canal Room, February 6, 2006

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